My $100,000 In 1 Year Blogging Challenge


Today’s post will likely be one of the most exciting posts I’ll ever publish on mint habits.

It’s not often I put myself on the line publicly, because, nobody likes to be wrong or fail in front of other people, but that changes right now!

I’ve got a huge announcement!

I am going to set a goal to turn into a $100,000 blog in 1 year or less.

It’s an enormous goal but at the same time, it’s something I feel I can reach.

I was really inspired by Neil Patel’s 100k Challenge that he wrapped up recently, where he and a friend turned into a $100,000 per year blog selling mostly supplements.

Neil is a very smart marketer and has walked the walk. He’s someone you should follow.

But What About Me?

But me…. I’m not an experienced marketer. I’d say my skill level is “intermediate”. I have had other blogs/websites in the past that have made some money, but I let most of them expire because I was making too little money. One got banned by Google too (for black hat linking).

I do have another blog right now that’s currently earning roughly $25 daily – mostly with display ads.

I feel I have enough experience and have seen and learned enough things to make a $100k blog in a year. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of stuff I don’t know how to do and will need to learn it as I go. It’s going to be an amazing experience and I really want you with me for the ride. You can learn with me and learn from my wins and mistakes.

The Current State Of Mint Habits

Right now, I have 5 blog posts published. None of them rank in the top 100 of Google for any keywords.

I registered this blog a month or so ago, so I will be building my $100k blog from scratch. Since this blog is new, it will take much longer for Google to learn to trust it. It also means I will need to pump out excellent content that gets social shares and links, to prove to Google I’m somebody worth ranking highly.

As far as my social media presence goes:

  • Pinterest: 300 followers
  • Facebook: 0 followers
  • Twitter: 50 followers
  • Instagram: 106 followers
  • Google+: 0 followers

As you can see, this blog truly is as fresh as it gets.

I really love the idea of registering a brand new domain name and making that blog into a real asset in a year or less.

Why $100k? Why Not $50k or $100/day?

I really feel $100,000 is the new benchmark. Before, it used to be $100/day and “you’ve made it” online – at least that was the impression I got. And while $100/day is nice, it’s only $36,000 per year. And let’s be real…. it’s very possible to make more money than that at a regular day job – without all the risk and time invested in a side business. I’m striving for real financial freedom here, not to “add a bit of income” to my bottom line.

I think if you can make $100,000 per year with a blog, you’ve made it! That’s enough money to cover pretty much all you’d ever need in life.

I’m very confident I could reach that total some day…. but “someday” is not the goal. The goal is to challenge myself to do it in 1 year or less. The reason I want to do it in 1 year is because it will keep me focused and deliberate in the things I do, and I want to show people that you CAN make this much money blogging – in just 1 year.

What’s A $100k Blog?

In my eyes, $100,000 means

$8,333 per month, or

$274 per day.

I like to keep numbers easy. So basically, my goal is to make $300 per day with this blog in 1 year or less.

I’m “New” But Not A Complete Newbie

I mentioned above that I do have another blog that brings in $25 per day. So I AM making some money online.

Now, I haven’t created any products, done any paid traffic, done any email marketing, or anything else to generate that income. That income is from display ads and affiliate commissions.

For this website, my goal is to incorporate more ways to make money than just affiliate and display ads.

My Game Plan For Mint Habits

I chose a “lifestyle” blog that focuses on the things I care about most in my life: health, personal finance, and dating.

This way, I can stay very engaged in what I blog about, and deliver great passionate content. It’s really easy to talk about stuff you love about!

I specifically made my  blog topic very broad, because I want to be able to talk about whatever I want basically.

You have probably heard the advice to “niche down” and own a small section of a large market. For example, if you were in the women’s health market, you could create a niched down blog about health for senior women above 60 – and blog specifically about that. Even then, that’s still a pretty “broad” niche. You could bring it down even further and talk about “mental health for seniors above 60”.

Anyways, the point is, when you choose a broader niche, like I have for mint habits, you have the ability to reach more people and be relevant. And let’s just say I will never run out of topics to talk about – which I like a lot.

But I will focus my blog content for people in their 20’s and 30’s, because that’s where I am right now, and I can relate better with this demographic.

My two main ways of generating traffic will be from Google and Pinterest.

I want to help people make money online. That’s one of the biggest goals of this website. So I will eventually set up some sort of email marketing campaign that will focus on blogging for money. I don’t expect this to happen for at least 6 months.

I will make money mostly through affiliate referrals and ads probably. I don’t plan on creating my own products or dabbling with paying for traffic. But that’s something I may explore much later down the road.

I will also be creating month income reports to track my progress and share my results with you.

I also want to build a loyal readership and a group of amazing fans who wants to join me on my journey and learn and create their own successful money making blog.

That’s All For Now Folks!

So there you have it! My big announcement has been announced!

I should have an optin box to ask you to sign up for blog updates, but I don’t have an email service provider right now. When I get one, you’ll see it here!



Though I have a few pieces of content on the blog right now and a few social media followers, I haven’t purposefully blogged to reach $100k in 1 year. That idea just came to me one day and I was like, yea! Let’s step it up and do this!

So….. with that said,

This challenge starts August 1, 2016.

So by August 1, 2017, the goal is to be making $300 per day.

Wish me luck and please stay with me during this journey! You will learn so much along the way. I hope I inspire you to create your own financial freedom!

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