Crash Diets: 7 Best Crash Diet Plans For Fast Weight Loss

Crash Diets are the new shortcuts to reaching your thinner self in just a few days’ time. These are based on limiting your calorie intake to almost 700-1000 calories a day. Sounds contrary to reason, but it can give you a chance to lose 10-20 pounds in just a couple of weeks.

Crash diets are in vogue among people who target to shed weight for an upcoming event; may be a party, wedding or a beach vacation. While it seems to have worked wonders for many people, it comes with its own baggage.

So today, I am going to give you a detailed write-up on the various types of crash diets, their pros and cons, and whether they deliver what they promise.

7 Best Crash Diets

Here a few top-rated crash diet plans that have seemed to have toned down thousands of inflated souls.

The Chicken Soup Crash Diet

This is a 7-day fad diet programme that allows you to have one of the five breakfasts mentioned below, plus unlimited chicken soup. Here is the list of the 5 breakfast options:

1 cup of non-fat vanilla yogurt mixed with ½ a cup f chopped fruit salad. You may sprinkle some wheat germ over it for better flavour.

1 ½ cup of cooked Wheatena Cereal combined with ½ a cup of non-fat milk.

1 ½ cup of Total cereals mixed with ½ a cup of non-fat milk plus ½ cup calcium enriched orange juice.

1 cup Ricotta cheese with 2 pieces of toasted whole grain bread and 3 dried figs. You can add a dash of cinnamon and some sugar for better taste.

½ cup Prune juice, combined with 1 small whole wheat bagel and 1 oz of fat free cheddar cheese.

Make sure you don’t mix and match the ingredients. It’s best to follow the diet as mentioned, for best results.

Besides this, here is the recipe for the staple ingredient of this diet- The Chicken Soup.


2 Tbsp Olive Oil

16 Cups of low fat, low Sodium Chicken Broth

1 ½ pound of cooked, fresh Chicken

16 oz Frozen Carrots

10 oz Frozen Broccoli Florets

10 oz frozen chopped Collard Greens

1 ½ cup frozen chopped Onions

1 lb Parsnips cut into square pieces

4 ribs of sliced Celery

1 seeded and chopped Jalapeno Pepper

1 Turnip diced into ½ inch pieces

1 Tbsp chopped Garlic

2 tsp of Salt

½ tsp of Cayenne Pepper

¼ cup Lemon Juice

1 Tbsp Dried Dill


Heat oil in a soup pot. Add parsnips, celery, jalapeno, turnip, garlic, salt and cayenne pepper. Cook this for about 15 minutes, or until the vegetables become tender and crisp. Then, add chicken broth and chicken, carrots, broccoli, collard greens, onions and lemon juice to it. Cook the soup for 5 minutes after it has come to a boil.

There are many alternative chicken soup diets are more This recipe will serve about 25 cups. You can have it infinite no. of times in a day.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s 7-day Crash Diet

The eminent Dr Oz. Show presents you this wonder diet that promises to drop the pounds in just a week! And the fun part is that it isn’t a Starvation Diet. You are allowed to eat, but to eat right. High nutrition foods those are dense in vitamins, minerals anti-oxidants and photo-chemicals while sparse in calories comprise 90% of the diet chart. High oils, meat and dairy are kept limited to 10%.  Oats, fruits and flax are reserved for the breakfast, beans for lunch and leafy greens for the supper.

Dr. Fuhrman speaks highly of the anti-angiogenic BOM’s (Berries, Onions and Mushrooms) that not only help you shed weight, but also fight cancer.

If you crave for some nice liquid, make yourself a Skinny shake from Pomegranate, Strawberry and Lemons. All in all, this healthy diet plan keeps the nutrition levels balanced in your body.

Xtreme Fat Loss Crash Diet

This Diet plan promises to help you lose 25 pounds in 25 days! It is basically a 5 day plan that repeats 5 times. The idea is to limit calorie consumption with immediate effect. This is followed by exercising and burning out what you have.

Here goes its 5 day Cycle:

Day 1: Density Training

Day 2: Fast Day (Lactic Acid Training and Additional Cardio Training)

Day 3: Shake Day (Strength and Additional Cardio Training)

Day 4: Moderate Carb Day (Dynamic and Additional Cardio Training)

Day 5: Protein-only Depletion Day ( Lactic Acid Training and Additional Cardio Training)

Its popularity holds to the fact that it boosts your muscle and metabolic health while getting you in shape. So it’s a plus-plus situation.

The Clean Program Diet

Created by Dr. Alejandro Junger and popular among the bigwigs, the Clean Program Diet works for people who are too busy to find the time for themselves. It is a 21- Detox Plan that focuses on eating low-fat and high-energy foods like leafy greens, beans, brown rice, berries, nuts, organic chicken and coconut oil. What is refrains includes wheat, dairy products, eggs, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and beef.

A Skinny shake made from unsweetened almonds and coconut milk is prepared for both breakfast and dinner. For lunch, you can have anything you want out of the above list. Other than that, there are the Clean Program Supplements that are to be taken here and there.

Grapefruit Crash Diet

This one has been in vogue since the 30’s. Grapefruit, an orange pulpy fruit that has fat-burning enzymes can help you lose about 12 pounds in 10 days! The concept involves eating half to one grapefruit prior to every meal.

Sweet fruits, veggies, grains and cereals are banned for these 10 days, though you can go for high-protein foods as eggs and meat. Just keep in mind that the calorie intake per day shouldn’t go more than 1200 calories. And yes, the special supplements are a must too.

best crash diets

Juice Fast Crash Diet

The theory was introduced and widely popularized by the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It’s a 60 day diet where you survive on juices, only juices! The fruits and veggies allowed to be included are:










If you follow it religiously, you could lose about 3-4 pounds per day! There is no starving, only selective eating (or drinking per se).

You keep the calories at bay and cut down the carbs. Weight-loss then, is inevitable. Plus you get over your addiction to overeating, alcohol and cigarettes. Check out the movie for more inspiration.

Cabbage Soup Crash Diet

Again, one of the most amazingly effective diet regimes, this 7-day crash diet claims to reduce 10 extra pounds from your system. The idea is prepare a soup, with cabbage as its star ingredient. The others include:

Canned Tomatoes

Green Onions

Green Peppers


Onion Soup mix

Seasonings like salt, pepper, sauce or garlic powder

Many people mythically claim it to be the Sacred Heart Diet. But like I said, it’s a myth.

Make sure you don’t extend it further than 7 days, at least initially. This diet chart is a good way to give your healthy eating regime a head start.

Possible Benefits of Crash Diets

Crash diets are undoubtedly effective. Especially for quick result seekers, these are heaven.

They are a good way to discipline your eating patterns. Once you are able to curb your cravings, you feel all the more motivated to continue your good habits.

Crash diets have shown great effects on people fighting Diabetes. The limited calorie intake per day can have unbelievable effects on the sugar levels.

Once imbibed, the healthy eating habits last long. So you can naturally maintain your weight later on.

Possible Harms of Crash Diets

Crash diets have been a controversial subject since their inception. Here’s why:

The concept of losing massive weight in a short span is unnatural and unhealthy. Gradual weight loss is the healthiest way of getting in shape.

The initial weight loss in any kind of dieting is usually the water weight that goes off, not the fat.

It’s a temporary remedy. You feel and look thinner only for a very short span of time. The ugly flab returns with the return of unhealthy eating.

Crash diets adversely affect your metabolism. Starvation can cause troubles in your digestion.

You get Hangry (hungry and Angry) due to all the food deprivation. Mood swings are intense and frequent.

Weight loss must be a long-term motto. The ultimate need is to stay fit and not thin. Crash diets should be adhered to only when you are confident enough to continue your healthy eating later on. And if not, try and lose weight slowly and gradually.

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