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Yoga For Kids: 20 Best Yoga Poses For Kids

My parents started training me for Yoga when I was in 1st grade. That’s one thing I can’t thank them enough for. In this fast paced life, you don’t get much time to spend with your kids. This often leads to stress among them at an early age. They, then, resort to unsafe habits and […]

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How To Get A Thigh Gap: Best Thigh Gap Workouts For A Perfect Gap

The whole idea of getting an amazing thigh gap is to tone up the muscles in your thigh area and lose fat in that area too. This deadly combination of toned legs and little fat not only looks amazing by itself, but it will give you the best looking thigh gap you could have. Every […]

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CT Fletcher Arm Workout Routine & Tips & Video

If you’re at least a little familiar with the body building world, you’ve probably heard of CT Fletcher. He’s a hilarious guy with a lot of personality, and enormous guns too. CT Fletchers arm workouts are bad ass and using his arm workout techniques can put a lot of mass in your arms quickly. Here’s […]

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How Long Does It Take To Walk A Mile? Benefits Of Walking A Mile A Day

The time it takes to walk a mile will depend on a few important factors. The most important thing that matters when you consider how long it takes to walk a mile is the speed you are going. The faster you walk, the faster you will walk a mile. How long does it take to […]

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Walking 5 Miles A Day: Walking For Weight Loss & Health

I travel quite a bit around the world, and one thing that really surprised me was how hard it was to gain weight while I travelled. Especially since I would eat so much more food while abroad too (love Italian!) But it kinda makes sense that I never gained much weight no matter how much […]

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Killer Bicep Workouts: 5 Killer Arm Workouts For Men

Growing up, the one muscle I always wanted huge was my arms. I don’t know what it was about having big guns, but I guess I had a thing for flexing in front of girls and showing off the one part of my body I thought was the dopest. The cool thing about arm exercises […]

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