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I Need Money Now: How To Get Money Fast (17 Ways)

When money is tight, all you can think about is I need money now! Fortunately, you aren’t completely out of options. I’ve put together a list of ways to get money really really fast. This list is specifically for people who desperately need money right now. I’ve done my best to include only include money […]

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What Is The Highest Credit Score Possible? And How Can You Get It?

My credit score was something that never interested me much when I was young. I guess maybe it was because I knew I had a good credit score already, since I had been using credit cards very early on. But I always wondered what the highest credit score possible was! Well, in short, if we are […]

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My $100,000 In 1 Year Blogging Challenge

Hey! Today’s post will likely be one of the most exciting posts I’ll ever publish on mint habits. It’s not often I put myself on the line publicly, because, nobody likes to be wrong or fail in front of other people, but that changes right now! I’ve got a huge announcement! I am going to […]

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50 Best Hobbies That Make Money (Money Making Hobbies List)

I used to play hockey and board games a lot growing up. It was one of my best hobbies I could kill time and just enjoy the good stuff in life. As I got older, I realized I need more of this thing called money, and I really didn’t like working very much. In fact, I dreaded […]

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