About Me


I’m Jason, and I run this blog here minthabits.com

So what is mint habits about?

It’s a personal finance focused blog where I help others build wealth and improve their financial literacy though my blog posts!

I’ve always had an interest in money ever since I was a little kid because I never had much of it. I got my first job when I was just a teen when I learned how to earn money and save money.

I have always had a positive bank balance because I learned the most critical part of money, and that is you need to make more money than you are spending. It sounds so simple but so many people ignore the basic math and get into debt, wondering what happened!

So this blog focuses more heavily on the “making money” part of building wealth. Another huge rule in wealth building is that the “making money” part is so much more important than the “saving” part. You can only save so money much. But you can absolutely make A LOT more money to get out of debt and build true wealth. And this is where your focus should be if being wealthy for life is your main goal (and I’ll bet it is!)

Please browse around and definitely leave me a comment in anytime you like!