About Me


I’m Jason, and I run this blog here minthabits.com

So what is minthabits about?

This is a health and wellness blog with a big focus on weight loss (something I’ve struggled with a lot).

I’ve gotten pretty fat over the past few years due to eating not just an excessive amount of food, but an excessive amount of fattening foods too. I developed an atrocious amount of fat on my belly that my friends began to comment on – which really became a turning point for me.

I needed a change.

I’ve never been as thin as I’ve wanted to be….

So over the years, I’ve tried many types of diets and styles of eating.I’ve done full paleo, low carb, “everything in moderation”, keto, and intermittent fasting as ways to control my weight problem, and I’ve learned so much about how fat loss actually works during this time.

I’ve become really interested in overall nutrition and well being, and absolutely fascinated with weight loss and how to create an environment for your body that forces it to burn fat.

Without a doubt, the most successful way that I’ve found to lose weight is by doing a ketogenic way of eating. Not only has it helped me burn off my belly fat, the science behind why it works is sound, and it’s based on an evolutionary way of eating which I’m a big fan of.

And the most important thing of all is that I feel better on this style of eating than any other diet I’ve ever been on. I just feel awesome all the time.

So this blog is about sharing my knowledge of losing weight and getting back to being healthy with a ketogenic approach.

If you have any questions about how a keto diet works for health and weight loss, I have tons of blog posts here to help you. Check out the “keto” tab on the main menu for them.

You can also reach my by email at minthabits @ gmail . com if you want to personally talk to me!