On a super hot Saturday afternoon, we headed out of our hotel (Hotel Max) and drove to Alki Beach.

Alki Beach was a MUST DO on our list.

And boy did it not disappoint.

I want to share some photos and my experience on Seattle’s coolest and most popular beach, Alki.

The Alki Beach Experience

Alki beach Seattle

Alki Beach in Seattle

The beach itself is super cool.

On one side is the beach and water.

The other side is full of Alki Beach restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, and things like that.

Dividing the beach and shop fronts is a two way road.

Alki Beach Parking

car parked by Alki beach

Parking at Alki Beach is a bit of a nightmare.

First of all, driving the one lane road in or out of Alki Beach is treacherously slow.

There is parking on both sides.

However, you’ll be really lucky if you find an open spot.

Basically, someone needs to leave and you just need to happen to be there in order to get a spot. Traffic is bumper to bumper by the beach.

We ended up parking up the hill pretty far. About a 15 minute walk away.

That’s just where we were able to find parking.

Keep in mind that the Saturday we went was a really busy day, and it was simply gorgeous outside.

Alki Beach Address

Alki Beach is located at 1702 Alki Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

I recommend driving the water front area instead of taking the shorter route.

Driving the “coastline” if you will will give you epic views of Seattle’s downtown as you arrive to Alki Beach.

Go on Google maps and just plan a route that drives along the water line.

The Park at Alki Beach is full of people

The people at Alki Beach

Every type of person you can think of will be there.

Young kids, people of all races, rich people, old people, and weirdo’s.

Aki Beach park is truly a place everyone enjoys.

Alki Beach in Seattle is a MUST DO thing when you visit. Here are 26 pictures to get you excited about visiting Seattle's best beach!

Alki Beach Restaurants

Alki Beach restaurants

There are many types of restaurants on Alki Beach.

They are all super busy in the summer months or when the weather is nice.

Expect to wait in line if you want to eat.

I recommend trying to get a patio or upstairs seating at any of the restaurants that offer them. Having a beer up there while the sun sets would be a golden vacation moment.

View of the water area Alki Beach

Where we ate

When we got to Alki, we were super hungry.

So we walked around and found many restaurant options.

We could of had tacos, Viet Pho, Burger joints, and so much more.

We decided to eat at Duke’s Chowder house.

We came here because there was no wait in line to sit outside.

There was about a 25 minute wait to go upstairs on the patio deck, which would have been epic, but we were too hungry to wait.

One of the hostess spilled a water on me and then gave me an awkward hug to say sorry.

I got a free drink out of it.

I ordered a Margarita. It was a special kind I guess because it don’t look like a typical margarita.

Margarita at Alki Beach

I gotta tell you there’s not many things I can think of better than drinking a nice cold beverage by the beach on a hot day.

I ordered a greasy burger called the BBQ burger. It was really good.

A burger at Dukes Burger on ALki Beach

We sat around and ate our food and drank.

The sun was setting at this time.

The atmosphere was amazing.

I was running around doing all this and that during my Seattle vacation and this was a time for me to just sit back and enjoy the moment.

With my cold drink and the sun setting by this amazing beach, it was just an epic moment for me.

Girl skateboards through Alki Beach

Alki beach in Seattle

Alki Beach bike rentals

I HIGHLY recommend renting a bike on Alki beach.

The beach is decently long.

But you can ride a bike beyond the beach area. The stretch of beach extends further and you could easily rent a bike for an hour or two.

There are tandem bikes as well for 2 to 4 people.

Renting bikes aren’t cheap.

They will cost 20+ dollars an hour some of them. But well worth the experience.

It was too late to rent a bike after we ate dinner as the bike rental shop was closing up.

Too bad.

They don’t rent out bikes when it gets darker out.

Rent a bik on Alki beach

How to spend time on Alki Beach

I recommend grabbing your typical picnic stuff and enjoying time on the beach.

You are allowed to have fires on the beach which is great for smoking some hotdogs or marshmallows.

Bring some frisbees or footballs, and maybe even a soccer ball.

It’s crowded so you gotta be a little careful.

You can also walk up and down the beach and just enjoy the beach life. That’s what we did because we were tourists and didn’t have any beach gear.

Hotels near alki beach

Alki Beach Hotels & Hotels near Alki Beach

There aren’t any high rises or those types of hotels on Alki Beach.

The Alki beach area has older style homes, and the accommodations will be similar.

There also isn’t a lot of hotels near Alki beach either, or on Alki beach.

However, you still have some choices.

Here are hotels in Alki Beach and hotels near Alki beach I would recommend:

Magpie hotel

Alki Beach Harbor HouseAlki Beach at night

At night time, the beach clears out a little.

But it is still incredibly busy.

It seems like a lot of younger people go to the beach at night to hang out. Looks like it’s one of the cool chill spots in the city.

Driving and parking is still bumper to bumper in the evening surprisingly.

Alki Beach at night

Do I recommend Alki beach?

I 100% recommend visiting Alki Beach during your stay in Seattle.

Take an afternoon or evening and spend a few hours on the beach.

Walk up and down it or chill out in the sand.

You’ll see a lot of people with animals, families, and everything else in between there.

Everyone I talked to was friendly.

It might seem a little chaotic there because there are so many people and so many different types of people at that.

But the atmosphere was great.

It’s a place you find yourself wanting to spend a little more time in when you’re thinking about leaving.

With the beach, people, the sun, restaurants, and bars to visit day or night, it’s hard to just come and go.


It’s a lot of fun.

It should be on your top 10 things to do in Seattle.

Have you been to Alki Beach?

If you’ve been to Alki Beach, let me know what you think of it!!

I loved it, as you can tell by my review here. But what was your experience like?

Let me know in the comment section below!