The Farmers market in Ballard Seattle happens every Sunday.

It features vendors all from Washington State, selling their produce and other crafted goods.

If you’re in Seattle on a Sunday, I 100% recommend heading over to the Ballard neighborhood to check out the Sunday Farmers market.

The Farmers market is located on a very trendy street of clothing stores, restaurants, and other boutique shops.

They close off the streets.

It’s really busy and a lot of fun.

That’s what Sunday markets are all about.

36 Photos of Ballard Farmers Market

Below are a bunch of photos of the farmers market I took.


You can tell it’s really busy!

Tons of people everywhere walking around.

Lots of families and people from all walks of the earth.

There is also another Farmers market in Seattle on Sunday, over in the Fremont neighborhood. The markets are similar, but I really enjoyed Ballard more because they have more food in Ballard, the street the farmers market is on is nicer, and Ballard’s farmers market is bigger and has more vendors.

If you have time, I recommend checking out both Ballard and Fremont Sunday markets.

I did and enjoyed them both.

I recommend spending an hour or two here.

You can end up spending a lot more than that here if you’re a slow browser and like to take your time to take things in.

There is no shortage of food and things to see and hear here.

Trendy restaurants and bars, and live music is what Ballard is all about.

The Sunday market is great, but if you happen to stay here longer into the evening, after the vendors leave, this area is an amazing place for drinks and entertainment.

But getting back to the Sunday farmers market, here are some more photos.

Have you been to Ballard’s Sunday market?

Hey, if you’ve experience the Sunday farmers market in Ballard, let me know about it in the comment section below!

I love reading blog comments and would love to hear what your experience was like.

Also, if you want to learn more about Ballard’s market, you can visit this page here. It gives you information about hours, parking, and location of the market.