Are you looking for ways to blog more efficiently by using your smart phone?

Here are my favorite blog apps. These would be my choice for the best apps for bloggers.

Have a look at them below:

Best Apps For Bloggers

1// Evernote

My favorite app in the entire world is Evernote. I write everything in it to keep track of my life and my blog. In Evernote, you create notebooks and create as many notes within each notebook as you like. I create separate notebooks for different blog topics and simply find the notebook I want when I need it.

Evernote is doubly great because it’s available on Apple and Android, Mac or PC, and tablet. So basically, you can access your Evernote notes from any device. I have a premium subscription and it’s worth every penny. If you’ve never tried Evernote, I highly highly recommend it. It’s my favorite blogging app hands down.

2// Canva

Canva is a popular online tool to create images. Most of the images on this website that I pin to Pinterest were created on Canva! I usually use my Macbook to create images because it’s easier, but the Canva app is a great tool to create images for your blog when you’re on the bus or something. Canva is probably the best tool to create images so if you’re looking for an image creator, make sure you check out Canva.

3// VSCO

VSCO is a professional photo editing app. In my opinion, it’s the best one too. The free version comes with important editing features and some presets to theme your photos. However, you can purchase preset packages for more variety. I love this app because I can edit photos for my blog while I’m not at my laptop. Because I love writing about travel, good looking photos matters a lot to me. If your blog is visual with photos and you haven’t tried using VSCO yet, then make sure you download it and give it a try.

4// Snapseed

SnapSeed is another great app for editing photos. It’s really really good and it’s free. So there’s really not much more to say than you will probably want to get it if you need photo editing app ideas.

5// Pocket

Pocket is a great app if you are traveling or don’t have reliable access to internet. This app lets you save videos, articles, or basically anything to it, so you can view it later. This is handy when you don’t have internet or you’re going somewhere like the mountains. As long as you save it in Pocket, you’ll be able to view it later. Also, the app itself is super super clean and fun to use. It displays your saved items in a magazine style, like Flipboard.

Best Blog Apps

These blog apps are specific to blogging and apps geared towards tasks that help you manage your blog

6// WordPress

If you use WordPress then you probably want the WordPress app because it lets you do most of the same things you can do with the desktop WordPress. You can of course sign into WordPress normally with your browser, but the app makes it easier and cleaner to deal with.

7// Buffer

Buffer is a popular social media managing and scheduling too. If you use Buffer, you probably have this app already. But if you do not have a social media managing tool, then Buffer and HootSuite are the two best picks in my opinion.

8// HootSuite

HootSuite and Buffer are my two social media managing apps I recommend. I like to work off my desktop as much as possible, but when I need to schedule and publish things on the go, HootSuite and Buffer have good apps to help me with that.

I recommend you download both and try them both out. Then pick the one you like the most. There are some slight differences between the two, but overall they are pretty similar. Both are top notch social media managing companies. Whichever one you choose, definitely grab the app as well so you can manage your social media more effectively while you’re on the go.

9// Google Analytics

I like the Google Analytics app more than the desktop version of Google analytics because the mobile version is friendlier to use. I dislike Google because they don’t do a great job making things as easy as possible, but their app is quite good and I definitely recommend it. If you’re in need of an app to check on your traffic stats, good old Google Analytics is great.

10// Google Adsense / Quick Adsense

If you use Adsense on your website, the Google Adsense app is useful to check how much money you’ve made throughout the day. It’s not an overly analytical app but it’s free and tells you the main stuff.

I actually use an app called Quick Adsense on my phone because I can access a few more things more quickly on it, though it’s an uglier app than Google Adsense. Both are free and do the same job basically though, so take your pick.

Apps help you blog faster and better. These are the top 10 apps to help you blog better. Discover them here.

Best Blog writing apps

I don’t do much writing on my phone because I’m pretty clumsy with the typos. When I write stuff though, it’s usually in Evernote. But sometimes I want to simply write with no distractions or want a more premium experience when I write.

If you’re looking for excellent writing apps for your phone, the below apps are amazing. Out of all of them, I did purchase a paid subscription to Scrivener for a year. It’s a good app but I didn’t use it enough to justify the price.

Hit up your app store and download these apps. Play around and pick the one you like the most. Again, they are high quality writing apps so you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

The main purpose is to write with them, but how they approach writing is different. So be sure to check them all out. A few of them also have macOS and Windows desktop apps, and when your writing notes sync together, it makes switching between devices seamless.

Welp, that’s it!

Do you have a great app suggestion for blogging? I would love to hear about it. Let me know about it in the comment section below. I’ll probably include it in my list too!