Weight loss is a relentless debate in every person’s life. Some choose to exercise, while others prefer  a laid back option of dieting. But many are still unfamiliar with the upcoming trend of physiological and psychological components that lead to gradual, yet consistent weight loss.

Exercising and Dieting are not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially people who do them as an obligation often fail to lose weight. That’s because their body and mind are not synced well with these thinning methods. For such people, therapeutic essential oils are a savior.

Used for their medicinal properties, essential oils evolve from flowers, fruits, roots, seeds and leaves of plants. These hydrophobic liquids comprise of highly volatile components that activate your senses with their aroma. Whether you are coping with emotional eating, dieting fatigue, consistent motivation or depressed moods, using these oils can help you sustain and religiously follow your weight loss goals.

So not as much of a substitute to exercising or dieting, essential oils particularly help you stick to your plan by assisting you psychologically.

There are many varieties of essential oils that can boost your weight loss process. Some of the most effective ones are:

1. Lemon Essential Oil

This one is a multi-tasking essential oil. People who put on weight after a certain medical treatment or prescription can resort to lemon oil for weight reduction. Considered to be the most potent citrus oil, it possesses high levels of limonene.

Other than reducing drug-induced obesity, lemon oil also helps lifting up your mood levels when you feel low of weight gain. Also, it can act as a pain reliever by soothing your muscles after a strict workout regime.

Have a few drops of lemon essential oil in a cup of warm water or simply take in its aroma to enjoy the benefits. 

2. Lemongrass Essential Oil

More popular among sport related therapy, lemongrass oil is also seen to have worked wonders on weight reduction. The long, light green stalks of lemongrass can be used as a topical ingredient or taken in with lukewarm water. Its countless medicinal properties help you curb stress and toxins, thus leading to a thinner you.

3. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil contains a refreshing, minty scent that acts as an automatic soother for your senses. Menthol, an ancient medicinal extract, is present in high proportions in peppermint oil. It works in excessive weight by easing down the stomach muscles, reducing your appetite, increasing the flow of Bile and improving your digestive system.

It can even expand your energy levels and kills negativity.

You can add a few drop of this essential oil in your bath to soothe overall muscles. Having it with warm water or inhaling it using a cotton ball are other options. 

4. Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon oil acts by working on your GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) and regulating your blood glucose levels. For the same reason, it can work wonders on diabetic patients.

Sugar is said to be a major weight booster. So naturally, when you feel the craving for sugary items has curbed, you automatically follow a no-sugar diet chart, thus getting to reduce more fat.

Cinnamon oil has been shown to aggravate the insulin sensitivity that helps you burn your blood sugar into energy instead of storing it as fat. You can have it in a glass of lukewarm water coupled with honey, or simply inhale the fragrance. 

5. Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil can work great if you are stressed. Also, it helps you shed fat and feel lighter and happier. It does so by working on the Lipase activity, thus treating your digestive orders. Other than that, it can even help you treat join pain and poor blood circulation.

Take in a few refreshing drops of this essential oil with lukewarm water. You may feel a lot more refreshed from workout and even feel like exercising a little more.

6. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus is a positivity booster, weight reducer oil that helps you cope up with emotional eating. If you feel tired or stressed out, just rub a few drops of this essential oil on your stomach or feet. Not only will it free you of the anxiety, but also curb your cravings for food.

You can even dilute it to inhale the vapors for a more strengthened effect. A warm bath using a few drops of this oil can help you feel more energized. 

7. Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit oil is said to work on the enzymes in your system that help you break down brown body fat. D-limonene, a primary compound found in grapefruit peel is inherited in this essential oil to catalyze metabolism while purifying the drainage of your lymphatic glands.

Even when applied topically, grapefruit oil can stimulate your diuretic glands and activate enzymes in your saliva. This in turn helps you lose weight gradually. If you blend it with another carrier oil, it can stow down your hunger pangs, thus helping you lose weight.

You can use it by adding a few drops in a glass of water. To let the aroma sink in, diffuse it in your room or put it on your wrist and chest. 

8. Myrrh Essential Oil

This oil is created from dried resin that is extracted from the tree of Commiphora Myrrha. Its detoxifying properties can help you stave of indigestion and stomach ache. It thus, attempts to improve your overall digestive health.

You can mix Myrrh oil with one of your carrier oils such as coconut or olive oil. Then massage it over your extra-fatty areas for about 30 seconds. Using a few drops in warm water while taking a bath can also help you remove all the toxins from your body.

9. Fennel Essential Oil

Sweet and crude fragrance of fennel is known to address to a lot of problems. Melatonin, an important component of Fennel oil, is responsible for a sound sleep. It even accelerated weight loss by creating more beige fat (that can be burned off as energy) and less of white fat (that gets stored in the body).

In the early ages, fennel was eaten to improve digestion and suppress hunger pangs while fasting. So naturally, it leads to weight loss.

10. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil possesses a potent compound called Gingerols. They can reduce intestinal inflammation that can cause serious stomach infections, as well as stave off sugar cravings in your system. By doing this, gingerols can boost digestion and absorb vitamins and minerals that you consume.

The best way to consume this oil is with lukewarm water with a tinge of lemon and honey. You can alternatively spray a bit on your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

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11. Cardamom Essential Oil

The gastro-protective effects of cardamom have been known for ages. As a potent digestive oil, it protects your body from ulcers and stomach damage. This in turn regulates a healthy diet and positive energy.

The best way to use it by adding a few drops in your food. You can even intake some of it in a cup of warm water. 

12. Lavender Essential Oil

The lovely scent of lavender oil is another powerful stress reliever that also works great with weight loss. It relieves you of nervousness and exhaustion by stimulating mental alertness. This, then, leads to better decision making regarding your eating and exercising habits.

Put a few drops on your feet before bedtime. You will experience a good night’s sleep, followed by an zen morning.

13. Bergamot Essential Oil

If you think you are depressed and require some emotional eating, buy yourself a bottle of Bermagot oil. The aroma of Bergamot orange is a confusing blend of sweet, spicy and sour scents. It lowers down the Cortisol levels in your body which are responsible for stress and anxiety. Polyphenols present in the this essential oil can help you burn fat and sugar.

You can have a few drops of Bermagot oil in a cup of coconut milk along with honey. You can even dilute it in water before bathing, or inhale it using a soft cloth.

There are many other oils that claim to be great with weight loss regimes. Make sure you select your favorite type and use it regularly. Not only will you feel a lot healthier and energized, but will also have a lovely aroma around you all day long.