It’s easy to think of successful blogs as somehow being strokes of genius. When you hear a blogger is netting six-figure income, for instance, your first assumption is likely that said blogger is a world-class expert on a given topic, a uniquely gifted writer, or something else similarly unlikely. Certainly such expert bloggers exist out there. But the truth of the matter is that building a successful blog tends to be more about the nuts and bolts, and constant attention to detail. Our post on ‘How to Start a Blog That Makes $100,00 Yearly’ makes this clear, pointing to factors like generating evergreen content or developing social media marketing as some of the keys.

In short, making a successful and profitable blog is mostly about strategy and hard work. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some creative or unusual things you can do to enhance your blog, or perhaps more appropriately your blogging business. We’ll look at a few options of this sort below.

Respond to Comments – With Articles

There’s debate over whether or not blogs ought to have comments enabled. Naturally, comment sections can lead to unnecessary toxicity in some cases. However, comments can also lead to a more interactive, reader-driven business. This leads some to focus on how to generate more, comments, and to that point Lifehack’s take on successful comment sections offers some interesting suggestions: taking a bold stand, asking for comments directly, writing personally (as opposed to trusting guest posts), and so on. More than anything else though, responding to comments can work wonders. It will establish your blog as a place where back-and-forth dialogue occurs, and where readers’ thoughts are heard and considered.

Going a step further, we’d suggest responding to a comment now and then with a full article, complete with acknowledgement for the commenter. This is just not something that’s done all too often, but it is a creative way to boost your reputation, and it will likely lead to loyalty among readers.

Diversify Your Blogging Business

A blog is a blog. That sentence (the one we just wrote) might be ridiculous, but the simplicity is kind of the point, right? A website is more complex, and may have different sections for different purposes. But a blog is simply a series of written posts and — in theory — nothing more. But that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into more with some good old-fashioned diversification!

What that means is up to you, but any sort of business venture that stems from your blog could work. If you have a big readership, you might be able to tack on a store and sell some merchandise related to your posts. If you have a loyal readership, you might consider starting a subscription newsletter or podcast for premium content. Whatever the venture may be, diversifying the blog can be a great way to enhance intrigue and likely generate some additional income.

Make it a Real Business

If you have a blog, and you refer to it as your blogging business, odds are you mean it in an informal sense. That is to say, it’s really just a blog that you make some personal business out of. There’s nothing at all wrong with this. But there are some advantages to going the more official route, and it’s frankly something that most bloggers don’t think about.

The “more official route” would tend to mean forming what’s known as a “Limited Liability Company” out of your business, and a piece on forming LLCs by ZenBusiness explains why this can be a good step (as well as how to do it). The how is actually pretty easy, involving just a few simple steps. As to the why, there are three main perks: You’ll be guarded against any bizarre liability issues (if your blog is ever sued for some reason), you’ll be in a better tax situation, and the business will be established in a literal sense. Granted, you don’t see that many “MyBlog, LLC” companies out there, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! It may actually lend you some extra clout with new readers.

Write on Completely Random Topics

For our final suggestion, we’re getting back to the content with a particularly strange and creative tip: Write about something completely random now and then! Niche is a word you’ll see a lot when researching blogging strategies, and it’s one to take to heart! As was stated in a Medium article about whether to “niche down” a blog, a blog with a specific niche tends to have a better shot at being profitable.

That’s the truth. Dominating a niche is a lot easier and more productive than trying to grow a blogging business with randomized content. But writing on a completely random topic now and then can work wonders for you. It can keep readers on their toes, expose you to new audiences, and show your versatility as a writer. You want to do it rarely enough that it doesn’t detract from your main focus, or make readers think that the nature of the blog is changing. But an occasional departure can be very easy to set up (“Today I want to talk about….”), and it can actually help your blogging business in numerous ways.

So there you have them! A few creative ways to enhance your blogging business that go beyond the nuts-and-bolts strategies you usually read about. Together, these can lead to some fairly significant growth and improvement.