Your eye color is mostly genetic and isn’t something that is easily changed – as we all know, genetics is something you are born with and it’s not the easiest thing to change.

However, there are some methods to change your eye color, whether it’s enhancing your eye color characteristics or making it appear to look different, this article today will go over the different ways to change your eye color. Some are permanent solutions and some are temporary, and natural.

The color part of your eye is called the iris. So when we refer to blue eyes or green eyes, we are really referring to the iris being blue or green.

A really interesting thing is that a lot babies are born with an eye color, like blue for example, and it can darken over time, because melanin, which is a brownish pigment develops as babies age, and isn’t present at birth.

Dark eye colours are dominant, so if your parents have dark eyes, you will more likely have dark eyes too. For example, if both your parents have brown eyes, you’re more likely have brown eyes as well. Likewise, if your parents have green eyes, it’s less likely you have blue eyes, which is a less dominant color to green.

Anyhow, if you’re looking to change your eye color naturally or permanently, check out the list below. I’ve linked to resources that will help you learn more about changing your eye color in each section.

4 Main Ways To Change Your Eye Color

1. Makeup can help make your eye color appear different

Eye shadow is your friend! To make your eye color appear different, you can use different tones of eye shadow to lighten or darken your eyes, which can both enhance the natural color of your eye or do the opposite. Since perception is reality, if your eye looks different under make up, it well…. looks different!

Wikihow has a really in depth tutorial about how to change your eye color appearance using make up techniques. Yea, it won’t actually change your eye color, but for a night out or for an event, you can appear to have a different eye color. Check out the makeup tutorial here.

2. Change your eye color with honey

One of the more popular ways to change your eye color naturally is using honey. It revolves around dropping honey drops int your eye to change your eye color. I’m not sure if this is safe, as I’ve read a few things about it that said you should avoid honey drops in your eye, since honey contains bacteria that could harm your eye. If you want to learn more about using honey to change your eye color, check out this blog post here.

3. Change your eye color by eating foods

The healthy panda has listed 10 foods that can help change your eye color. It doesn’t look like there is any real science that can back it up, but the list contains real foods so if anything, you’ll get healthy as a side effect? lol. Anyhow, they say you can make your eye color different by eating these foods, so check that out here.

But to give you a bit of a run down of the types of foods that can change your eye color, here they are:

  • spinach
  • fish
  • olive oil
  • chamomile tea

4. Laser surgery to change eye color

Probably the most permanent way to change your eye color permanently is to get surgery. A lot of people want blue eyes, because for whatever reason, blue eyes are seen as more attractive and better. I think I might have agree. I’ve never seen anyone look at me and say wow, you have amazing brown eyes. On the other hand, I’ve seen many times, in movies and in real life, people getting massive compliments for having amazing big blue eyes.

laser eye surgery can change your eye color. This article by CNN explains how laser eye survey can change your eye color from brown to blue. You can read more about that here.

Bonus Tip: Change your eye color detoxing!

What’s better than getting the eye color you want? How about detoxing at the same time! that’s pretty crazy, isn’t it!

This girl went on a huge detox for a few years and had amazing results health wise. But one thing that changed about her that wasn’t health related specifically was her eye color. This makes sense, because your eye color is a reflection of how healthy you are internally. As you detox and excrete all the bad toxins in your body, many things in your body should improve, like your skin tone, hair, and surprisingly, your eye color.

Over the 3 years she detoxed with a raw food diet, drinking a lot of fruit, juicing and exercising, her dark brown eye color changed to a more light toffee color. I think it looks so much better. If you’re interested in seeing her transformation and to see how her detox helped her, you can check out her blog post.

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