Are you looking for a romantic place to take your honey for dinner while you are in Sacramento? This city has some of the best eateries from cozy cafés to romantic restaurants. Once you are done visiting the attractions in Sacramento, you will have a huge selection of eateries to choose from to top it all off. 

It does not matter whether you want seafood, steaks, pizzas, or burgers, you can find all of that and more in Sacramento. Take your pick from a quaint taco stand on the beach or one of the fancy establishments you have to get dressed up for. Then drop off your backpacks and bags at a suitcase storage facility in Sacramento and go eat!

Romantic Spots

  • The Firehouse

The Firehouse is a sophisticated spot that serves Instagram-worthy meals that will impress your date and you. Start with oysters & caviar, then have lamb lollipops, and move onto the seared foie gras with toasted brioche and rhubarb jam. The filet mignon & butter-poached lobster is next and the dessert is honeycomb, cheese, and pears. 

  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House

As the best steak house in the city, you and your date will love whatever you get at Ruth’s Chris Steak House. You can choose from a ribeye, filet, NY strip, T-bone, porterhouse, or Tomahawk ribeye. If you want seafood, their garlic-crusted sea bass is sensational, and the sizzling crab cakes are divine. 

  • The Waterboy

At The Waterboy, they believe any great meal lets you taste each ingredient and every detail. Whether you get the carnaroli risotto with saffron and asparagus or the seared sea scallops with house-made spaghetti, you will be in a foodie dreamland. They also have fantastic roast pork, roasted chicken, and bavette steak.

Michelin Eateries

  • The Kitchen

Where else would you go to get some delicious food besides The Kitchen? This is a Michelin-starred restaurant with an eight-course dinner menu you will want to take lots of pics of for Instagram. You will get entrées like sea trout with lemon verbena, zabuton of Angus beef with lobster, and blueberry tart for dessert.

  • Frank Fat’s

You will not be disappointed at Frank Fat’s, which has been serving Sacramento since 1939. They have original Chinese favorites like Kung Pao chicken, orange chicken, sweet & sour pork, and Mongolian beef. But they also feature new items like honey walnut prawns, Immigrant’s beef, and Buddha’s delight. 

  • Ming Dynasty

For dim sum any time of day, Ming Dynasty is Michelin-recommended and casual as well as comfortable with amazing food and excellent service. The décor may be simple, but the food is not with a huge menu to pick from. The soups are fantastic, and the bird’s nest sea cucumber abalone is something special. 

Eating on the Cheap

  • Petra Greek Restaurant

Take your date to Petra Greek for a real Greek Gyro. They warm up the pita bread on a grill, spread it with their secret Tzatziki sauce, and cover it with onions, tomatoes, and whatever meat you choose. They have pork, chicken, lamb, and beef. They’ll even throw a few french fries in there too. They have burgers and entrées too.

  • Melting Pot

There is nothing more romantic than sharing a fondue pot with your special someone. Start with cheese fondue, choose two salads, add some kind of meat or veggies, and then choose a chocolate fondue to dip your desserts into. They have dark, milk, or white chocolate, s’mores chocolate, peanut butter & chocolate, and more. 

  • Squeeze Burger

If you like cheese, head over to Squeeze Burger where the cheese comes first. They have nine locations, so you know it has to be good. The cheese Squeeze burger is famous for its cheese skirt that is 4x bigger than the burger. You can eat the cheese off the edges or tuck it under the bun for a cheesy delicious burger.

Cozy and Quaint Cafés

  • Tower Café 

Tower Café has it all whether you want a burger, fish & chips, or Jamaican Jerk chicken. They are also well-known for their Santa Fe salmon with mango and roasted yellow pepper sauce, spicy Veracruz linguini with salmon, and the Texasia Thai steak with plum sauce and ginger. If you like southern food, try the jambalaya. 

  • Hot off the Griddle 

This place will surprise you both with its attention to detail and Instagram-worthy plates of deliciousness. Get a California cheeseburger with avocado and mushroom or a Farm Burger with egg and fried green tomatoes. But they also have chicken strips and a tuna melt that looks as good as it tastes. 

  • Steamers Café

The Reuben sandwich at Steamers Café is famous because it is piled with corned beef, covered in sauerkraut, and topped with melted Swiss and Thousand-Isle dressing. And the fried hot dog is pretty popular too with caramelized onions and mustard on grilled bread. Save room for one of their fresh-baked cookies.

Desserts for Two

  • Rick’s Dessert Diner

Rick’s Dessert Diner is the place to go if you want sweets but cannot decide what you want. They have a little bit of everything like pie, tarts, pastries, and tortes. But they specialize in cakes with 43 different flavors including toasted pecan coconut, white satin, strawberry amaretto poppy seed, and orange cranberry. 

  • Sweet Dozen

Donuts are not just for breakfast anymore. Now you can get them in so many flavors and styles it is like a whole new art. Sweet Dozen makes their donuts fresh when you order them because they want you to have the freshest you can get in California. They have over 30 flavors from Lucky Charms to banana fritters.

  • Ella Dining Room

For a fancier way to have dessert, Ella Dining Room will spoil you and your date with delightful flavors of sweetness in a gorgeous setting with tablecloths and fine china. Enjoy desserts like sticky toffee pudding with buttered popcorn ice cream, carrot cake donuts with cream cheese frosting, and hot cocoa ice cream.

While you are in Sacramento, don’t forget to visit some of the local attractions. Your date may enjoy learning more about California at the California Museum or seeing some local and exotic animals at the Sacramento Zoo. Or you can check out the Eagle Theater at the Old Sacramento State Historic Park.