So you’ve heard of diet water and you’re wondering, is this better than regular water…

Well, that’s what I’m gonna get into today.

What Is Diet Water?

Diet water is brand of bottled water by Sapporo. There may be other “diet water” brands out there, but Sapporo seems to be the most well known one. They’ve been making this water since 2004 from what I can tell.

So is there a special ingredient or a reduced caloric count in water that makes this water “diet??”

Hells no there ain’t!

Let’s keep it real simple here folks. Water has ZERO calories. You can’t make something with no calories “diet”. It is already at zero.

Diet water is really just branding. It’s Sapporo’s way to sell you some water by calling it something interesting that will grab attention and make cha ching noises through the cash register. Considering that they’re still bottling and shipping these babies today, I guess it’s working. So good on them I guess? They are a business after all. Just don’t get confused about what it actually is.

Will Diet Water Help You Lose Weight?

Yes it can. But let me explain.

“Diet water” is just water. And yes, water can help you lose weight. So the real question is, does drinking water help you lose weight? It can when you do it properly.

Water Diet For Weight Loss

So let’s forget about “diet water” all together and focus on just WATER.

Water itself is obviously important for us. But how do we use it to lose fat?

Let me just tell you a few facts about water first. Water has zero calories and will not spike your insulin levels when you consume it. A spike in insulin level happens anytime you eat foods with calories in it, whether its a carb, fat, or protein.

When your insulin spikes, you ARE NOT burning fat. You are doing the opposite – which is storing fat. In other words, ANYTIME you eat, your body secretes the hormone insulin which tells your body to STORE FAT.

When you drink water, it does not create a rise in insulin, and therefore will not tell your body to store fat. In other words, any time you drink water, you are not storing fat.

Water Fasting

Drinking nothing but water for an extended period of time is basically doing a water fast.

So what is fasting and is it healthy? And ultimately, can you lose weight drinking only water?

Yes, absolutely you can lose weight drinking only water – in fact – you can lose a lot of weight with a water only diet.

Here’s how a fast works. For a period of time, you only drink water – or any liquid that WILL NOT spike your insulin levels (drinks that have no calories). When your body does not get any calories, it will be in FAT BURNING mode.

As soon as you eat something with calories, your body switches off from fat burning and begins fat storing (your body needs to do something with the calories you just consumed, and since your body wants to live, it will save the food as fat if it can).

How Do You Do A Water Diet?

There are many ways to drink only water for a period of time.

A lot of people do what’s called intermittent fasting, which means they pro-long the period of time they are not eating. Remember, when you are not eating, your body is burning fat.

A popular way to do a water fast is to drink only water for 16 hours and the other 8 hours you can eat food. This way, you get 16 hours where you are not eating and therefore your body has a chance to detox and burn fat.

Most people eat right when the wake up and eat until late at night like 10p.m. When you’re eating all day, your body is constantly digesting and working to do something with the food you eat – which is mainly storing it as fat when possible. This is NOT good. This is NOT what you want to do if your goal is fat loss.

Remember, when you eat, insulin levels spike (the fat storing hormone). When you are NOT eating, insulin levels are at a baseline level in your bloodstream, and your body can now release glucagon (fat releasing hormone) which will release fat from your fat cells to use for energy.

So in a nutshell, drinking only water can help you lose a tremendous amount of fat if you are smart about how you do it. Drinking water throughout the day whenever you get thirsty while eating whatever whenever is NOT a good fat loss plan.

Drinking water only for a period of lets say 16 hours every single day while eating the rest of the day and keeping your calories in a deficit WILL be an exception fat loss plan for MOST people.

Diet water for weight loss? What you need to know about drinking diet water and doing a water diet for fast fat loss.

How Long Can You Drink Water Only For?

You can not eat for 24 hours or longer. I wouldn’t recommending drinking water only for more than 72 hours, because after that, you are probably doing your body more harm than good because depriving your body of nutrient for THAT long will likely create negative consequences that negate the benefits of water only diets.

What you can do is do the ever popular 18 hours of drinking water only and 6 hours of an eating window, and then once per week, you can do a 24 hour fast. So for example, on a Saturday, you can eat your last meal at 7pm, and then don’t eat again until Sunday at 7pm.

Fasting for 24 hours or longer has substantial benefits far beyond helping you speed up fat loss. But that’s another article for another day.

Water Helps You Detox Your Body

When you are not eating, your body is actually detoxing. Did you know that many of your body’s detoxing happens at night when you sleep? In other words, when you’re NOT eating food? This is another reason why sleep is so important. Your body is naturally removing toxins from your body when your sleeping away, so make sure you’re getting enough sleep.

Water keeps your body nourished and keeps your bodily functions flowing throughout the day and when you sleep. Tea and any liquids will have the same effect as long as it’s healthy liquids.

Diet Water – Yay Or Nay?

Well, if it’s cheap then sure. It’s really just water at the end of the day. I couldn’t figure out if they put anything else in the water that could give you extra benefits, like minerals for example, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it and I want you to know that you will NOT lose extra fat or whatever by drinking diet water.

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