I would say the hardest part about running a successful website is getting traffic.

You can think of traffic like blood in your body.

If you don’t have traffic, you’re dead.

That is, your blog is dead.

And I think that’s why driving traffic to your blog is such a struggle, because everyone is dying for more traffic.

With that said, here are 5 ways to drive traffic to your website:

5 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

I’m going to break it up into ways to get traffic organically and through social media, because those two are the most popular ways to get traffic.

1// Driving traffic organically

Driving traffic to your blog organically from Google comes down to mastering two things:

  • Key word research
  • Link building

I’ll explain both in more detail.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the MOST important SEO skill you can learn.

You may have heard that link building or whatever else is more important, but it’s not.

I firmly believe that out of ALL the skills you can learn and master with internet marketing, keyword research is THE MOST important skill you should master.

First, let me explain what keyword research is…

… It’s when you pick a word or key phrase to base your blog around. For example, for this blog post, my keyword is “how to drive traffic”.

This is a medium competition keyword that I could possibly rank well in Google organically one day.

Now, it’s not the easiest keyword to try and rank for, but I have a CHANCE.

One big aspect of keyword researching is analyzing competition. You need to figure out how competitive a keyword is. If it’s too tough, you’ll never rank for it, and it’s a waste of time if your main goal is to drive traffic to the article organically.

So it might have clicked in your head by now that you need to be finding keywords that are rankable.

That is, you need to find low competition keywords!

  • A master at keyword research will be able to find keywords that are:
  • low competition
  • high search volume
  • monetizable

This is the trifecta of the perfect keyword.

A keyword with all three things will be easy to rank for, will get you a lot of traffic organically, and you can make money with a blog post around this keyword.

Money in the bank!

Your ability to drive LOTS of traffic to your website organically will be mostly impacted by your ability to find great keywords to base your article around.

That’s how you get that Google traffic baby.

And keyword research tells you what to blog about too, which is a big side benefit of performing keyword research. You don’t have to figure out what people are interested in when keyword tools like SEMRush tell you.

Link building

The second main way you get traffic organically is through link building.

Link building will get you traffic from referral websites. But that’s not organic traffic and it’s a by product of building a link.

The more important part of link building is building the authority of your website so you can rank for keywords.

Authority of websites are mostly built by the amount of links and the quality of links that are pointing to it.

For this blog post about driving traffic to a website, it likely will not rank by itself. It may not rank well either when I promote it to social media.

So, if I want it to rank in the top 10 of Google, I will need to build backlinks to this blog post. That’s the only way.

I have to decide if it’s worth my time or not.

Another big decider if I will rank well in Google is the overall authority of my blog. When you look at the top 10 search results in Google, it’s dominated by big popular websites usually. that’s because Google trusts these websites.

In other words, they have a lot of backlinks.

As a blogger or website owner, you want to gain as many links as you can. This will build your authority and maybe someday, you can also be one of those big blogs or websites that Google puts in the top 10 for many many search results just because they trust you, and maybe not necessarily because you wrote a great article about the topic in question.

These are the most popular ways to get more traffic to your blog. Learn how here.

2// Driving traffic with social media

Social media traffic is incredibly valuable. It’s not as valuable as organic traffic from Google, but it’s easier to get, and it’s where you’ll get most of your traffic in the first year or few years of blogging.

There are many social media websites to get traffic from, and I suppose they are all worth testing out if you have the time.

You probably don’t though.

So here’s my thoughts on social media traffic:

  • Focus on one main social media network in the beginning
  • Stick with the main social media networks that most people are using
  • When you’ve built a strong presence on one network, you can then move on to other networks

I really recommend Pinterest and Facebook as your main social media networks.

There is also Google Plus and Twitter, and they may be valuable to you. But you won’t have time to work on all 4 major networks.

So stick with Pinterest and Facebook.

I’ll explain why they are the best for traffic below.


Pinterest is hands down the best social media network for blogs and businesses (for most people).

It’s the easiest social media network to get traffic to your blog right away. It’s also the network that gives you the best rate of return for the work you do.

Once you get things going, you can spend 5-10 hours a month on Pinterest and drive 100,000+ visitors to your blog monthly.

Pinterest is a social media network that is more like a search engine. This means people are on there searching for answers to things. Much like Google.

For example, a traveler looking for things to do in San Francisco would use Pinterest to find things to do in San Francisco. It’s powerful, because the user is looking for info. The intent is the same as someone searching for something in Google.

If you wrote a blog post about things to do in San Francisco, pinned it to Pinterest, people could find your blog post about it on Pinterest.

They would then go to your website, read your article, and perhaps book that hotel you recommended, or buy a tour you recommended – both of which would make you affiliate money.

To rank in Google for “Things to do in San Francisco” would be close to impossibly, but not entirely. Competition is extremely difficult for this keyword, and you would see that all the top travel websites dominate these types of keywords if you look around.

So social media is a very effective way to drive traffic to your website for this keyword that you’ll probably never rank in Google for ever.

Pinterest is amazing at getting traffic for almost any type of website.


The second network you can drive traffic to your blog with is Facebook.

Everyone is on Facebook so there will always be people you can reach. It’s just more difficult and takes way more work to promote your stuff on Facebook.

So I recommend Pinterest first, and then Facebook second.

You will want to build a Facebook group for your blog and/or Facebook page.

The ins and out of driving traffic with Facebook is an entirely separate blog post all together. But the idea is to build fans, get likes, and have an audience that want to hear from you.

And they will be happy to read your blog post or learn about the things you want them to learn, which will drive traffic to your website.

Any questions about driving traffic to your website?

Hit me up in the comment section below with questions or comments. I love hearing from my readers.