On my way to wandering Pioneer Square on a sunny morning, I stopped by Fonte Coffee shop for a jolt of caffeine.

I found Fonte Cafe by searching for “coffee shops near me” in Google maps and found a cafe with good ratings that was close by.

It happened to be Fonte.

So I walked towards there from my hotel Hotel Max.

Fonte coffee shop logo

It was pretty busy.

The first thing I noticed was that there were many people eating food.

I almost thought it was more of a restaurant than coffee shop.

And the coffee shop was about half full.

It was nice and busy.

People sitting in Fonte Seattle

The atmosphere was chill and relaxed.

The interior was quite brown.

It matched the branding well, as the sign and logo is brownish in color as well.

Ordering my drink

I walked up and ordered myself an Americano, and then found a spot by the window where there was good lighting.

At first I sat right beside the window.

It was such a hot day outside the sun was casting too much of a shadow.

So I moved away from the window a little to a smaller table on the side with less harsh sun.

It was here that I saw a thing full of coffee beans.

Excellent prop!

The barista making my drink yelled out Americano and I got up to get it.

That’s how they make drinks here. They just yell it out. They need to be pretty loud because the cafe is fairly large. If you’re sitting on the other side you better be listening closely.

My Americano

I usually don’t order an Americano, because it isn’t the prettiest drink, and a Cappuccino tastes just as good if not better, but here it is.

Americano drink at Fonte Cafe Seattle

I think the picture above looks just gorgeous.

All photos here are shot on my iphone 7 by the way.

I ended up taking roughly 60 photos I think.

Half of them was the coffee itself.

You gotta just snap a bunch at different angles until you get one you really like.

I probably look crazy.

But that’s okay.

There was a Russian girl on the phone at the table by the window that I initially sat at and she was talking a whole lotta Russian loudly over the phone and she sounded pretty crazy too.

So I guess we’re all kinds crazy in different ways.

Seattle Fonte Cafe drinks

I love this photo above as well.

Just the drink on a brown table, with a nice dark background, and the dark coffee.

And of course, the branding of Fonte Cafe.

Seattle Fonte Cafe is an excellent coffee shop

I also took a few snaps of where you order your drinks and food.

Most people seemed to order their drink, stand off to the side, and then walk out the door with their drink.

Fonte Roasters

The Barista pours like a pro.

Pouring a drink at Fonte Cafe

I walked to the other side of Fonte Cafe.

Took this shot.

The fonte cafe restaurant

You can see it’s decently busy here!

Fonte Cafe is located extremely central on 1321 1st avenue Seattle.

I’m sure they get a lot of walk ins from random people like me.

They also look like they have amazing food.

I didn’t try any, but thinking back now, maybe I should have.

Bottles on the side

I found the bottles and random newspaper on the side by the window really cute.

adds a little touch to an otherwise boring corner.

And here’s one last shot of the outside logo, so you know what to look for when you walk down 1st avenue Seattle.

Fonte Roasters

And one last shot of the coffee… which tasted excellent by the way.

Americano Coffee by Fonte Roasters

Do I recommend Fonte cafe?

I definitely recommend Fonte Cafe for a drink or some food.

It was busy and the workers were efficient.

I spent about 25 mins here and I enjoyed the vibe and feel.

I also feel this is a great place to sit down with your laptop for a few hours while drinking a cup of coffee and having a small bite.

You can check out their menu online here.

Their food menu is pretty extensive for a “cafe”.

So yea, a great place to eat and drink, and spend a few hours with a friend or by yourself for sure.

I would definitely go back with my laptop and chill.

Have you been to Fonte Seattle?

If you’ve had a chance to visit Fonte Cafe, tell me about your experience!

I’m always curious to see what other people think.

Let me know in the comment section below!