I’ve complied a mega list of frugal living tips from the best frugal blogs on the internet.

Below you’ll find a huge list of ways to be frugal and save money in all areas of life.

I really hope you enjoy the frugal ideas you’ve found here. I’ve linked to many resources you can use to learn more about each specific frugal topic below. Enjoy and if you have any comments or questions about this frugal blog post, let me know in the comment section below.

Do your first no spend week

A no spend week is an entire week where you spend zero dollars. It might sound crazy but it is one of the most effective ways to start being frugal and live the life of watching what you spend money on. Learn how to do that with the practical saver.

Lower your utility bills

Utilities make up an enormous part of our monthly expenses. Simple basic living costs can almost always be cut down and reduced using simple utility hacks. You can also learn how to lower utility bills with this blog post here. And also make sure to click here to see this massive list of 75 ways to lower your electricity bill.

Cut down on household expenses

Your home is a massive money hog. I learned early on that a home isn’t truly an asset if it drains money away from you year to year. A house is a complicated building with many things that can cost you money every single day. The best thing you can do to save money around the house is to apply these super frugal home expense cutting tips!

Stop wasting money on general expenses

We spend money almost every single day. The simple things we spend money on like grabbing our morning coffee or driving a little too fast drains our pockets needlessly. Sometimes we don’t even know we are wasting money away. Check out this article on ways to cut down on every day expenses that drain our wallets.

Stop buying things you can make

It’s really easy to head to Walmart and buy everything you could ever need. That’s what Walmart is for and why the are so incredibly rich. But did you know you can make almost all the things you buy? I know it sounds crazy making things like soap, deodorant, or even clothes. But you can save a ton of cash by stopping your spending on every day items you can make instead. Here are two incredible blog posts that show you all the things you can begin making today. You can see them here and here.

Buy as many things in bulk as you can

I learned early on from my mom to buy in bulk. We bought almost everything in bulk and used it until it all ran out, and would buy it again in bulk. We got by this way and saved an enormous amount of money this way. You can sometimes save as much as half the cost of the item by buying in bulk sometimes. Buying in bulk can be done in almost everything you would normally use, like soap, clothes, food, toys, you name it. Always look for bundled options to save money. And check out this blog post about 10 things you need to buy in bulk.

Focus on frugal foods when you’re broke

When you’re broke, shrimp and steak aren’t items you should be throwing into your basket. Instead, focus on these specific food to buy when you’re broke. While you’re at it, check out this list of frugal healthy foods too! It doesn’t always need to be rice and beans like Dave Ramsay so eloquently puts it, but it needs to be something similar until you get your debts and money situation handled.

Plant your own foods

Gardening or growing foods at home may seem expensive, but it really doesn’t need to be. In fact, many delicious foods don’t need a lot of anything at all actually, and they’re fairly easy to grow too. Check out this list of foods that regrow with water only!

Learn how to save money on meats

Love eating meat products but stuck paying the usual high prices for them? Well then some frugal tips on eating meat on a budget is right up your alley isn’t it! Here’s the perfect blog post for you.

Start a grocery budget challenge

What’s a grocery budget challenge? It’s exactly like it sounds. It’s when you set a budget for groceries and you stick with it. It can be as simple as that, but knowing how much money you should budget for groceries and executing it may be a little more challenging to figure out. So that’s why this blog post teaches you how to work through a grocery budget challenge. And you can also read this blog post too about saving money on groceries in general. Actually, there’s more! Here is a list of grocery hacks you can use every time you shop, and another list of 80 money saving grocery tips too.

Spend less than a dollar on a meal

Sounds pretty unrealistic doesn’t it! that’s what I thought too when I found this article that shows you how to eat on less than $1 per meal!

Figure out what you should be eating when you’re broke

Should you buy a bag of potatoes or that rotisserie chicken instead? Maybe a large bag of almonds for a quick snack over granola bars? It’s not always so clear what you should be buying and eating when you’re broke. Fortunately, Simple life of a frugal life wrote a neat blog post showing you what you should be eating when you’re broke. You can see that here.

Focus on preparing frugal meals

If you’re looking for a great resource focuses on meals specifically instead of food items that save money, then you must head right here to see this incredible list of frugal meal ideas to create and eat when money is tight.

Learn how to reduce food waste

We are all guilty of wasting food. It’s incredibly painful to see a rotten tomato or a banana so spotted it looks like poison. Wasting food is usually a result of poor food management, and can costs upwards of 50 dollars a month if you can believe it or not. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn these 25 ways to avoid food waste here.

Start preparing freezer meals

Freezer meals are meals you cook once and freeze. The two big advantages of this is that you are cooking meals in bulk, which saves you time first of all, and also saves you costs in energy because cooking in bulk is faster than cooking individually. Secondly, freezer meals save you a ton of money especially if you buy food in bulk to create your meals. Freezer meals are convenient too as you can grab it from the freezer and warm that baby up. There’s so much upside of freezer meals you gotta get on it. Check out this list of easy frugal freezer meals here.

Adopt a zero waste lifestyle

A zero waste lifestyle is like it sounds. It’s when you do everything you can to live a life where you are wasting as little as possible. It’s called zero waste because your goal is to treat the planet amazingly with reducing waste, and you will also start living a more minimal life where you only buy necessities and use every bit of it as possible. You may not want to go completely extreme with it, but a zero waste lifestyle or sometime along that path will help you really think about what you buy and if you really need it, and how you can fully use what you pay for in more ways than the obvious. If you want to learn about things you should buy on a zero waste lifestyle, check out this post on things to stop buying if you want to go zero waste.

Find more ways to use dish soap!

While browsing around for frugal ideas, I came across this incredibly unique blog post about interesting and unique ways you can use dawn dish soap! It’s surprisingly useful!

Create an old fashioned frugal pantry

Your pantry is an incredibly important part of your kitchen arsenal. What you fill it with will dictate how healthy you are and how much money you spend and waste on food. When we’re tight on a budget, it’s not practical to fill it with whatever junk you feel like as you walk down the grocery isles. Instead, you want to create an old fashioned pantry that takes us back to the basics when life’s choices was more simple and frugality was way more common. And make sure you check this list of 25 items to fill in your pantry.

Adopt and apply vintage frugal skills

Back in the day, when everyone needed common skills in order to survive, life wasn’t about spending money on everything that makes us happy, rather it was more about saving money and making sure we had food on the table. We learned useful skills, including frugal skills that kept costs as low as possible in order to survive. We should maybe get back to that. Especially when money is tight and being frugal is king. Check out this blog post about frugal homesteading tips to learn more about how to do just this.

Learn to live on one income

Whether you actually need to live on one income or not, living like you are on one will help you budget your money. If you have less money coming in, you surely need to have less money going out. This is a great blog post that shows you how to live on one income with the purpose of staying at home and being a stay at home mom.

Learn how much money you should actually be spending

This can also be summed up by calling it “budgeting”. Everyone has a different amount of money they should be spending each money. And it really depends on how much money you have coming in and what your goals are in life, if you want to save money for a house or get out of debt for example. This planning part of your financial life is incredible crucial because we all know success starts with a great plan. learn how much money you should be spending here.

Cut your budget in half

Need some hacks to cut your budget by as much as 50%? That would surely help when money is tight, right! Here is a great blog post that teaches you how to save money and it will show you that you can indeed cut your budget in half.

Start a homesteading lifestyle

If you’re not familiar with the word homesteading, it goes back in the day when farming was a big thing for most families. Today, we can get our food and other things at stores. But the basics of homesteading can be applied to so many parts of our lives to save money. This is a great blog post that talks about that here.

Go on frugal dates

Even if you are on a big budget or need to really cut your spending, it doesn’t mean life needs to suck. You can still go on great dates and have just as much fun as spending hundreds of dollars on a fancy night out. If you need some cheap date ideas, then check out this list of free frugal date night ideas here.

This is a collection of the best frugal living tips by frugal blogs and bloggers sharing the best advice to save money and live a frugal lifestyle. See the massive list here.

Save money on road trips

For the most part, I think it’s important to give up many luxuries like travel and eating out when you’re really deep into money issues. But with that said, you can still indulge in the occasional trip if it is reasonably priced. The problem is, it’s really hard to keep a thing like a road trip down in price because let’s face it, traveling is expensive. However, there are some really nice frugal hacks you can use for your next road trip to save you money. You can see that blog post here.

Adopt a minimalistic lifestyle

What is minimalism? It’s a little different for everyone, but the basic idea is to live a life where you own very few things and keep your life minimal. It’s easy to see that this can save you a ton of cash and also help you get out of debt if you are struggling to keep up with bills. A minimal way of life means you will only buy the necessities and you won’t own a ton of clothes or a ton of anything really. There are many benefits to a minimal lifestyle, but saving money is perhaps the biggest one for most people. You can read this blog post about simple living and minimalism, and this blog post about 10 ways to get started with minimalism.

Begin buying only the essentials from stores

Do you find yourself with a shopping cart full of things you maybe sorta need but could totally live without? Well when you’ve got a lot of money, then no problems here. But when money is tight and you are on a budget, is this really something that you should be doing? Probably not! But it’s a habit that could be really hard to break at first. To help get you started, here is a list of neccessities you don’t need to buy from a store anymore, and what you can do instead.

Live well below your means

If you’re not familiar with the term “live below your means”, it simply means to spend less money than you actually make. It means if you are making $50,000 a year, you should be spending money like you are making $40,000 or perhaps $30,000 per year. This is living below your means, and this is what will help you save a lot of money and help you get out of debt. You may have a great job paying you great money, but if debts are really high, you can’t pretend to live like you are rich. You need to dial back your spending and pretend you make way less money, drive a way cheaper car, and get your money issues handled before you can start spending money that matches your income again. To help you with that, here is a beginners guid on how to live well below your means.

Save money by paying all your bills weekly

This is a really cool blog post that shows you how to save extra money simply by paying your bills weekly. Check it out here.

Learn how to stay warm without power

Nobody likes it when they’re cold. And we usually crank up that heat. But that’s a costly way to stay warm. Here are some really handy tricks to stay warm without power.

Make the things you buy last longer

The definition of value is when you buy something and use it well beyond what you paid for it. In fact, a pair of jeans is one of those items you can spend $50 on and use it for 5+ years. Now that’s value! It’s not always so clear and easy to figure out what things you can use for a long time and how to extend the life of whatever it is you are using. So here’s a great write up about making what you buy last longer.

Copy things frugal people don’t pay for

Frugal people are notorious for getting value in the things they buy. It means they carefully think about the items they purchase, how they will use it, and is the price they pay justified for it. This is totally a skill everyone can learn. To get you started, here is a list of things frugal people don’t pay for.

Read books that help get you out of debt

If you’re struggling to get out of debt, reading financial books is a great place to start. Plus, you can pretty much get whatever book you need from your local library, which makes life so much more frugaler! Here is an awesome list of books to get you out of debt, and you can also read this list of books that will make you a financial rockstar.

Make your own home made cleaning products

Some cleaning products are fairly cheap, but some totally aren’t. Some products are better off being made yourself. And the bonus part is, you can totally make your own chemical free and organic cleaning products which will be way better for your home. Forget Febreze and check out this list of frugal home made cleaning products you can make yourself.

Create a budget binder

A budget is one of the first steps you need to get started on when you want to work out way out of debt or money issues. It’s also a useful tool even if you have zero money problems but want to manage your finances properly. A budget is for everyone. With that said, there are many ways to budget your money. One easy way is to create what’s called a budget binder. It’s simple and effective. And where you may want to start. Click here to learn how to create one and how it can help you stay on track with whatever financial and frugal goals you have.

Learn what financially successful people don’t spend money on

It astonishes me what the rich spend money on. You may think it’s all cars and big homes, and some financially responsible people do spend money on these things, but it’s incredible how many people who have a lot of money look like every day people and spend money like an every day person. With that said, people that have money spend money on the right things. They get wealthy and stay wealthy for a reason. And in the end, they are incredibly financially responsible. You may want to read this blog post about the 7 things financially successful people don’t waste money on.

Pick up a frugal hobby

Hey, if you’re on the frugal train, then you might as well have fun with it too right. That means spending your spare time and fun time on hobbies that are totally frugal. You don’t need to spend tons of money on golfing equipment or photography equipment. You can, and if it’s something you love, you probably should. But if you’re looking to find a more budget friendly hobby that is frugal as heck, then check out this list of money saving frugal hobby ideas. You can also check out this list of hobbies that make money too.

Start clothing your family on a budget

Clothing can be super expensive. But you already know that. Part of being frugal is spending money wisely on all facets of life, including clothing. Everyone knows you can get clothes for free or cheap. But not everyone knows how or the best way to do it. So check out this blog post about clothing your family on a budget. You may never pay retail for clothing ever again!