On a super sunny and hot Sunday morning in Seattle (90+ degrees fahrenheit), I took an Uber from my hotel (Hotel Max) to Gas Works Park.

I really didn’t know anything about Gas Works Park, besides the fact that it was on plenty of “things to do in Seattle” lists I read, and that it used to be a real gas plant.

So I had the whole 10 minute Uber ride to think about what it was gonna be like.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

But I was excited to take photos of the place.

Upon arrival, the first thing my Uber driver told me was to go up the nice little hill.

I didn’t listen.

I went to check out the surrounding grounds first.

The industrial playground area of gasworks park

I walked into the are on the right side.

I don’t even really know what it was.

Play barn area gas works park

Apparently, It’s the play barn area. I Googled it!!! 🙂

Playbarn area in Gasworks park

It didn’t look overly playful.

It was definitely colorful.

Artwork at Gaswork Park

There was a lot of graffiti on the roof and around.

And then there was this homie chilling on the other side of the play barn.

He was just chilling there. It was really quiet and I took a few photos of him.

Pretty sure he heard.

But he didn’t seem to care at all.

In fact, I didn’t see him look at me once.

A homeless man in Gasworks Park

He was fixing his hair.

A man in a park fixing his hair

Honestly there wasn’t a lot of exciting things going on inside the Gas Works Park play barn.

So here’s another photo of the same guy haha.

Dunno if that’s a joint or a cigarette.

Either way, he’s just chillin.

Seattle man in gas works park

Inside the barn was a quiet feeling.

There were just a few people in this area.

A few walked into the barn and left.

I saw some garbage around. I feel like this park attracts a lot of younger people or just people that don’t spend much time at home in the evenings.

some garbage at the park

mmm.. Guinness beer.

I walked out of the barn area.

I noticed a random dude standing outside.

I think he was a bum too. We just looked at each other. I think I started him cause I came out of nowhere.

Surrounding the park is Lake Union.

It’s a fairly nice body of water.

Across the lake from Gas Works Park are some probably expensive homes.

The gaswork park waterfront

There was a fair amount of action going on in the waters.

It was hot as hell.

Don’t know how some people do it.

Gasworks park is a must see when you visit Seattle. Here are 36 photos of this former real Gas plant that's now been converted to a public park. Click here to see!

A woman paddle boards while a man on land takes photos of her.

She’s posing for him here.

I also take a photo. Cause why not.

paddle boarding woman at gas works park

Boats in the water too.

Surprise surprise!

gas works park boat

And wild life!

There were A LOT of quackers swimming around.

They swam in a line together. And when I got closer, they all got closer together to protect each other.

ducks at gas works park water front

Union Lake wild life

I like this view from Gas Works Park.

It looks into Seattle downtown area, and you can see the Space Needs in the distance.

It gives you some scale as to how tall the Space Needle is. It’s as tall as some of the tallest buildings in Seattle.

a person canoes

And in case you’re interested, here is another photo of ducks.

ducks in gas works park

I like this photo a lot.

You can see a man in a speed boat probably just going for a ride.

And two rowers, probably tourists, with those row boats that you use your feet to move.

And then you see more ducks and expensive looking residential units in the background.

activity on the water in Seattle gasworks park

Here’s another photo of the Space Needle.

I do not like the scaffolding near the Needle.

Space Needle photo from Gas works park

Because you can’t get enough photos of the Space Needle, I feel like you could use another one from a different angle.

I got rid of the ugly cranes. And I like how the Space Needle is larger here.

space needle shot

After walking around the iron that is Gas Works Park, I finally took some shots of the actual coal factory thing.

coal gas works

It’s pretty cool you know.

It’s fenced off. So you can’t go in.

But clearly at one point, you could go in.

Because there is a lot of graffiti on it.

money shot of gas works park

Below is probably my favorite photo of Gas Works Park.

It has so much character.

And it gives you an idea of how big it is.

photographs of gas works park

Here’s a shot of just the top.

goal gasification park

It was really really sunny out. No clouds at all.

The shadows are dark and the brightness is bright!

strangest park in seattle

After taking shots of the metal work, it was time to climb the hill.

The hill is really cool.

It’s probably the second coolest thing about the park itself.

Apparently, it’s a great place to fly a kite.

The hill at gas works park

People on the hill, photographed from below.

I like the dude in white riding his bike. Adds some coolness to the photo.

gas works park people

A closer shot of the hill hangers.

playing and having fun on the hill at gas works park

Climbing the hill, it was fairly quick, though it was slightly steep.

But nothing you should worry about.

You’ll make it.

At the top, I was able to take a wide shot of the coal gas thing.

I still don’t know what exactly it is.

But I love this photo a lot. Again, it was so sunny the metal work just looks dark.

Nonetheless, clearly this is Seattle’s weirdest park.

You’d think it would belong in Portland or something (keep Portland weird baby!)

best photograph of gas works park

A boy was sitting down, so I used him as my subject for this photo.

I like this shot too.

boy sitting down.

I had a wander around the top of the hill.

There were a bunch of people there.

Standing and talking.

Someone was talking about how great the weather is right now, and that going to Mount Ranier would be really busy.

And I saw people sitting and laying down.

I saw girl reading a book. So I took a photo of her.

And then I realized it was a dude.

Man reads a book at gas works park

And more people chilling on the grass in this wonderful Seattle park.

And park by water is a winner. How can it not be.

By this time, I’d seen just about everything at the park.

I couldn’t really see what else I could photograph.

So I headed down the hill.

I snapped this photo below. Earlier when I arrived, there was a wedding photographer taking photos of a couple here, using the structure as a frame.

Cool structure at the gasworks park

And my last photo of Seattle’s Gas Works Park…..

is this one below.

I like how the road leads your eye to the structures.

bottom view of gas works park

That’s the end of the pictures.

Gas Works Park Experience

Overall, I would recommend going to Gas Works Park when you visit Seattle.

I hope it’s a sunny day because I can’t see it being a nice place to hang out when it’s rainy.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the park.

But it had a uniqueness to it that made it cool.

It’s decently big and if you like to take photos, you can spend 30 mins to an hour here.

The park definitely has history. It was a live manufacturing plant in the early 1900’s. Wikipedia has a good write up if you want to learn about it’s history.

If you end up going to Gas Works Park on a Sunday, make sure to walk yourself over to the Fremont area, where they have a Sunday market!

It’s about a 10ish minute walk. And you pass by nice watery areas, along with crossing underneath some bridges, and you pass by Google offices as well as Adobe’s, and the Troll underneath the bridge is in Fremont area too.

And that’s it!

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If you’ve been to Gas Works park, let me know what your experience was!