Cash back!

Who wants to get money back for doing every day things?

Of course we all do. The surprising thing is a lot of people don’t take advantage of free money they could get by simply enrolling in reward programs. It’s a shame.

The best part of a lot of cash back programs is that they pay you rewards for being loyal to them or using them. And a lot of the time it’s simply doing something you already do, like swiping your credit card to pay for a shirt or shopping at a certain grocery store which you already do anyway regardless if you get points back or not.

It would make sense to join their loyalty program right! Yaaah.

Here are 5 ways to get cash back from things you already do.

Get a good rewards credit card

Whether you want to travel for free or just get free groceries or gas, you hopefully will take advantage of one of the best reward programs out there that is the credit card rewards. Credit cards can give you 1 – 3 percent back depending on what we’re talking about. It’s especially powerful for travel because of sign up bonuses. Basically, you can generally get a free trip a year just by using a travel reward card. Whatever type of card you choose, make sure there is some type of reward program for it.


Ebates is a website where you shop for stuff and get discounts, and also earn points doing so. They partner with a lot of brands and retailers and you can find a lot of things there you want to buy. Before going straight to the retailers website, check if Ebates has it first.


Ibotta is another website that’s really popular and gives you cash back for shopping through them. They participate with around 50 or so retailers and a lot of them are big name ones.

Open a bank account

Certain banks will give you money if you open an account with them. Banking is a competitive business which is why they do this. You’ll have to check around to see what banks offer what, and if you need to deposit a certain amount of money to begin with.

Pay for other people’s stuff and get them to pay you back

A cool trick is to pay for big purchases of other people’s stuff. A lot of people surprisingly don’t take advantage of points and rewards for spending money. Their loss right. Use your credit card or any type of reward card and pay for stuff, like dinner, or even a car, and earn all that reward points for free flights, gas, groceries, you name it.

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