Are you wondering how to get free money?

This article was written just for you!

Before I get into the list of how to get free money, you need to know something important: Nobody is simply giving out free cash…

In order to get free money, you’ll have to do something in exchange. Sometimes it’s something super small, like signing up for something that doesn’t cost you a thing, or it’s saving extra money on things you are already doing (like buying groceries). Regardless of what that is, you won’t need to start your business idea in order to gain some money here.

To get as much free cash as possible, it really becomes a game of maximizing rewards and bonuses as well as maximizing savings on things you already do.

Below is a list of the main ways you’ll get free money:

  • Sign up bonuses
  • Side hustles that have free money perks
  • Finding free money
  • Unique ways to maximize savings (which keeps more money in your pocket)

How To Get Free Money Now (23 Practical Ways)

1. Trim app

Trim helps you get free money

Trim is a useful app to help you get “trim” costs off of certain things.

The biggest feature Trim offers is negotiating your cable bill lower for you. Yes, they really do this for you – and you’ll automatically pay less money for cable without doing a thing.

Trim will also search for recurring subscriptions you pay for and can cancel the ones you don’t want for you.

They are a personal finance app that also helps you by save money in other ways as well.

I recommend at least trying Trim to see what they’re about and to check the money you can save with them.

2. Sign up for rewards credit cards

You likely know by now that good quality credit cards give you many benefits and perks like travel insurance and fraud protection coverage that almost everyone can benefit from.

When you sign up for a new card, make sure to maximize your bonus sign up points. They can be significant, equaling the dollar value of a few free hotel night stays or even a flight.

These “welcome bonus points” are generally worth a few hundred dollars in real dollars. If you’re in the market for a new card, take a little time to go over what bonuses each card offers (they can vary greatly).

There are a few websites online that compares cards for you to help make your buying decision easier. Nerd Wallet is one of them.

3. Get free money from banks

Just like credit card bonuses, banks also offer bonuses for new customers and those who open new accounts with them.

In order to get your business, they will offer you cash bonuses to bank with them. Many of these banks do have requirements, like depositing a certain amount of money in or maintaining a minimum balance.

Most people can meet these requirements so if you’re looking to get some extra cash for free, opening a new bank account and shifting your dollars around a little can get you free money.

New account bonuses can get you around $200-$300 dollars, depending on the bank and current offerings.

To find what deals current banks are offering, check comparison websites like this one.

4. Get automatic refunds with Paribus

Paribus gives you automatic refunds and free cash

If you shop at major brands like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Macy’s, you’ll likely want to hear this.

Paribus is an app that will monitor changes in prices of items you’ve bought at these major stores. If the prices decreases, Paribus will alert you and help you get money back.

That’s right! You will automatically save money without doing a thing – Just let Paribus monitor prices for you.

Paribus is a super cool app that makes saving money really easy.

5. Sign up for survey websites

Survey websites are sites where you fill out surveys for money.

You can use them as a way to make passive income. They are especially useful and easy to do when you’re watching TV or just hanging around.

You won’t get rich with paid surveys, however you can make anywhere from $5 – $10 an hour depending on how many surveys you qualify for.

But more importantly, several survey websites have free sign up bonuses (usually around $5) just for signing up. So that’s free money right there to get you started.

If you’re interested in making free money or making extra income with surveys, I have a separate blog post on survey websites here.

7. Get automatic discounts with Dosh

Dosh is a cash back app that doesn’t require any coupons.

This app doesn’t give you money for free, however it works in a way that saves you extra money on things you are already buying.

How Dosh works is really easy:

When you buy things online, search for the store through their app first. And make your purchase through the app. The price is the “same” as if you purchased directly from the retailers website. However, when you do it through the Dosh app, Dosh will scan for any current coupons and discounts available for the item you are buying – and applies that to your purchase – saving you money.

Dosh also has a $5 referral program where you can refer a friend and make money too. They also partner with thousands of companies so if you are going to buy anything from a retailer, make sure to check Dosh first!

8. Boost your credit score before applying for loans

Your credit score is the biggest factor that determines how much interest rate you will pay when you get any type of credit loan.

If you want to make sure you pay as little as possible in interest costs, make sure your credit is as good as it can be when you apply for loans.

Just half a percent lower in interest rate will make a huge different when you’re paying back large loans or long term loans. In the case of a home loan, you will likely save thousands of dollars.

Most credit raising tactics require time to increase your score. However, there are a few credit raising tips that can give your score a big boost in as little as 1 month. You can learn more about these things in my other article about how to boost your credit score 100 points in one month.

9. Rent your vehicle with Getaround

Earn cash with getaround

Getaround is similar to Airbnb in that you can rent your vehicle for money. Expect to make around $5 per hour of renting your vehicle. This is a great way to make passive income if you have a spare care you are not using.

You can also rent your car during times your vehicle isn’t in use. Getaround works by giving other access to your vehicle without you needing to be there to open/lock doors, hand keys off, or monitor anything.

You manage your rentals, bookings, questions, etc with Getaround’s app. It’s quite a genius business idea and one you can make money from easily if you have a spare vehicle.

10. Become a Lyft driver

If you’re looking to make extra money and like the idea of driving people for extra income, consider driving for Lyft.

Lyft is a ride sharing company (just like Uber) where you drive people around a city. You manage all your rides and communication through the Lyft app, and you’ll also track all your earnings there too. You can expect to make anywhere from $10-$20 an hour depending on where you live, and I’ve heard Lyft drivers make more than Uber drivers.

Lyft typically offers a bonus sign up (around $300) to encourage new drives to sign up with them. So take advantage of the free money if this is a job you’d like to do!

11. Rover

Rover is a dog sitting job to make money with. Whether you have your own pets and can accommodate other pets, or you’re available to pet sit at another owners home, this is a easy way to make extra money.

Rover has a referral program where you can refer other sitters to their program and be rewarded with $50 for doing so.

12. Airbnb

Airbnb is a home rental company where you can rent homes or just a room from homeowners to hotel chains.

Joining Airbnb is free. When you join, they have a referral program where you can make anywhere from $25-$50 in credit towards future Airbnb stays by referring someone (they need to complete a stay in order to get paid).

Though this isn’t cash you’re paid, Airbnb credits are almost as good as cash if you travel because Airbnb operates just about everywhere in the world. Saving money on accommodations is always a huge win for travelers!

13. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a popular way new business are generating free money in order to fund their business ventures.

Crowdfunding works by people giving you money in exchange for perks in your business. Often, it’s products for a deep discount or privileges other people won’t have.

The most popular crowdfunding network is and I recommend them. If you need money for business reasons, crowdfunding can be a great way to get free money quickly.

14. Seated

Save money with Seated

If you eat out, you should check out the app called Seated. It is an app that helps you book reservations at restaurants.

In return to using the Seated app, they will give you up to 30% in rewards that you can redeem for gift cards.

Seated is essentially a rewards club for people who dine out using their app. What I recommend doing is checking the app first to see if the restaurant you’ll be dining at is featured. If it is, then it’s a big score because you get free rewards by booking a reservation through the app. On top of that, Seated will have many restaurant options for you to choose from if you’re in need if ideas for places to eat.

How to get free money online by selling things

Selling used items or things you don’t have is one of the best ways to make “free” money quickly. It seems obvious that this is a great way to earn extra money fast, but I think a lot of us overlook it and look for super unique ways to get spare cash.

With that said, there are many online platforms to easily sell all kinds of things you would like cash for.

Check below to see popular online market places that makes selling things super easy and convenient:

15. Gazelle

Gazelle is an excellent online marketplace to sell your unused or old electronics.

They work very easily. Go on their website and search for the item you want to sell. Enter the condition of your item and Gazelle will give you a value for it.

If you want to go through with selling the item, you will select how you want to be paid and the shipping of your item to them is free. Gazelle will pay you once they receive your item and have processed it.

16. Decluttr

Sell with Decluttr to get extra free cash

Decluttr is an online marketplace to sell your old electronics. On Decluttr, you can sell things like video games, game consoles, music CD’s, DVD’s and Bluerays, cell phones, computers, and many other types of electronics.

The best thing about Decluttr is that you get a price of what your items are worth instantly online. You enter a few details about your item online and they give you a valuation. If you decide to go with it, Decluttr makes shipping easy by sending you a label. You get paid for your items once they receive it and have gone through it.

17. Bookscouter

Bookscouter is an online marketplace to sell used textbooks.

There’s nothing worse than old textbooks sitting on the shelf losing value over time as new additions are created. Make sure to make most of the money back you paid for your books!

Bookscouter makes it really easy to sell used books. It’s a portal for many buy back vendors. When you enter your book you want to sell, Bookscouter will list all the vendors and at what price they are willing to buy your book for.

Shipping your book is also free. You will be paid when the vendor receives your book and has reviewed it. Simple as that!

18. ThredUp

Thredup is a popular online marketplace to sell used and second hand clothing.

How they work is this: You request a Clean Out kits (it’s free). When it arrives, put your old clothes in it. And then you ship it off! Shipping is free.

You can sell all kinds of clothing and accessories, shoes, handbags, etc.

Thredup is a great place to sell clothes that are harder to sell or aren’t overly expensive. Generally, you want to sell more unique items or luxury items online yourself on a site like Craigslist where you’ll likely make more money than a “bulk” approach on Thredup.

19. Poshmark

Earn free cash by selling with Poshmark

Poshmark is another online marketplace to sell clothes. It works similarly to selling things on free websites with a different catch that saves you time.

You list your item as you normally would by taking photos of it, writing a description, and your asking price.

However, once the item is sold, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label to ship your items. All you need to do is pack it up and drop it off for shipping. You get the added benefit of listing your item to people far away rather than selling locally and managing everything on your own.

How to get free money from the government

You may be surprised that the government has programs that help you get free money. Along with that, other financial ways to find hidden money will be listed below.

20. Search for unclaimed / forgotten money

There’s a chance you’re owed money that you do not even know you have. You can check for this at

Every year, states are given lost/unclaimed money and various assets when they go unclaimed. For example, left over money in closed bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, uncashed checks, insurance policies, trust funds, utility deposits, etc.

The website above lets you search for any monies that are owed to you. This site is sponsored by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, and is free to search!

21. Search for unclaimed pension funds

It may surprise you, but some people don’t even know they have a pension fund from a previous employer. Sometimes people build a pension without even knowing it, and leave their jobs without ever claiming it.

It doesn’t hurt to check if you’re owed money. This is the government website to check if you have any unclaimed pension funds in your name.

22. Maximize your tax credit and deductions

A big part of coming up with unexpected free money can certainly come during tax season.

One of the biggest tips I can give you to find free money is by maximizing your tax credits while filing taxes. An experienced accountant can certainly be helpful here, however I know not everyone is in a position to afford one.

Therefore I highly recommend you to take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with what you can write off your taxes. Make sure you hold onto all your receipts during the tax year to substantiate your claims! Here’s the official IRS website to learn more about tax credits.

23. Get a grant / scholarship (free money) from the government

If you’re going to school and could use free cash to pay for college, make sure you apply for federal grants.

Grants are different than student loans in that grants are 100% free money that you will not need to pay back after receiving it. They truly are “free money”.

There are so many types of grants for all kinds of students. You don’t necessarily need to be smart or go to special schools.

Best of all, applying for grants are free. Make sure you apply for as many as you can that you qualify for. Worse case, they say no. Check this website to get more details.

Free Cash Summary:

Hopefully you’ve found many useful ways to get extra cash using the list above.

As I mentioned earlier, getting free money is all about maximizing savings when you spend money as well as maximizing the amount of bonuses you get when you sign up for new accounts or doing something.

There are many ways to earn money and make money that doesn’t give you “free money” rather you make money off what you already own. Simple things like selling things you already own on free websites like Craigslist or using easy to use websites to buy and sell electronics like are also great ways to earn extra money.

If you have any other valuable ways to get extra money for free now, let me know in the comment section below!