Back fat, along with belly fat, are two places that are never attractive when you’ve got more mass going on than normal…. as opposed to butt fat or perhaps thigh fat.

Back fat is something that accumulates over time differently in each person. People get fat in different areas.

You may or may not know that you cannot SPOT REDUCE. This means you can’t simply lose weight in one area. I wish it was different. But to lose back fat, you’ll need to lose weight all over your body. The good news is that losing weight across your whole body is the same thing as trying to lose fat in one area of your body. Weight loss is weight loss. When you lose weight, you’ll lose weight across your whole body. If your back is the worst area in terms of excess fat, it COULD be the place that you struggle to lose fat the most. There isn’t anything that will change that. What you want to do is stick with it and continue to get healthy by losing weight and hopefully you’ll lose all the back fat you have.

But then, how exactly do you lose weight in your entire body (which includes your back fat!)

The truth about fat loss

Here’s an important truth for you.

Everyone is different and everyone will respond BETTER to a certain type of “weight loss plan.”

That’s super important. Some people do really well on a “balanced” weight loss plan that includes eating a little bit of everything in moderation. Some people go Vegan and do high carb diets and can get skinny. And some people go the paleo or low carb way and lose all the back fat they have here too.

What’s the best back fat weight loss plan for you?

I’m sure you’ve tried a bunch of diets and exercises to lose your back fat by now. If you’re reading this now, I’ll bet they haven’t worked, or have not worked as much as you hoped it would.

So what I would say to that is to simply try a NEW approach to fat loss.

Look, if what you’ve been doing or have done in the past hasn’t worked, it probably isn’t for you.

That’s just the simple truth. And as I mentioned earlier, everyone does differently on different types of diets.

I recommend you trying this type of diet. Scientifically, it’s incredible for fat loss and it’s healthy. It’s very “different” than traditional ways to lose weight. But again, I’m sure you’ve tried all of the typical ways to lose back fat and have failed. Time to try another approach.

Lose a lot of back fat with this diet

This DIET – or way of eating – is about eating a high fat diet combined with low carbohydrates.

Before you freak out about eating high fat, let me explain why eating fat will not make you fat. In fact, eating fat will help you stop over eating, keep your energy levels stable throughout the day, and oh yeah, make you lose weight.

AND, eating fat is healthy. It really is. Let me explain more:

Let me get into a little bit of food science first….

There are 3 types of macronutrients. Fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. All of your food will be made up of these nutrients. Throughout the day as you consume food, you will have a certain percentage of these foods in your diet.

LOOK. This is really important.

Weight loss depends on the right MIX of macronutrients. While it’s true that SOME people on high carb/low fat diets (like some Vegans) can be skinny as hell, it does not work for everyone. And I’ll bet you’ve tried a low fat diet already, since fat was so wrongly demonized in recent decades, and you were told fat makes you fat for so long.

But that’s so wrong.

Here’s how you actually lose weight:

You need a weight loss plan that takes into consideration your hormones. Your hormones are what controls fat loss and fat gain in all areas of your body. You also need a weight loss plan that looks after the total energy you take in (calories).

SOME fat loss programs ONLY looks at calories. They say it’s all about the calories. They will tell you “just eat less food and move around more and you’ll lose weight.” This DOES work for SOME people. But let me ask you, this is probably the first thing you tried when you tried to lose back fat. And I bet it didn’t work. At least not in a significant way.


Because a calories in calories out weight loss plan doe NOT consider your hormones at all. Again, your hormones store fat and release fat for burning. It’s why eating a calorie deficit for a long time usually doesn’t work for most people. People who do these diets eventually stall out before they lose all the weight they want.

In order to lose all the weight you want AND keep it off, you need a sustainable weight loss plan that manages calories and hormones.

Learn the truth about getting rid of back fat quickly here.

So what diet is this?

I highly recommend a ketogenic diet combined with a small calorie deficit. A ketogenic diet has been shown to be very effective at helping you lose fat (and it has a ton of other benefits too). And a small calorie deficit means you will be taking in less energy than you are using, which will also help you burn more back fat faster.

A ketogenic diet is a diet high in fats. Again, this might scare you, but understand that a ketogenic diet is based on FAT BURNING. When you go keto, you are switching your body from burning sugar (carbs) to burning fat. Your body will transition from burning mostly carbohydrates to mostly burning fats for your daily energy. This means you actually NEED to be eating more fats. Fats will become your body’s preferred energy source. Not only is it healthy (fats have lots of nutrients), you will feel fuller longer, not have these energy highs and crashes, crave bad foods less, and feel overall amazing.

A side benefit of keeping carbs really low is finally getting super clear skin, mental clarity, reduce inflammation, and you can reduce/get rid of insulin resistance, reverse type 2 diabetes, and a whole host of other inflammatory based diseases.

So in other words, a keto diet is healthy way to lose weight.

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