My mom likes to drink green tea sometimes and I used to drink it too, just because she drank it.

As I’ve gotten older, I started to take more care of my health because I want to live long, and I started learning more about green tea benefits.

The list of green tea benefits is is soooo long it’s almost ridiculous. Not only that, the disadvantages of drinking green tea is basically zero. So literally, there s pretty much no downside to drinking green tea.

I drink green tea whenever and for whatever reason. I’m still young and don’t really show any problems, so I just put as many good things in my body as I can, and hope I live long and healthy. Green tea is one of those healthy things that I love, and it also helps that it tastes pretty damn good too!

Just make sure to buy yourself the good green tea that is 100% natural.

10 main benefits of drinking green tea before bed

1. Green tea helps you relax

Green tea can help you feel less anxious and more relaxed. It can help promote alpha waves in your brain which has been linked to relaxation. And there’s just something about drinking a warm cup of green tea that makes me calm and chilled out too. Green tea also has been linked to reducing stress.

2. Makes you more intelligent by improving brain function

The main ingredient in green tea that will jolt your brain is caffeine. It also has amino acid L-theanine which improves brain function. Though I’m not sure if there are any benefits brain function while you sleep, drinking green tea during the day can help give you stable energy and help you be more productive compared to coffee.

3. Detoxes your body of bad waste

Green tea is a natural detox agent. Anything natural is great for your body and that’s not even something that will ever be debated. We are bombarded with manufactured products and foods, and we need to balance that out with natural ingredients like green tea. Natural green tea is chemical free and will help detox your body from impurities it’s probably riddled with.

As you’ll find out as you read along, green tea’s antioxidants does a lot of the magic in helping your body in so many ways. One of the biggest reasons to drink green tea before bed is to rid as many damaging free radicals from your body as possible.

4. Improves your metabolism

As we age, our metabolic rates slow down and we tend to add on the pounds of fat as well. Maintaining a strong metabolism is really important in staying slim and looking great. There are many active things you can do to increase your metabolism, including eating several times a day to boost your metabolism and being physically active.

Green tea also helps with boosting metabolism. This study found that green tea significantly decreases body weight and significantly maintained body weight.

5. Helps you burn fat while you sleep

The flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can raise your metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories while sleeping. This will help you lose more weight faster without doing anything more. You can drink a cup a day and a cup before bed. Or you can drink many cups of green tea a day. It tastes pretty good any ways!

6. Can lower your risk of cancer

Green tea contains antioxidant agents that can help lower your risk of cancer. The antioxidants help protect the growth of damaging cells in your body. Some types of cancers green tea can help with include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer.

7. Helps prevent heart disease

A study by Harvard Medical School found a possible link between green tea and cardiovascular disease. They studied Japanese students and found that participants who drank more than 5 cups of green tea per day had a 26% power risk of death from a heart attack of stroke. There is definite a correlation between green tea and improved heart conditions. Drink up!

8. Reduces bad cholesterol

Your body has good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Green tea helps with lowering your bad cholesterol, so you will have a better balance of good and bad cholesterol in your body. Green tea won’t solve your blood cholesterol problems if it is large, but it will help improve it. You can learn more about green tea’s benefits regarding blood cholesterol here.

9. Reduces blood pressure

Drinking green tea can help with reducing blood pressure levels, lowering your overall risk of high blood pressure.

10. Can help improve your skin complexion while you sleep

I think a lot of girls will like this! Green tea has antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, both of which affect your skin. Green tea can help you keep your skin looking young and reduce the wrinkling process.

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Before Bed?

The more green tea you drink before bed, the more caffeine will be in your body. If you can tolerate a lot of caffeine and still fall asleep, you should be able to drink more green tea before bed and still be able to sleep like normal.

There isn’t a magic green tea number to drink before bed as far as I know. Drinking green tea during the day or before bed is the same from everything I have read. I think anything I can do while I sleep to help improve myself without doing anything is great. And green tea is one of those things that can make you really healthy. I don’t drink more than a cup of green tea before bed.

Should You Drink Green Tea Before Bed?

Green tea contains caffeine, something that you probably know helps keep you awake. Now, everyone has different caffeine tolerance levels. I know people who can drink a large coffee and go to bed. I know other people who would be wide awake.

I have drank green tea right before bed and had no difficulty falling asleep. I would recommend trying it to see if it had any adverse affects on you. I don’t think it would have any major medical issues, but I’m not a doctor so don’t take my word for it.

Perhaps start with a small glass and see how you make out.

I recommend drinking green tea before bed and throughout your day too. 5 cups of green tea? no problem! Put it in your thermos and take it to school or work. Get in the habit of drinking good stuff and you’ll quickly get healthy without even trying anymore.

The one major tip I would give you is to visit a really good place that sells teas and buy the best green tea you can buy. It will be a lot more expensive than your lipton green tea for $2, but the natural ingredients in real green tea will give you the full benefits of green tea you’re looking for. It’s well worth the money.

Drinking tea before bed has many benefits for your health! Learn how drinking tea before you sleep can help you here!

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