Green tea, the healthiest of all the ‘teas’, is a revolution in the world of weight-loss. This healthy energy drink is authentically a very old ingredient of the Chinese civilization. Working as a metabolism booster and hunger detractor, green tea is the ‘in’ thing among dieters today.

Green tea has developed a great deal of fan following in a very short span. People who have benefitted from it call it their wonder drink. But what makes it so special and powerful? Let’s find out.

How does Green Tea Function? How Does Green Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Green tea has pulled so much audience for its large composition of antioxidants. According to Authority nutrition , green tea is more like a Virgin tea. It isn’t processed much before package. And that’s why it has souring flavonoid and catechin content.

Catechins and Flavonoids are the antioxidants that reduce the formation of free radicals in your system. These radicals play a significant role in ageing and other bodily functions. So these antioxidants are potent enough to fight and prevent cell damage by curbing these radicals.

Besides these, there’s another powerful antioxidant EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) that claims to cure many diseases. It is a wieldy Thermogenic that works on breaking fat by accelerating its metabolism.

According to Model Diet Plan, Green tea can aid in chronic diseases like Cancer, Cardiac problems, Arthritis and high Cholesterol.  It regulates the insulin levels in your body, thereby curbing the sugar levels.

Web MD suggests that the properties of green tea work great for the heart. And with that said, it benefits the cognitive side too. Anything that’s good for the heart aids the brain too. According to a Swiss study, MRIs performed on various people showed that the ones having Green tea regularly show a better memory performance.

Other than that, Green tea has even shown great performance in controlling the formation of plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Green Tea Diet: Green tea diet pills, Regular Lipton Green Tea, And How The Green Tea Diet Works

Now. Coming back to the main idea that has gotten this tea so much paparazzi. Yes. We are talking about its ability to help you shed weight. Green tea has proven to greatly benefit those who followed this regime with discipline and regularity.

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Green tea has now become a ‘daily grocery list’ item that can be availed at any nearby departmental store. With a minimum of 4 glasses every day, you can achieve the desired results.

So with a little guidance from your healthcare provider on whether the diet would suit you, here’s how you should go about it:

How To Perform The Green Tea Diet

Have Green Tea as your Bed Tea

Green Tea diet demands you to start your each day with a cup of plain green tea. With a large cup full of 8 lbs, you can kickstart your day with enthusiasm and energy. Not only will you get your share of antioxidants early in the day, but will also experience an eventually boosted immune system.

A lot of people who are addicted to a cup of tea or coffee in the bed may find it difficult to alter their routine initially. However, within a matter of few days, you will start to feel fresh and electrified.

Drink a Cup before Breakfast

Again, another cup of 8 ounces of Green tea right before breakfast will make your day. As is normally said that drinking a glass of water before your meal helps you lose fat, having a more energized drink for plain water is any day better.

While you would have already had 2 full cups before your first meal of the day, you will automatically want to eat less (unless you are a gourmand and can’t control yourself on the sight of delicious food).

Learn how to use green tea for weight loss and detoxifying your body

The Third cup goes before Lunchtime

Here goes the third mug! This one will help you break down the breakfast food and metabolize it thoroughly, besides filling you up a bit already before lunch. With that, your hunger pangs will be curbed and you will probably cut down on your meal size.

This lunchtime green tea also helps you regain the energy you lose in the morning time, doing all the chores and getting ready for office (not to mention the morning workload your boss hands you over!).

Have a cup around your Snack time

It is any day better to have a cup full of antioxidants than a plate filled with fat and calories. Snack time is usually oil and cheese time. So better replace your favourite foods with your health’s favourite tea.

Around this time, the tea will again work as an energy booster. You will obviously find it difficult in the beginning to replace those mouth watering cheese sticks with a cup of bland tea. But in the end, it will all be worth it.

The next cup goes before Dinner

Here’s one before dinner. I guess you have pretty much got the idea of how it works as a hunger controlling drink. Having it prior to every meal will automatically want you to eat less.

The Final Cup before Bedtime

The final mug is to protect your body from whatever wrong there was in your meals. While sleeping, your metabolism is greatly active. It only gets boosted with a catalyser as Green tea.

A few Points to Remember…

The above mentioned timings are the best ones to have green tea. This doesn’t mean you can’t sip a cup when out with friends, or at a relative’s place. Nor does it mean that you won’t benefit from it if you miss out on a cup or two.

Regularity is the virtue, undoubtedly. So make sure you have a minimum of 4 times a day. Having more or less of it won’t be a deal breaker in any way.

Med Health suggests that green tea is a natural Diuretic, meaning it can lead to dehydration if taken sans water or other liquids. So make sure your water intake is adequate along with green tea. You toilet may increase in frequency but then again, you are getting rid of the toxins!

Green tea possesses very small quantity of caffeine. So a lot of people claim it to reduce your sleep if you have it at bedtime. Although it’s a completely subjective thing, you can take your chances.

Studies have claimed that cold tea works better in burning calories. This is because your body burns extra energy to warm up the tea.

Green Tea Diet Criticism & Complaints 

Every brand has its own share of critics. Green tea does too.

Green tea is not a fool proof method of shedding fat. You may or may not benefit from it. There are no absolute evidences as the testimonials posted online stand both for and against green tea.

The type and quantity of substance used in green tea is not supervised by the Food and Drug Administration. As opposed to promised, over the counter green tea tablets can often be preposterous.

Though it is claimed that the antioxidant EGCG is the main ingredient behind weight loss, critics allege caffeine to be the most active one. While caffeine is a harmful and addictive ingredient, many people stand against green tea and its effects.

All the proposed benefits of green tea are ‘probability based’ without any actual mechanism of action. Whether it is related to a more energized body, super active brain, cancer or Arthritis treatment, or diabetes control- there is no science backing the claims. Hence, a lot of people see it as an off the wall weight loss treatment.

Nevertheless, apart from the minor caffeine content, there really isn’t much to bite your nails about. Green tea is endowed with a great deal of anti-oxidants, no doubt about that. So sipping a couple of glasses here and there is no harm.

I highly recommend you to not add any additional ingredients to your green tea. Things like sugar, lemon, etc., do lift up the tastes, but raw green tea works best. Also, don’t sip it along with any food item. You can have a mug before your meal, but not along with it.

Green tea is testified to be the most effective of all weight loss teas, be it herbal tea, black tea or decaf. But green tea will also show the desired results if you team it with a healthy diet, adequate exercising and tons of water.

You can use green tea diet pills to make this work or green tea from a bag. Lipton Green tea is a cheap way to perform the green tea diet but I recommend getting good organic green tea that’s free from any possibly chemicals or other elements not good for your body.

Overall, green tea is an excellent companion to help you lose weight no matter what diet you are doing.

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