I’m sure a lot of people are uninformed of this amazing natural element that is much more than a pretty little show piece. Himalayan Salt Lamps are scientifically proven carriers of positive energy that also serve as a perfect antique in your living space.

In this article, I am going to share with you what exactly is a Himalayan Salt Lamp and how it works, what are its possible health benefits and how to can you choose the most perfect and original Salt Lamp for your home.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

These are natural blocks of solid crystal salts with high concentration of minerals. Inside of this pink-orangish coloured lamp is a small bulb that generates both light and heat. If not the bulb, these lamps may come with a light and heat source underneath the salt block which creates a beautiful pink glow.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp work?

The Hydroscopic Properties

According to Negative Ionizers, Himalayan Salt Lamps are hydroscopic in nature, i.e., they attract water particles from their surrounding air.

Water vapours are present in the air all the time, be it inside the house or out in the open. These vapours carry allergic particles like dust, smoke, pollen, bacteria and virus. So basically what happens is that when this lamp attracts these vapours and pollutants, they get stuck to it. Hence, the air in your room purifies.

The heat generated inside or beneath the lamp dries these vapours out or releases them back in the air sans the dust particles. The process, thus, continues for as long as the light of the salt lamp is on.

The Himalayan Salt Lamp should be turned off for some time every day. You can clean it with a dry cloth to get rid of the dust stuck to it.

Generation of Negative Ions

Himalayan Salt Lamp is considered a powerful negative ion generator. These ions are responsible for an increased flow of oxygen to the brain. By generating these ions, Sal Lamp leads to better mental alertness and reduced fatigue.

Negative Ions are generally found in place close to nature, say waterfalls, ocean waves, etc. According to Wellness Mama, natural habitats as these can have a concentration of about 10,000 negative ions per cm; while in polluted, bustling cities, it drops down to 100 ions per cm.

So, to make your home atmosphere more natural and pure, Himalayan Salt Lamps try to create an environment like the one close to nature.

According to the testimonials posted online by HSL users, these lamps tend to function better after a couple of days that in the initial days. Plus, they are a gorgeous, offbeat addition to the interiors.

However, Himalayan Salt Lamps aren’t as much capable of filling in a large room with negative ions. Even if you go for a huge lamp piece, it would only ionize a certain diameter of air around it. So it is better to put one in every room, for best results.

The Colour Therapy

Human sight is perceptive and responsive to gorgeous colours. So it’s not foolish to believe that the beautiful orangish-pinkish glow produced by the lighted lamp lightens the mood of people present around.

It’s almost the colour of the sun at dawn and dusk; the time when you feel peaceful looking at it.

What is an Ion exactly?

Let’s first understand the functioning of an ion.

Simply put, ion is an atom that loses or gains an electron. It comes to existence with the help of an energy source, like heat, electricity, radioactivity, friction or evaporation.

As mentioned in laymen terms on the web, Ions are of 2 kinds- positive and negative. Positive ions are the ones made of CO2, that have lost and electron. These ions are generated by electronic devices around us, like TV, Refrigerator, Laptops, etc.; and for the same reason, are called Electronic pollutants.

Long story short, positive ions don’t have a ‘positive’ effect. They lead to troubles like insomnia, anxiety and infections and demand immediate neutralization.

On the other hand, negative ions are made of Oxygen, which gain an electron.

So basically negative ions neutralize the positive ions and pull the dust particles present in them to give them a negative charge. Ultimately, these negatively charged particles seek an electrical ground and fall dead on the floor.

Now a days, there are many negative ion generating machines present in the market. But the inexpensive Himalayan Salt Lamps are definitely a more natural and pocket-friendly option compared to them.

Benefits of using a Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Salt lamps are natural Air Purifiers. They cleanse the air of dust, smoke and other contaminants. With the help of their hydroscopic functions mentioned earlier, Salt lamps suck in all the unwanted elements, giving you a fresh oxygen supply.
  • Salt lamps may prove to be medically helpful to asthmatic and bronchial patients. By taking away all the allergy symptoms as dust, etc., salt lamps help the respiratory patients breath in smoothly.
  • HSL can augment the energy levels in people by taking away all the negativity caused by positive ions.
  • Salt lamps help in insomnia and tiredness. The positive ions have the ability to reduce the oxygen supply to your brain. This leads to restlessness and lack of sleep. Salt lamps create negative ions out of the positive ones and omit all the tension from the air.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps eliminate Electronic Pollution. This is caused by unprecedented electromagnetic radiations emitted out of all the appliances and gadgets in your home. Things as TV, Fridge, Laptop, music system, etc., release invisible radiations that produce adverse long-term effects.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps are potent mood-lifters. While creating an atmosphere similar to that near the ocean waves and waterfalls, these lamps boost the Serotonin levels in your system; the ones responsible for your happy mood.
  • These lamps, being a natural source of energy, are absolutely harmless to the environment. From their extraction to their usage, nothing poses danger to the nature.
  • If you have a pet in your house, you don’t need to worry about the allergies they can cause. Salt lamps pull in all the pet dander from the air, leaving it fresh and infection-free.

The Perfect place for Himalayan Salt Lamps in your Home

The best place for this salt lamp would be the busiest corner of the house. If your family hangs out more in the living room, make sure you station one right next to where people sit. This will help them inhale fresh air directly.

Other than that, place it near the big electronic devices, like the fridge or Television. Besides cleansing the air, negative ions created by this salt lamp will also stave off the electromagnetic radiations produced by these gadgets. These radiations tend to raise the cortisol levels in your system and produce more fatigue, irritation and lesser focus.

Also, the working class must keep one on their office desk. Your workplace is often the most tensed and disturbed place you go to. Himalayan Salt lamp will help you appease your brain cells and work calmly.

Pink Himalayan salt lamps have many health benefits. Discover what they are here.

How to select the Best Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Two very popular types of Himalayan Salt Lamps are the Rock Himalayan salt lamp and a Pink Himalayan salt lamp.

My choice with be a Pink Himalayan salt lamp if I had to choose between the two.

Buying these lamps can be a little tricky as there are many artificial counterparts present in the market.

So here are the six most important things to notice while purchasing one:

  • HSL is a combination of colours instead of a single one. Go for the one with darker combinations of pink and orange. Make sure it doesn’t have any black deposits over it.
  • As with the size, the bigger, the better. Giant salt lamps with a heavy weight are ideal for your home. For small spaces like the kitchen, go for a 5 pound salt lamp. While for places like office, a 10-12 pound lamp would suffice.
  • Talking about the shape, go for the roughly chiselled versions instead of smooth pyramids.
  • Make sure you don’t base your purchase on the price of the HSL. You must not fall prey to the cheapest, yet ineffective lamps.
  • The Salt Lamps should feel warm when you touch them. Prefer the wattage of bulbs that suit the size and weight of your lamp.
  • Last but not least, always check the reviews and ratings of the Salt Lamp you choose to buy. Go for the bestsellers. They might be a bit more expensive, but can last for decades at stretch.