I used to play hockey and board games a lot growing up. It was one of my best hobbies I could kill time and just enjoy the good stuff in life.

As I got older, I realized I need more of this thing called money, and I really didn’t like working very much.

In fact, I dreaded going to work.

I thought about it one day and came to the conclusion that I don’t want to work like everyone does for the rest of my life. It’s just not the way I want to live my life. There’s gotta be another way!

I stumbled onto a bunch of money making ideas, but the one thing that really caught my attention was finding a way to have fun while making money. Because if I could have fun like I was playing hockey, then making money wouldn’t even be an issue anymore!

And then I stumbled onto blogging! Thank god I did, because all I do for fun now is blog (it’s really fun) and make money from it.

But, I know blogging may not be for everyone, so I came up with a list of 50 hobbies you can do to make money!

These are hobbies for men and women. Anyone can do them and be really successful at it too. If you’re looking for hobby ideas and would like to make money from it, look no further than the list of 50 hobbies below!

50 Hobbies That Make Money

1. Blogging

Are you surprised? haha. Well, for me, blogging is the ultimate hobby. The idea behind blogging is to have your own website where you can talk about whatever the hell you want. Think of it like your personality online. Your job is to basically help people with stuff. You could review the latest cars, make up products, or talk about personal development.

With a blog, you can talk about all your passions and desires. You’ll make money by recommending products to people or putting ads on your website. These are 2 popular ways beginner bloggers make money. And the more people that visit your website, the more money you will make (generally).

That’s really it. It’s just super fun helping people out, meeting new people online, and talking about stuff I love talking about. But really, making a full time blogging is where it’s at. Why work a desk job or answer to a boss if you can work at your own desk at home and answer to yourself, in your pajamas no less.

2. Credit Card Hacking

There are people out there who make it their livelihoods to maximize credit card rewards and sign up bonuses. Think of extreme couponing, but extreme credit carding.

These people take advantage of large sign up bonuses credit cards give out, and they use these sign up bonuses to earn free flights and hotels anywhere around the world. It’s not uncommon for them to get several free flights a year. That’s a hell of a lot of free money.

I credit card hack too, and it’s not overly hard. The two main things you’ll need to do is to sign up for cards that are offering big sign up bonuses (like 50,000 welcome points), and then use the card advantageously. For example, a card may give you 5% cash back on gas, so you would use that card on gas. Another card may give you 2% cash back on groceries and nothing for gas, so you would use this card for groceries.

It come down to maximizing the benefits of each credit card. It’s a bit of an art and skill mixture I guess.

One of the best places on the internet to learn about credit card rewards is thepointsguy.com.

3. Stock Trading

Some people trade stocks as their main way of making money and some trade stocks as more of a hobby to make money on the side. Regardless, getting smart at trading stocks can make you enough money to retire young.

When I played a lot of board games, it was a lot of strategy and smart decision making. Making money with stocks is the same thing. You need to be smart and analytical in order to make good decisions. And over time, all your good decisions will hopefully make you a handsome amount of money.

A lot of people trade stocks from home as beginners and gradually get better and smarter over the years, and now they trade stocks full time.

Investopedia has a simple guide on stocks for beginners here.

4. Express Your Opinions

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to fill out surveys. Companies will pay you money in exchange for your opinions. If you like to express your thoughts then why not get paid for it too. You could make $5-$10 an hour.

To get started, check out this list of great paying survey websites.

5. Garage Sale Diving

When I used to work construction, someone threw away something we needed (can’t even remember what it was) and I had to jump into a large container of junk to try and find the damn thing. This act of junk funding is called “dumpster diving”.

So I made up a new name for people who visit garage sales looking for treasures. I call it garage sale diving! lol. But basically, the idea is to visit garage sales in your are looking for anything valuable that is underpriced. You’ll need an eye for what’s valuable and what’s not. People often have no clue what the true value of their belongings are.

6. Storage Unit Hunting

Do you watch Storage Wars? That show is hilarious! I’d love to go around looking for treasures in abandoned storage units. I think this is a super cool way to make money. And why not take it further and make it a full blown business by opening your own thrift store, like Jared :).

7. Music Tutor

If there’s one thing people love doing more than doing the actual thing, it’s teaching it. If you’re a music love and make music, why don’t you turn your music hobby into a money making machine by teaching other people how to play an instrument, sing, or read notes.

You can tutor music in person or do it online.

To become an online music tutor, visit a website like livemusictutor.com

8. Extreme Couponing

Yes….. the life of cutting coupons is a real thing. This is a serious serious hobby for a lot of people, who just can’t seem to pay for anything full price. Though this hobby doesn’t make you money, it’s a way to save you money on things you already buy… so in the end, it’s basically the same thing? I think so anyway!

A website devoted to extreme couponing is The Krazy Coupon Lady

9. Personal Shopping Assistant

Did you know yo can shop for people and make money? lol crazy. But you can. People hire other people to do shopping for them, usually because they are too busy to do it themselves. If you’re someone who likes to buy stuff then this gig is for you!

10. Publish Your Own E-Books

Chances are you know some stuff about stuff. And regardless of what your expertise is in, as long as someone else can benefit from that knowledge, there’s usually a way to make money! For example, if you’re really good at finding makeup for dirt cheap, you should probably write an ebook about it.

You could get the book published on Amazon, sell it for a few dollars, and every time someone buys your book, you get the majority of the purchase price. A few dollars isn’t that much. But we’re talking about a 20-30 page book here. You could write it in one day. If enough people wanted the book, you could be looking at 10+ sales per day. Now we’re talking money! And all you needed to do is look at what other skills you have and put it to paper. Rinse and repeat.

You can learn how to publish your own ebooks here.

11. Make Arts & Crafts

If you’re the artsy type then why don’t you make some cool arts and crafts to sell on websites like Etsy. People are always looking for unique things that you can’t simply buy from Walmart. Etsy is a great marketplace to buy a lot of different things, and artsy and craftsy things are really popular on there. Check them out to get ideas on what you could make. Bracelets, charms, stuffed animals, custom quilts, you name it!

12. Photography

Photography is one of those professions/hobbies that has been around forever and has a lot of people looking to make money in it. I’d have to say it’s a very competitive way to make money, but if you’re able to learn how to take amazing photographs and get popular, you could make so much money from this hobby you’ll never need a normal job again.

You can learn how to make money with photography here.

13. Pet Sitting / Dog Walking

If you’re an animal lover, especially dogs, then why not be around them all the time! You could pet sit for families or walk dogs for busy families for extra money.

14. Detail Cars

Are you a passionate fan of cars? If you have your own garage or a similar set up, you could detail vehicles on the weekend or maybe some evenings as a side hobby. A few hundred dollars per vehicle detailed isn’t too shabby at all. I have a friend who does this and works his full time job. He loves it and posts all his work on Facebook, and get’s a lot of referrals and customers this way too.

15. Secret Shopper

A secret shopper is someone who visits stores and pretends to be a real customer, but really, they are there to just a stores customer service and overall store experience. It’s a pretty fun gig and it’s something I considered when I was a lot younger and had more free time.

Sometimes you get to keep the item you “fake buy” too, which is wicked, because we all love free swag.

The Penny Hoarder put together list of good secret shopping companies here.

16. Baker

I can’t bake worth crap but I know a good pastry when I taste one 🙂 lol. But honestly, if you have baking skills, you probably love baking. It’s a hobby you probably do for fun. You always make more than enough because, well, why bake less? haha. You could turn your baking into extra money by selling them at a farmers market, or even to nearby local stores that sell baked goods.

You’ll need to contact them to pitch your baking idea and definitely give them a few samples. I’d say little mom an pop stores around the corner, local coffee shops, and things like that are great places to sell you baked goods to.

For example, there’s a local produce store by my house that I frequent. I’ve found locally grown organic fruits and veggies there, but the other thing I noticed was locally baked pita breads. They taste delicious and I go there specifically for the pita breads now.

17. Gardener

There’s a huge demand for local organic food. Now more than ever, since our overall health continues to rapidly decline, people are looking for ways to get healthy and fast.

I think we all know that eating better foods is a major part in being healthy. And that’s where organic foods come in. If you have a garden, you might as well take advantage of it. Max the value! My mom loves gardening and growing stuff. That’s one of her hobbies. She doesn’t grow enough stuff to be able to sell, since her garden is small, but if you wanted to make money selling organic veggies, then you should!

Farmers markets are the most popular place to sell vegetables. But I’ve also seen business where they deliver a box of random vegetables to peoples homes that have signed up for their monthly veggie service. They include recipe ideas and stuff too. I think that’s a pretty cool hobby to make money.

You can learn how to garden here.

18. Coach A Sport

If you’re a fan of sports, you can become a coach on weeknights or weekends. It’s really easy to coach little league soccer a couple nights a week and make extra side cash. You’ll need to make sure you’re qualified and can be a good coach, but there are a lot of games going on everywhere and they need coaches. If you wanted to turn coaching into a real job, then coaching at the club level for sports is a full time paid position. It’s serious business, but I’m sure you already know that.

19. Web Designer

If you like to create webpages and build websites, a web design hobby can be incredibly lucrative. You can charge thousands of dollars to create a website from scratch if you’re good at what you do.

Along with that, you can also make edits and customize existing websites and make a lot of money doing that too. It’s not uncommon to charge $30-$50 an hour to fix or change someones website. People are very willing to pay that amount because they are likely making a lot of money with their websites and need the necessary changes. It’s a great field to get into if you don’t know anything about it and like the idea of it.

You can learn how to web design here.

20. Graphics Designer

Anything online that deals with design or creation is a super valuable skill and will always be in demand. A graphics designer is someone who creates graphics and logos for companies and people. It’s not an easy thing to do and you’ll need some software, a good computer, and time to learn the skill. But once you have it, and you do good work, you should be able to market yourself and find people who will hire you.

21. Video Creator

Do you love creating videos? Video creation is getting bigger and bigger. There’s a big demand for visual content. As you can see, over the last few years, Facebook has exploded in visual content. It used to be mostly text. This is because visual content engages us in a different way, and keeps us more glued to the content. If you have video creating skills, you should approach brands and companies that market content on social media, or find blogs that could benefit from videos. If your price is right, you could make a great deal of extra money.

lynda.com is good place to learn all kinds of multimedia, including creating videos.

22. Animation Creator

Like videos above, animation is just another way to express a message and deliver content. It’s a more specific type of video creation and can pay more money. You’ll need a different set of skills to create animation, compared to a regular video, but you may find that more specific skills means more money. If you enjoy comics or anime and would like to bring that kind of stuff to life, consider creating animation for people and businesses. You’ll have to market yourself and reach out to in order to find business opportunities.

You can learn how to make animation here (lol the video is cheesy)

23. App Maker

I remember downloading my first app, Angry Birds. It was the first app I ever paid money for. Back then, Apps were just exploding. Now, the landscape is much more competitive, as a lot of app ideas have been developed. But still, if you have a great idea that can be turned into an app, you should go for it! You can either create the app yourself if you have the skills, or hire someone who can make the app for you, and you can be the mastermind. Either way, this little side business hobby is an awesome way to generate extra money.

24. Youtube Sensation

Did you know people on Youtube are making millions of dollars? It’s pretty crazy. But facts are facts. If you get popular on Youtube, you probably won’t have to work a regular job ever again. And the cool thing is, you can be popular for ANYTHING. As long as people enjoy watching your videos, you can make money with Youtube ads. If you like being in front of a camera and expressing yourself, you should get on the Youtube train.

25. Sports Referee

I play soccer and some of my teammates referee soccer a few nights a week. They make anywhere from $20-$40 an hour. It’s excellent money, and they get to be around a sport they love. You can be a ref for other sports too, like hockey, volleyball, or basketball. Check with local sports companies to see if they are hiring.

26. Freelance Mechanic

I don’t know much about cars but I do know that I don’t like going into a car mechanic shop because they always tell me there is a million things wrong with my car. Maybe there is or maybe they’re just trying to get every dollar out of me. But there’s never just one problem. I hate that. What I’m looking for is a car mechanic who will tell me what I truly need to fix, and fix it for me. That person could be you!

If you love cars and love fixing them up, consider opening up your own shop. Or perform small jobs if you don’t have all the tools or a shop. Word of mouth can go a long way to advertising yourself. Even kijiji or craigslist are great places to offer your services.

27. Social Media Manager

Do you like being on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? If you like commenting on stuff and sharing cute cate pictures, then managing a company/brands social media account is something you’ll probably really enjoy doing. You’ll want to approach companies to see if they have a position open.

28. Stand Up Comic

Being funny is truly a skill. Telling jokes, practicing jokes, and writing jokes is a great hobby to keep yourself happy and amused. Why not turn it into a real money maker by doing some stand up?

29. Public Speaker

Do you like being “the boss” in front of crowds of people? Companies need public speakers to get messages across, or need experts to talk about a specific topic. That person could be you! Visit job boards for public speaking listings or approach companies with your proposal.

30. Sewing

There’s always a demand for hand made stuff. You can make money selling these items at online stores like Etsy or selling them locally in stores that sell crafts, arts, and hand made items. Pillows, blankets, teddy bears, you name it. If you can sew it, you could probably sell it. Just make sure it’s something people will actually buy. And the easiest ways to do that is to see what already sells and make similar things 🙂

This blog post explains how to make money sewing.

31. Gaming

Gaming is fun and always will be! Gaming is big business, and where there’s big business, there’s also big money. You could make money several ways, including creating videos of yourself gaming and putting it on Youtube, competing in gaming competitions, or testing pre production games or even developing games.

32. Drawing

Drawing is another form of communication to get an idea, message, or feeling across. There are many ways to make money with drawing. One of the easiest ways is to approach personal blogs and offer customized drawings. Blogs are always looking for unique content, and if you can draw a good image and sell it to the blog owner for $5 lets say, that could make them very happy. Stock images can be pretty expensive and they are stock images and not very unique. However, a customized pizza picture for every blog post for a pizza brand is super cool and unique. And for a business, $5 for a custom image is peanuts compared to how much they will be able to stand out with the image.

33. Art Collecting

Collecting valuable stuff has been a fun hobby for a many people since forever. Im not afraid to admit I like watching shows like the Antique Roadshow and Pawn Stars. I’m a sucker for gems and valuables. It’s just fun treasure hunting – that’s all I gotta say about that. The idea is to collect stuff that can appreciate in value over time. And one day you could sell it and make a hopefully big profit.

34. Editor / Proof Reader

If you like words and have a good eye at catching mistakes, then become an editor. The great thing about being an editor is that as long as you are good, you should be able to find work. There is SO MUCH content on the internet and they need editing. To find jobs, I would check with a freelance company like upwork.com, or contact blogs and websites that publishes a lot of content to offer your service.

35. Fantasy Sports Manager

If you love sports, you’ve no doubt heard of fantasy sports. Managing fantasy teams has been one of my favourite hobbies for a long time. Before, it was just for fun with friends and stuff like that. But it’s a big deal now. It’s HUGE!

You can make a lot of money if you are good at it. Fantasy leagues pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for first place finishers. If you know what you’re doing, consider running fantasy teams for money. It’s so much fun anyways, so it’s like the ultimate hobby that makes money.

36. Caterer

If you’re an organized person and like to serve, then being a part time caterer would be a solid job. Think things like weddings or company functions. You don’t have to do it full time. Maybe a function or two here and there. There are people who do it for a living and make a lot of money, but as a fun side hobby to make extra money, it’s a pretty good gig.

37. Decorator

Let’s face it, most people’s homes could get a decorating upgrade. If you love to make places like homes look great, then become a interior decorator! You don’t need to make it a profession and do it full time if you don’t want to. You could simply give consultations for a small fee. Go to peoples homes and find out what types of people they are and what they want. Then give them suggestions on how to get there. The fee you charge will depend on how much involvement you’re required to do. You could even charge for the consultation! You’ll have to market yourself first and advertise to get noticed. Try free places like kijiji or Craigslist to start off and see how it goes.

Not only that, you can be a decorator for weddings or birthday, or really any kind of event. Make sure you take good photos and create a portfolio of your work so people can visually see what kind of work you’ve done and if they can trust you.

38. Fisher

If you live by the ocean, and you have a fishing license, then you can catch some fish and sell them. You can also teach people how to fish or take people out on your boat for a day and charge them a fee to use your boat. Basically, since you’ve got a boat already, make more use out of it. Fishing is obviously a big hobby of yours, so take it to the next level and make some money with it!

39. Teach A Course on Udemy

Udemy is an online marketplace where people find courses on literally any subject and learn from it. These video courses are great because they teach people things they desperate want to learn. And people are paying good money for these courses too. Udemy courses can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you have knowledge about any subject, check on Udemy to see what courses are already being offered. Can you do better? Can you spin a different angle? You could create your own course and sell it on Udemy. Make a hell of a lot of money in the process too.


Here are 50 incredible hobbies that make money. Most of them you can make a full time income. Check them out.


40. Perform Magic

Most people start out with magic as a fun little hobby. But those who get serious can make serious cash. You don’t need to be a professional magician and perform in Las Vegas to make big money. Yes, those people make a lot of money, but simply busking on a busy tourist street can make you good coin too.

You could also teach magic as well, like on Udemy for example! If you don’t want to create a magic course, you could maybe charge $20-$50 for an hour or two to show someone how to perform basic card tricks. Yes, there are people out there who really want to impress people, and $50 is not that much considering the WOW and AWE they’ll be able to get after a session with you.

41. Create Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are big money makers. I took a course once that showed us how to make explainer videos for business. An explainer video is a video that describes a company and what they company can do for customers.

You can make the video in many ways, like make it animated or hand drawn, etc. If you don’t know how to make videos on the technical side, you can always hire someone to do this work. You can be the mastermind behind it all.

Explainer videos can run from a few thousands dollars and more. What you’ll want to do is hire a low cost virtual assistant in the Philippines lets say, and pay them a few hundred dollars or so, and then charge thousands for the video. Rinse and repeat. The main thing you need to do is market yourself. Approach companies and show them how you will help them grow their business with your explainer videos. CHA CHING!

This is a real business opportunity. You can do it as a hobby for extra money to start, but if you get it rolling, you’ll quit your job. Because you’ll get thousands of dollars rolling in every week. Why even work a job anymore at that point!

42. Make Soap

I’m one of those people who like custom things and unique things. I’d gladly buy custom made soups. Actually, when I was in France, I bought a lot of hand made soaps! I think this stuff is so cool. The nice thing about soap making is that you can make it right at home. You can also make it organic and great for people who have skin conditions. You will be able to charge way more money than what Walmart charges for soap. Like 5x+ more. Just make sure to market your products well and make it damn good! I would Pay $5 for a bar of lavender soap that doesn’t make my skin peel after a shower. Hands down!

You can also make other types of skin products or perfumes. I think perfumes would be much harder to make but if you have the skill and the right tools, you could absolutely own the local are you are in, as I don’t think many people do these kinds of things – not in my area at least.

Check out this blog post on how to make soap.

43. Make Compost

Compost material is actually fairly expensive, to my surprise. My mom gardens and she needed fertilizer/compost stuff and actually bought her own composter to do it herself. But you could make your own compost and sell it. I think there’s a huge movement towards eating more organic non GMO foods more than ever before, and that’s just good news for high quality soil and fertilizer sellers!

44. Make Pet Foods

Sure you can go to a PetSmart and buy a bag of dog treats for a few dollars, but let’s be real, a lot of us are conscious about what we put in our bodies, and our pets too. And those pet treats are not healthy. So, here’s a cool little money making hobby idea for you! Sell organic healthy dog and cat treats! I’m thinking organic beef jerky or salmon treats. Things like that. If this was my side hobby, I’d charge 2x to 3x what regular pet stores charge for store bought items.

People really really love their animals and spend a lot of money on them. If you have animals you know what I’m talking about. There will be people out there looking to give their animals the best of everything. These people are very likely to be interested in your organic locally made pet treats.

45. Drive For Uber

If you love driving around and meeting people, then drive for Uber. Why the hell not, especially when you can make $40 an hour or so. It’s very realistic to make several hundred dollars a shift. Sign up for Uber here.

46. Consultant

If you have a specialized skill or have knowledge of something (don’t have to be a brainiac about it), then you can give consultations for money.  I think a great example is if you have knowledge about law. Your average person knows nothing about law. It’s a very scary thing. But you can consult for a fee.

Just as an example, if the mail man walked onto your property and you thought he damaged your mail box, what can you do about it? Could you sue and win for an issue like this? Well, you’d need some legal advice. And you’d seek out a lawyer for that. But that’s expensive. How about finding a consultant who can give you the same advice, but for a cheaper price!

That’s where you come in… the legal consulting expert! You could freelance your expertise and charge $50-$100 or so for a consultation, depending on the issue. Like the postal issue I mentioned above isn’t really the best example because it’s not something that warrants a lot of money in damages, but you get the idea!

It’s not just legal stuff that you can consult about. If you have expertise in anything, you could be a freelance consultant. You can give medial advice, fitness advice, lawn care advice, etc. Just be careful about the liability issues and legal issues around consulting. Make sure you’re legally allowed to consult in your State and make sure you have the required certifications to do so.

46. Babysitter

If being around kids and taking care of other people is your thing, then become a babysitter. It’s an easy $10+ dollars an hour. Most people who do this job tend to be younger but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Babysitting is a job for anybody.

48. Write For Websites

I think of all the jobs listed here, writing for blogs and websites is probably one of the most easiest ways to get started making money. If writing is a hobby of yours, it’s an incredible opportunity for you to make money from it.

Blogs and websites are starving for content. It’s a fierce business and people need content. A lot of people outsource this content because they don’t have the time to write it all themselves. You can easily be paid $1 per word, to upwards of $50+ an article if you know your topic well. Approach blogs and companies for business opportunities, or visit a website like freelancer.com to apply for writing gigs.

49. Wedding Plan

Planning and organizing a big wedding is a large task. But there are a lot of people who have smaller weddings that still need it to be organized and functional. They don’t want to do it themselves and will budget money for a wedding planner to do all the work for them. That’s where you can step in. If you’re the organized planning marriage loving kinda person, you could be a wedding planner on your spare time and make it a little side hobby of yours. You could set up and organize simple weddings for a small fee of $500-$1500 or so. I would advertise on free places to start off and see if you get any leads. You can consider paying for ads in places like newspapers or places were to be weds frequent.

50. Make T-Shirts

Custom printed T-Shirts is a great hobby idea. I see them around malls all the time. Sport teams, business functions, and people looking for a good birthday gift are just a few types of people who need custom t shirts. This is a fun little hobby you can do on your own spare time and with your own hours.

You can actually create your own T-Shirt business pretty quickly. If you’re interested in that, click here.

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