These days more and more companies are shifting toward work from home culture. Now, when you have to do work from home, you need a dedicated space or home office so that you can concentrate on work and can increase productivity. 

When it comes to home decor, people often overlook the importance of home office decor. Here are some ideas that will help you to create a beautiful home office that will inspire your productivity.

Paint the Space

Forget about the office beige color, go for a color that makes you feel energetic and happy. For some people, that’s a bright color like orange or yellows or reds. Others need a calming shade like light green or sea blue.

Find out more colors that suit your mood to paint the office walls. According to the atmosphere, one wants to be around him/her during work. 

 Declutter your Desk

Extra papers and pens delay your work, but what exactly should you have on your desk?

You should keep your desk clean and free from unnecessary papers so that you do not feel distracted while working. In addition to this, decorate your desk with small planters, pen holders and tiny statues. 

You will feel like working for more hours on a clean and clutter free desk. 

Bring in Some Greenery

Bring some of the outdoors inside the room to make space more inviting and creative. Any size plant is great to add freshness to the home office. Further, you can also add a vase to the working table.

Plants like bamboo plants, snake plants, spider plants, and more are the best indoor plants that can work greatly in your office space. Also, try to set your workstation near the window from where you can see your garden and enjoy the natural beauty.

Proper lighting in the space

Do not compromise with lights in the home office. Make sure the space has proper lighting as it will make your look spacious and open. Position your computer system in a way so there’s no shadow from the window or overhead light .

Also, put a small lamp on the table in case you need to do any paperwork for sufficient lighting.  

Buy a comfortable chair

You spend hours on your office chair , a beautiful , correct posture sitting , a comfortable seat is worth buying. Go for a mid century modern fabric, home adjustable, high back leather, classic balance ball or tufted fabric chairs.

These are top rated office chairs to buy as they will give you comfort and office feel while you are working for hours.  

Wall shelves for books or decoratives

Add floating shelves in the home office to store things. There are various sizes and shapes available for floating shelves that can work as decorative pieces in your office space. 

You can use these shelves to display your favorite readings, decor pieces, small plants, and many more things. This will make your space free from clutter and give you an open area to work and think as well. 

Wall clock

You can get a big and stylish clock for your home office space. There are stylish clocks available that you can choose to decorate your office walls. 

It will bring a more professional look to the office. Also influence you to work towards your task in the right manner. 

In addition to the wall clock, you can add wall arts in the home office to take the decoration to the next level. You can take ideas from here to choose outstanding wall art for office space. 


By incorporating these ideas in the decor of office space, you can create a productive space. One can get an extraordinary view of the office space, so that it should look productive and appealing.