I spent a long time figuring out the best place to stay for my visit to Seattle.

After many hours of researching, I decided on Hotel Max for two main things:

  1. price
  2. location

Hotel Max is excellent for both price and location.

It would be really hard to find a hotel that can do better on both.

I’ll talk more about those two things later in this review.

But what I really want to do is review the hotel itself, and share my experience of my stay here with you.

My Hotel Max Review & Experience

We walked right to the front desk when we arrived.

It wasn’t busy and no-one was in line.

A man greeted us with a smile and I said we were checking in.

It took about 5 minutes.

He did the usual check in stuff. And explained a few things about the hotel to me (I’ll tell you about them in this review).

One thing he mentioned was that I could get a discount of $5 per night if we skipped house cleaning (environmental thing they have going on). I chose no. It’s only $5 and I’d rather have new sheets and stuff.

We got our key cards with 716 written on it.

7th floor (out of 10).


The elevators

Elevators in Hotel Max

There are 2 elevators in the building. They are side by side in front of the main entrance.

Hotel Max isn’t an overly large building.

I think 2 elevators is okay.

They are quite small however.

It’s possible to fit 4 people in the elevator with luggage. It will be extremely crammed though.

You will need your room key to go up the elevators. This is for security purposes, which I love. Nicer hotels typically have this feature so I always feel like it gives the hotel a more premium feel.

And then there’s the framed photograph of a Campbell’s vegetable soup made with beef stock beside the elevator.



This place has some interesting decor, and it’s more colorful that your average hotel. It’s a little bit hip and different.

I like that.

We went up the elevators to our room.

Our hotel room

I made my friends wait outside while I snapped photos as quickly as I could.

I felt kind bad, especially since we’d been driving for a long time already and I’m sure they just wanted to lay down.


We booked a standard double bed room (two double beds).

Standard double bed room in hotel max

Here’s another angle of the beds.

The Max Hotel double beds

It’s brighter in the room than the photos might suggest.

I snapped these photos quickly with my iPhone and couldn’t bust out my DSLR because I wanted to be as fast as possible.

In front of the beds is the TV and table/chair.

And a skinny mirror that went up to the ceiling.

I thought that was interesting…

TV and desk at hotel

The TV is pretty good. It’s HD and you get all your typical hotel room channels.

We put all our luggage and stuff along the wall to the left of the table.

There’s very little room to put things by the beds.

Hotel Max bathrooms

I had read the bathrooms were a little small when I was researching the Max Hotel.

I definitely agree.

Here’s a view of the bathroom from the entrance.

The bathroom in Hotel Max


So the bathroom is not very big.

If you are someone who likes to spread your stuff everywhere in the bathroom, you’re not going to like this bathroom.

There is very little space to put anything.

I do like the sink a lot though. It’s different than typical hotel sinks.


The bathroom is clean and simple. The colors are nice. It get’s the job done.

If all you want to do is shower, shave, touch up, poo, and go, then this bathroom will work.

It’s not a bathroom I’d want to spend any more time in than needed though.

The towels were “ok” quality. They get the job done too.

The Towels in hotel max

I found it odd they gave us 3 towels for a room that fits 4 people.

We never needed to call for an extra towel since at least 1 person didn’t shower a night (eww stinky).

The shampoo, conditioner, and face wash stuff hotels give you were delightfully good.

Hotel Max branded shower stuff

I have sensitive skin and I was okay using these.

I usually can’t use hotel provided soups and stuff.

The lavender bathroom shower stuff

Here is a photo of the bath tub, toilet, and sink together.

The toilet and sink at max hotel

And here’s a closer look at the sink.

I just really like the sink for some reason.

Hotel max sink

And the toilet.

The toilet works like your typical toilet. And that’s all I could ask for!

Hotel Max Toilet

And the thing where you turn it and the water comes out and the faucet.

Jeez I have no idea what these things are called.

Both very typical and simple.

The water coming out of the shower didn’t have a lot of pressure.

Maybe just under medium pressure.

But it was consistently hot.

Not sure if this is my room only or the Hotel Max in general.

Hotel Max beds

Stepping outside of the bathroom (in just half a step…. haha just joking)

Let’s look at the beds again.

I got the bed by the window.

Which is amazing by the way.

I loved looking out the window in the morning.

I love the bright sunlight shining in on me.

Just made me happy.

Hotel Max beds

I’m a bed guy (it’s weird I know).

I like to see what kind of beds hotels have.

I didn’t check this one for some reason, so I can’t comment on what brand Hotel Max uses.

But the beds here are very very comfortable.

I would say they are between a medium and firm on a hardness scale.

the max hotel bed sheets

The sheets were soft and smelled fresh as expected.

Each bed had 4 pillows.

It seemed like there were 2 types of pillows on each bed.

I only used one to sleep.

They were also just as comfortable as the rest of the bed.

I remember squeezing a pillow in my hands and feeling it puff back out.

The pillows at hotel max

And one last shot of bed by the window (my side!)

I put my phone and water on the ledge by the window by the way.

The only crappy part about sleeping on this side if the bed is that there are no charging outlets.

I had to use the one by the TV because the other guys hogged all the outlets in the middle night stand (there were 4 outlets too).

But the window rules!

And we had nothing but sunshine in Seattle so no complaints here.

The bed by the window in my hotel room at Hotel Max

Here’s some shots of the night stand in the middle of the beds.

Wait, is that even a night stand?

Probably not actually…

These are the snacks Hotel Max stock up for you.

They are not free (of course).

One of my friends picked the whole damn thing up and started moving stuff around.

In case you didn’t know, some hotels put sensors on their snacks, so if you pick it up or move it, it triggers the sensors and you get charged for the item.

Well, Hotel Max doesn’t do that. Because my friend literally picked up the entire basket of snacks and start moving everything while sitting on his bed.

hotel max a Provenance hotel

There’s a menu on the table with prices of each item by the way.

$4 for a Smart Water.

Or $2.19 at Walgreens 😛

Buy some water and leave it in your room.

Here’s a painting on the wall.

There were a few other pieces of artwork.

But this is the only one with a description written by it.

Hotel max artwork in the room

And one last shot of my bed.

Cause I couldn’t resist!

My bed again

My overall impression of my room

The two double bed rooms are good.

I think the main things that stuck out for me were that the beds were very comfortable and the room was clean.

It is a simple room and I’d say it’s perhaps a little on the smaller side, but it’s a little hard to tell because it’s shaped like a box, whereas most hotels I stay at are shaped in a more rectangularly.

But overall I didn’t feel there was a lot of space to move around.

I mostly laid on my bed when I was in the room (which wasn’t that often as didn’t spend much time in my room).

The bathroom are small, but clean and has a little bit of a cuteness factor with the unique sink and red color.

The bottom line….

If I was sick and had to spend a few days in a row in this room, I would be comfortable staying here watching TV and laying on the bed.

So overall, I think the rooms here are a winner.

My review of the rest of Hotel Max

Reviews of Hotel Max in Seattle

Hotel Max has free beer every day

Yes, you read that correctly.

Every day, around 5:30 I believe, Hotel Max will feature a craft brewer in their lobby.

Straight up, you can have as many pints of beer you want.

But most people have one or two.

A representative of the brewery will serve you the beer. So you can’t just go balls out on it yourself.

Hotel Max gives you free beer

Hotel Max will feature different craft brewers as well, so it’s not always the same.

I don’t know how often they rotate their selection.

Either way, I was able to be at the hotel twice for free beer.

It’s a popular thing here!

It’s a fairly busy time in the lobby.

I really like the photo below.

It really describes what the vibe is like during craft beer time in the lobby.

Hotel Max lobby drinking beer

Here’s a man drinking beer by the window. Pretty sure he’s on his second pint (at least).

Hotel Max seattle reviews

The Max Hotel lobby

The set up of the lobby is pretty nice.

Looking into Hotel Max, there are 3 sections. The elevators in front of you when you walk in, the front desk in the middle, and the water/gumballs and chill area to the right.

Here’s some photos of all three areas.

Front door lobby Hotel Max Seattle

The above photo is taken from the main entrance. You can see all three sections in this photo.

The stacks of drums in the middle with random words in it is just … I dunno, I don’t know what it means and what it’s for, but it’s just as random as the Campbell’s soup picture hanging by the elevators…

…and I like it.

Hotel Max has a restaurant attached to it called Miller’s Guild.

It’s a higher end American food style eatery that’s a bit classier and atmospheric than a typical restaurant.

I didn’t get a chance to eat here but I did go around taking photos of the pretty cool restaurant.

You can see that blog post here.

The Hotel Max Restaurant

Sorry the photo is crooked.

Anyway, the above photo was taken looking in to the restaurant from inside Hotel Max.

Beside the elevators are the luggage things valet’s use to transport your stuff.

Most of the time when entering and leaving Hotel Max, there was someone there to open the door for us.

That’s pretty cool.

Hotel Max luggage valet

These seats are right in front of the front desk.

I love that you can put your stuff down and sit on a nice couch while you wait if there is a line when you arrive.

Or you can just sit down while you wait for your friends to meet up or whatever.

The lobby is a very comfortable place to be.

I always saw people sitting in the lobby even very late at night.

Hotel max lobby is a relaxing and nice place to sit down

There’s also coffee available to you in the lobby.

I can’t remember when they offer it though. Sorry.

Coffee at hotel max

Aaaaannnnnddd…. the front desk itself!

Notice the shiny glossy red.

Remember the bathrooms were also red?

I think Hotel Max has their branding game down pretty well!

The front desk area in Hotel Max a Provencial hotel

The lobby area has free lemon mint infused water.

It was lemon mint every day that I was there.

Not sure if this changes ever. It tastes great though. So no complaints here.

I just have to say that it’s really refreshing to walk back to your hotel and have water available to you like this.

And right beside the fruit infused water is the GUM BALL MACHINE!

Seattle Hotel Max has free gumballs


I must have had 20-25 gum balls during my stay here (not even exaggerating).

Every time I left or arrived at the hotel I would walk over to the gum ball machine, turn it twice, and put two gum balls in my mouth.

I only got the white gum ball once.

Here’s a tip: Before you leave the hotel for Pike Place market, grab 3 gum balls and put them in your mouth.

Start chewing.

Go to the Gum Wall right beside Pike Place Market.

It’s about a 8-10 minute walk there, and by that time, the gum should start tasting pretty nasty.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read my blog post about the Gum Wall in Seattle here!

Hotel Max Seattle Reviews

Hotel Max safety and security

Hotel security is really good.

First, you need your room key to go up the elevators.

That alone should prevent anyone not staying at the hotel from reaching your floor.

Second, they have a security person in the lobby.

I got a few looks when I walked in a few times. I could tell they were judging if I was a guest or not. But the fact I went straight to the water and gum ball machine with so much finesse, I clearly gave off my guest vibes.

Hotel Max parking

Let me just first say that parking in downtown Seattle or any neighborhood around it like the Belmont area will be expensive no matter where you park.

Hotel Max has parking on the side avenue of the hotel on 7th Ave.

We parked here our first day.

For a whole day of parking here, it costed something like $25 or $30.

So it’s not cheap at all.

Parking in the parking garage beside the hotel is a pain in the ass. You have to drive in (one way only) and drive up in circles to find parking and the parking stalls are tiny. They’re smaller than the bathrooms.

We drove a Chrysler 300 (it is a slightly bigger car) and had a really difficult time parking it in a way that gave us room.

Instead, right in front of Hotel Max there is a IMPARK Parking lot.

We parked there for our entire stay instead.

Waaaay easier to get in and out of. And it’s directly in front of the hotel.

I could see our car from my window.

And it was cheaper too (I’m pretty certain it was but I was not the keeper of parking so I’m not 100% sure).

By the way, on Sundays you can park on the street for free.

Also, there are Sunday markets in both Ballard and Fremont neighborhoods. So I really hope you are in Seattle on a Sunday, because the markets are awesome.

You can also opt for Valet parking.

Hotel Max valet parking

It’s really really convenient and easy. You just drive your baby up to the front and hand your keys to the Valet person.

There isn’t a valet person on duty when it’s late at night so keep that in mind.

I didn’t ask how much Valet parking costed.

Hotel Max Provenance Hotel Seattle

Hotel Max Seattle Address

Key card for Max Hotel room

Hotel Max’s address is:

620 Stewart Street Seattle, WA 98101.

Plug that into your GPS or Google maps and you’ll get directions to the hotel.

Also, you can just go to 7th Ave and Stewart Street.

This corner is the corner of the hotel.

And on 7th Ave is the parking garage for Hotel Max as well.

The address of hotel Max

Hotel Max location

The front entrance of Hotel Max location

The two most important things for me when I choose a hotel is location and price.

I ALWAYS stay as central as I can, and I will also pay more money to be more centrally located.

Being at the center of things I want to do and ease of walking around and getting back to my room is super important to me.

I don’t want to Uber to get back to my room or spend 40 minutes on the transit either.

No way. That’s money and time wasted.

With that said, the location of Hotel Max is AMAZING!!!

You’re in the Beltown area, right next to downtown, and close to every touristy thing you would want to do in the area.

Popular things to do near Hotel Max

  • A walk to Pike Place Market would take about 8-10 minutes
  • Walking to Seattle’s epic public library (and downtown area) takes about 15 minutes
  • The Space Needle is about a 18 minute walk
  • The waterfront is about a 11 minute walk
  • Coffee shops, public transportation, and restaurants are all nearby.
  • Also, 1st Ave and 2nd Ave are really cool avenues to walk for food, shops, and night life. You’re on 6th ave, so it’s really really close by

You’re just close to everything that’s cool around the core of Seattle. Everything is walking distance.

Again, the location is simply brilliant.

What it costs to stay at Hotel Max

Prices of hotels in Seattle very greatly depending on when you visit.

Prices are much much lower during the winter season, because it just rains a lot and there are waay less tourists.

During the spring and summer months, Seattle gets very busy and prices of hotels can double or triple.

Seattle is a major port for cruises (especially to Alaska), and during cruise season, hotels get really expensive.

I think we paid around $250 a night for our double bed room.

A room for two people would be cheaper.

Hotel Max prices are cheaper than the majority of hotels in this area in general.

So if you are more budget minded and are looking for good value during your stay in Seattle, Hotel Max is a great pick.

The price of hotel max

Hotel Max prices compared to other hotels nearby

Basically, Hotel Max had the cheapest price I could find for hotels in the Downtown & Belmont area (that wasn’t a crap hole).

Coupled with its amazing location and good reviews, I just had to go with it.

There was only one other hotel that had similar location and price, and that was Motif Seattle  (which would probably have been amazing too, but they didn’t have free wifi in the room. What’s up with that!)

My overall experience with Hotel Max

I had a great time at Hotel Max.

My overall opinion of my stay is very very positive.

There wasn’t really anything to complain about.

All of the staff I interacted with was really nice and I enjoyed the fun character of the hotel.

There were a few minor negatives that I pointed out in this blog post, but overall, I would 100% stay here again.

Seattle Hotel Max review

So I’m at the end of my Hotel Max review.

For my last photo, here’s my view from the window in my room.

It looks over the front of the hotel.

looking out from window into parking lot of Hotel Max

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