How often should you blog?

The answer is very very simple!

If your goal is to make money with your blog, you want to be blogging every day.

Ideally, you want to spend a minimum of 15-20 hours per week on your blog.

The more the better.

Making money blogging takes time

The crappy thing about blogging is that you usually can’t make much money right away.

Blogging is more like putting in the groundwork today, and then later down the road, you can make money from your blog posts.

Redeeming the fruits of your labor.

A lot of blogging, especially in the beginning, is about building an audience and creating a structure (blog posts and funnels) that allow you to make money.

The two things above take a long time to create.

It really is like building an apartment.

Takes time, work, and investment.

But once all the hard work is done, it’s pretty smooth sailing, as tenants come in, giving you rent money, and you finally get to sit back a little to redeem your hard work.

It can be hard to see if blogging is working

Because blogging is a long term strategy, it’s hard to see where you’re going and if you are doing the right things. Because the result isn’t apparent right away.

Which makes blogging daily a little hard to do for some.

It can really feel like you’re not doing anything right and wasting your time.

My advice here is to keep educating yourself and working hard.

Though blogging might seem hard and maybe even impossible, it’s actually not that difficult once you are able to see the big picture, and then work towards that big picture.

What you should be doing with your blog daily

This depends on what stage of your blog you are in.

But generally, you want to be creating content and then promoting your content. Those two things make up the major tasks bloggers do daily.

Both also take a lot of time.

Which is why you need to spend a lot of time on your blog if you want to make a dent in the blogging world.

You want to treat your blog like a business

What do I mean by this?

It doesn’t mean you need to know about business and be businesses minded.

these things can be developed and learned over time.

But you want to treat your blog like you put in $100,000 of your own money into it.

If it fails, all your money is gone.

That is obviously not acceptable.

So you will work your ass off to get your blog working. No matter what.

That’s the attitude you want with your blog. That’s why you should be blogging every day.

It means staying home Friday night when your friends are out doing fun stuff. Cause that’s what a business owner who just invested $100,000 of their own money into a business does.

A little bit every day goes a long way

I used to sell cell phones and nothing reminds me more of “a little bit every day goes a long way” than my performance selling phones.

We are compared to each other by the amount of cell phones well sell.

Basically, If I “take it easy” or get lazy a few days of the week, I fall behind.

And at the end of the month, I may have sold 100 phones. But the sharks at my store, who don’t take days off, and who I’m just as good as, will have sold 130 phones.

That extra 30 phones makes them hundreds of dollars more than me every 2 weeks when we get paid.

That might not be a huge deal for a paycheck or two…

…but long term?

That’s me getting really behind. When we have our quarterly and yearly reviews, I can really see how big of a difference slacking of a little here and there is over time.

A little bit of slacking off over time makes a huge difference in the long run.

No slacking off and working hard over time makes a huge difference.

Basically, every day that you’re supposed to get blogging done and you don’t, you are delaying your end goal of making meaningful money with your blog.

That’s really the truth.

And that’s why you need to blog daily.

You need to work on your blog and work on things that will help your blog grow each day.

This is how often you should be blogging to make $5000 a month

What exactly should you be blogging about daily?

Whatever your blog is about, you really need to focus and pay attention to one thing.

That thing is SOLVE PROBLEMS.

People don’t read your blog for funzies – unless you run a satire blog or a meme blog.

People read your blog to solve a problem they have.

And you need to be damn good at solving these problems.

This is the type of content you want to create. Content that is based around solving problems.

For example, this blog post you’re reading right now is trying to help you solve the problem “how much should I be blogging”.

You’re probably new to blogging and don’t know what type of work is required to build a successful blog. But you want that success and want to know if the amount of work you’re doing on your blog is enough.

So this blog posts tries to help you out with that.

This blog post attempts to solve a question/problem you have. This is the type of blog post you want to create for your blog too.

Now, this blog post won’t be seen by many people if I just hit the publish button.

So the second part of working on this blog post is to then promote it. I will promote it on social media to see if it gains any traction. But I probably will not work hard to rank it in Google because the value of this blog post probably isn’t worth my time to do all that work.

So really, just this one blog post could take 45 minutes to write, and another 25 minutes to create social media graphics, proof read, SEO optimize it, and then publish.

Send it out on Pinterest would just take a minute or two since I have everything set up on it already. But if I want to promote this blog post more heavily than that, that could mean more hours, days even to get it done properly.

So you see, just trying to get this blog post noticed by people looking to answer this question “how often should I be blogging” takes a lot of time.

This is just one blog post.

This is the kind of work you want to do with all your blog post.

And if you’re just publishing one simple blog post weekly, or spending like 5 hours on your blog a week, it’s going to take you a REALLY long time to build a successful blog that makes you meaningful income.

How to quit your job blogging

If your goal is to one day quit your job and blog full time, you want to treat your blog like a real job right now.

That means spending a few hours every evening on your blog, spending the majority of your weekends on your blog, and just spending most of your free time blogging.

That’s how you win blogging.

It’s possible to be a successful blogger without working this hard. Some people figure it out fast and learn how to execute well. They spend less time messing around and doing stuff that isn’t working.

But for the majority of people, you need to work a lot on it.

You’re going to make many mistakes and do a lot of things that aren’t effective.

That’s part of learning.

But as long as you’ve learned something and you don’t continue wasting time on these things, you’re moving towards your end goal.

Some people also take like 3-5 years to finally get their blog to a meaningful level.

Could be a combination of working on it here and there, and not figuring things out as fast, or doing a lot of things wrong along the way, but eventually, it worked.

And yea, it can work.

You can be a successful blogger without working on your blog hardcore.

It just means you’ll likely have success later.

It means you won’t be able to quit your full time job sooner.

That’s all.

How long does it take to succeed blogging?

Success is a relative word.

$40,000 a year blogging would be a massive success for some people.

For me, that’s not nearly enough.

Not for a guy with my experience.

For me, $100,000+ per year is what I consider a successful blog for myself.

I would say for most people, that can be achieved in 2 years.

Probably not within the 1st year. You’d need a lot of coaching, time, and the right mindset to get that within a year. But not impossible.

So good luck.

If you have any questions or comments about how much people should be blogging please let me know in the comment section below.