Getting rich quick!

How about that!

Let’s just be real here for a second. There’s no magic bullet that will get you rich quick overnight.

There are things you can do that can make you rich faster than traditional ways that take a super long time. These things can take maybe a few months, to maybe a year or two, and you could be making $100,000+ per year if you hustle.

With that said, here are 10 proven ways to get rich pretty fast, compared to all the other money making opportunities out there that are much slower.

1// Turn your hobby into a business

Chances are you have things you really enjoy in life and that you’re really good at too. Golfing? video games? board games? sewing? baking? etc.

These hobbies can be turned into a real business that can make your rich pretty quick. Almost every hobby can be turned into a business and profited from. A video gamer who has no desire in life but video games can make money on Youtube or creating a video game cheatsheet.

The whole idea of making money with your hobbies is to create something, whether its a course or product, that people can benefit from. And then you market this product to people who are interested in learning about it. That’s the gist of it. You can check out this blog post about hobbies that make money to get ideas.

You’ll want a website to market and possibly sell your product/service on. Along with your website, you can start blogging on it. The reason why you’d want to blog about your hobby is because it is a way to attract readers and customers to your product. Blogging is an incredible way to get your stuff noticed. Blogging is something that could take a year or two until you’re making hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per day. Is that getting rich fast? Well, that’s pretty relative. I’d say making $100,000+ within a few years is getting rich pretty quickly.

Check out these hobbies that make money.

2// Teach a course

One way to make money more immediately is to teach a course. If you have experience or expertise in any area that people are interested in learning more about, you could potentially make good money from teaching a course.

For example, if you know how to take excellent photos of landscapes, you could create a course about landscape photography – which tons of people would love to learn about.

Your course can be either written only, like an ebook, or it could be a video course. And where you sell your course can be varied too. A great place to sell courses is your own website. You’ll have to do the work of attracting people to your website so they can learn about your course.

However, you can also create courses for websites that will do the promoting and advertising for you. For example, two really popular online learning places are SkillShare and Udemy. Many many teachers create courses for students to learn from.

For SkillShare, you’re paid by the amount of time people view your classes. SkillShare says their top instructors make $40,000+. And that’s really really good, considering some of the courses on there look like it only took a few days to create, and some of them are mostly people speaking in front of a camera with nothing else fancy going on. What I’m trying to say is that pretty much anyone can do this to make money.

Udemy is another solid place to make money quickly. It’s a more mature learning place so there is more courses and competition there. But it seems like you’ll be able to make more money here because you are paid by courses you sell. So the more popular course you make the more money you’ll make.

What you should do is check out these websites and see what is currently being offered there. Then figure out if there is a product you can create that isn’t already there. You will want to sign up as an instructor with them so you can quality and begin making courses.

These courses don’t have to take you very long to build. That’s the beauty of it. The cost of creating these classes likely isn’t very high either. And as long as you make something that people really want, the chance of you making some serious money is probably really good.

3// Sell your stuff

One of the fastest ways to make money is to sell your stuff. Will you get rich selling your stuff? Well that depends on how much expensive stuff you have. If you have a lot of old designer stuff that you don’t want or use anymore, get rid of it. People buy that stuff. Even if you have old things that isn’t designer, people still buy that stuff too. Old electronics like iPad and iPhones are also high in demand.

Use sites like Craigslist to sell for free. Or sign up with eBay and sell with them. You can also host a garage sale and sell locally.

4// Get out of debt

Debt is the opposite of being rich. If you’re in debt right now, the first thing you should do is get out of it. That could mean doing something that gets you rich, which may get you out of debt faster. It might also mean living frugally and saving money money until you get out of debt before you begin a business venture that makes money.

With debt comes interest payments. In other words, paying extra money every month to make someone else rich. The faster you can stop paying interest payments on your loans the quicker you can work towards getting rich. One thing that prevents a lot of people from doing the things they want in life, like starting a business, is getting not having enough money to start any type of venture because of debt.

Regardless of how you decide to get out of debt, it would probably help to learn how to save money. As I said earlier, you may want to save money until your debt is manageable, or roll the dice a little more and start a business venture even though you’re already in debt.

You will also want to learn how to budget. Saving money is a big part of budgeting, but budgeting looks at a lot of different things to help you make your finances work.

5// Raise your credit score

It’s pretty crazy how much more money people have to pay for loans when they have a poor credit score. I have a great credit score and any time I take out a loan or want to qualify for something that depends on my credit score, I always get the best rates available.

A great example is buying a Jeep. Jeep will have promotions that give you zero percent financing for 3-6 years sometimes. That means you can borrow money for a certain amount of years without paying a single dime extra to borrow the money. You would only qualify for this rate if you have good to great credit score. Otherwise, you may be paying like 3% to maybe 8% or so if your credit isn’t as good. When we’re talking about borrowing $50,000, that’s a lot of extra money you’re paying to take out the loan.

Over your lifetime, a good credit score will save you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Think about big loans you’ll take out, like a mortgage. A great credit score will keep your interest payments as little as possible. It means you’ll have more money to put towards something useful, like starting a business.

I found these useful ways to get rich quickly that actually work. Check them out.

6// Invest in stocks

The stock market is a place where you can get rich overnight. If you have enough money to invest. However, that’s not how you want to invest. Because that’s how you can also lose all your money and ruin your life overnight as well.

Though you can get risky and invest in things that have the potential to make you a lot of money fast, you want to balance this out with safe investments for the long run.

Everyone that has a decent amount of money will have it invested somewhere or someplace. It’s just the smart thing to do. With stocks, it’s something that needs to be managed constantly and you will want to be active with managing it too. Though you can get someone to manage it for you, I think it’s better to be the person in control of your own money.

The basics of stock investing doesn’t take too long to learn. Put what you learn into practice and keep learning. It’s very reasonable to double, triple, and quadruple your money or more. If you make some smart picks, or perhaps lucky picks, Like Apple or Google when they were smaller, you would have made 100 times+ more money than what you put in initially.

7// Invest in Forex

Forex, also known as foreign exchange, is where currency is bought and sold. It’s actually enormously larger than trading stocks, and it’s also open 24/7 so you can trade any time of day.

I find Forex incredibly interesting. How it works is that you buy currency at a certain rate. You are hoping it goes up. If it does, you can sell it, and make profit. For example, if you buy US currency because you think it will increase compared to CDN currency, (that is, US dollars rises compared to CDN dollars), and this does in fact happen, you can sell after and make money.

You can make a lot and lose a lot in a matter of one day. To be honest, most get rich quick ideas are things that are riskier. Whether you want to get crazy with it or not is up to you. But first educate yourself about how it works and the risks involved.

8// Start a side hustle

A side hustle is really anything that makes you money on the side. It means you have your day jobs still and you work on something at night when you get home or on the weekends. This is how most people get started making money.

There are so many side hustle ideas. Even having a lemonade stand is considered a side hustle. To be honest, there is no better side hustle that blogging though.

A blog is something you can start and work on anytime you want. The more you work on it the faster you should succeed. Your pace is up to you. I started blogging to make money and now it’s my full time “job”. It’s so rewarding because I can do it from anywhere. I love to travel and be away from home, and being someone who can work out of his laptop gives me the opportunity to make money abroad.

9// Create a product

Creating your own products is how you will ultimately make the most money usually. You can always promote other peoples products for a commission, but you’ll earn more money if you create your own product to sell and get others to help you sell it. This is where the big money is made.

I talked about turning your passion/hobby into a money making opportunity. Creating a product is one of the steps that’s usually involved. You’ll need to learn how to create a product and then market it.

You can start small by writing a book for Amazon for example. Some people make a few thousand dollars or more doing just this. Digital products are great because you only need to create it once and if it’s great, it will sell, and make you money for years to come.

Other products, like people have created Pinterest courses, budgeting courses, dating courses, making money blogging courses, may require more work and research than a book for Amazon. However, you can charge a lot more, in fact, hundreds of dollars more, for these higher end courses.

I love reading about bloggers who create their own products and then sell them. I love reading about the money they are making doing just that. It’s honestly where the money is made now a days, and an incredible way to get rich. I just read yesterday about a blogger who’s only been blogging for 2 years, however she made a Pinterest course and made $20,000+ dollars from it just this past month. That’s incredible. And that’s why product creation how you can get rich real quick when you do it right.

10// Buy and re-sell

I did this a lot when I was younger. I’d buy things that had more value and then re-sell them at a profit. funny enough, designer denim was a great place to do this! And that’s what I did for awhile.

Buying in bulk and re-selling is another way to go about it. You can sell things at a lot of places, but Amazon or eBay are great market places to sell your things if you have a lot of items. The key to buy things at super cheap prices so you can sell it at a good enough profit, after fees and your time.

11// Create a budget

The first and most important thing you need to do to get your finances in order is to create a budget that works for your unique needs. While creating a budget itself will not get you rich, it’s a big piece of your financial groundwork that needs to be done in order to set you up for success.

There are many blog posts that teach you how to easily make a budget, including this one from 365 Credit Solutions.

What are your ideas on getting rich quick?

Got an idea of how to get rich? Let me know. I might include it in this blog post!

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