We wish losing face weight were as much a no-brainer as losing it from everywhere else. You starve a little; do some cardio at the gym and bam! You lose 1 inch from that pot belly in a month.

But for the face, things are not that simple. You may in fact be fit overall, but with chubby cheeks and a double chin. And no matter how wrong it is to judge a person from his looks, it is the ultimate truth that your face is the first impression of your personality.

You could be genetically predisposed to a fluffy face; or it could be an outcome of those French fries and burger you eat every day. Some people have a chubby face simply because their skin retains more water. The puffiness under your eyes that came with too much of alcohol is not easy to get rid of either. But instead of mulling over the causes, you need to look for a possible solution.

So I am going to share with you some easy and effective tricks on how to lose weight in your face. With these simple lifestyle habits, you could see a drastic transformation of your face and overall personality.

But first, you need to know why losing face fat is tougher than other body parts.

So here goes!

Why is it difficult to lose face fat?

This process is best simplified on Livestrong. Weight loss is a pretty twisted process. Basically, fat is stored in your body cells. When you work out or follow a diet plan, your body begins to burn this fat to produce energy through a very complex chemical process.

Although, from which body parts will it take away the fat first is mostly genetically determined. So ultimately, your ‘problem area’ may or may not be the first one to get in shape.

But don’t be disheartened. It’s not impossible to get that perfect jaw-line and chiselled face. Let’s take a look at the best ways to reduce face fat.

18 Ways to Lose Weight in your Face

Practice Regular Facial Yoga/Exercise

This one’s the most effective way to reduce facial fat. There is a set of facial exercises that can help you reduce all the extra fat from your face, besides making you look younger.

Make O and X shapes with your lips by stretching and contracting your cheeks as much as possible. This will burn a lot of your face fat. You can perform it for about 3-5 minutes anytime of the day.

Suck in your cheeks inside to make a Fish face. Hold it for about a minute. Then repeat. This exercise makes your ageing lines wither away.

Press your lips together and fill your mouth with air. Then move the air from left to right and back. Continue this exercise until your cheeks give; 3 minutes minimum.

While looking at the roof, make an O face and exhale from your mouth forcefully. This is the best exercise for a chiselled jaw-line.

Last but definitely not least, smile as much as you can. Smiling involves a lot of muscle movement. It gives you a thinner face and a glowing skin. So it’s a plus-plus situation.

how to lose fat in your face

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Regulate your Eating Habits To Lose Face Weight

A regulated food chart is the best medicine for a healthy body.

You should make it a point to eat a little less than your hunger. It prevents you from bloating and other stomach problems. You can digest better too. Besides that, eat at regular intervals.

Fix your schedule for every meal and mild snacking. Make sure you gap your dinner/ supper and your sleep with at least 4 hours, for better digestion. As for snacks, prefer a salad bowl over Popcorn.

Focus on healthier food items like leafy greens, fruits, salads, yogurt and milk (unless of course, you are lactose intolerant).

Include loads of Calcium in your diet. Calcium prevents additional retention of water in your body. So naturally, there’s nothing extra below the layers.

Get rid of the Extra Fat

A lot of people have a chubby face even if they are lean. But! In case you aren’t lean and have a face in sync with your body structure, then it’s time to hit the gym. Start burning out all the calories that have made home below your skin and on your organs. Yoga, running, Zumba, cardio, strength training- do whatever interests you. You can even get a Dietician to help you regulate your cravings. But make sure you take professional help instead of Fad Dieting. Your diet is one of the most important things to work on to lose face fat.

Bye-bye Junk Food

Eating healthy food also means not eating unhealthy food. If you have a nice green meal in the daytime and go out with your friends for a Pizza at dinner time, it’s no good. You need to stay away from all this junk food that contains extra sugar and fat. It’s difficult to digest and hence, leads to a lot of health issues. The effect eventually starts to show on your face too. Get rid of all bad foods in order to lose weight in your face.

Don’t miss your Beauty Sleep

A good 6-7 hour sleep is essential for an average human being. Believe it or not, your body sheds a lot of calories while sleeping too. Plus, its gives adequate rest to your body and mind, so you start afresh the next day. While the lack of it leads to dark circles, a dull face and a disturbed mind.

Hydrate yourself well

Drink a minimum of 8 litres of water every day. Water helps your body get rid of the toxins besides clearing all the extra Sodium that could make you chubby. Other than that, you can go for fruits like watermelon, etc., that are high on water content.

Correct your Posture

A hunched back or a slouched posture often leads to double chin. Make sure you sit and stand in a correct posture. If you aren’t so sure, take your doctor’s help. You must have your back and neck straight.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is a great exercise for your face muscles. You can do it better by looking up at the roof and then trying to chew gum. You will feel the tension building in your neck and chin. Do it for at least 2 minutes and you will see the results yourself.

Wear the right Make-up

For women especially, make-up can do wonders. Follow these pointers and you will end up jazzing up the party.

Take a few Contouring lessons on YouTube or a local make-up artist. You will understand which areas need to be highlighted and which ones, contoured.

Choose a Blush on that is darker than your skin shade. This will make your cheeks and jaw-line appear thinner.

Go for lighter lip shades. Nude make-up is the best for chubby faces.

Arch your eye-brows with the help of an eye-brow pencil and brush. It will make your face look slimmer.

Get Regular Facial Massage

Hire a professional masseuse to give you a nice face massage. These professionals know the right techniques and hand movements to tighten your skin and rectify problem areas. Massage improves blood regulation on your face and gives you a better glow.

Say No to Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol makes your face retain water, thus, making it look puffy and dull. And smoking matures your skin before time. It adds fine lines near your eyes and mouth, while sagging your overall skin. Other than for skin, these two lifestyle habits have a lot of other health hazards too.

Get a suitable Haircut

Usually longer hair make your face look chubbier. Go for short haircuts if you have a fuller face. You can check out a Hairstyle Guide suitable to different face-cuts on Pinterest as well. Depending on which part of your face is thicker than normal, you can choose a haircut.

Go for a Liposuction

This would be the last resort. Liposuction will remove all the extra fat from below the layers of your skin. Although, I would suggest you to go for it only if all the other methods have failed.

Losing weight from a particular section of your body can be a tough shot. Again, I would suggest you to go for overall fitness regime. The effects may be gradual, but will definitely help you with your problem areas.

Thanks for checking out my article on how to lose weight in your face!

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