There are hundreds of thousands of articles on the internet on how to make money.

And out of them all, I wanted to create THE BEST article on how to make money.

This is it!

I’ve broken down my list into three sections: Making money online, making money from home, and general ways to make money (fast ways and regular ways).

I’ve also included useful links wherever I could to help you learn more about each specific way to make money.

ALSO, I spent about 70 hours working on this article. It was an insane amount of work to put it all together. If you found it useful at all, please do me a huge favor and share it. I really really appreciate it.

Okay, so on to the list. Check it out below!

How To Make Money Online


1// Make money blogging

Call me biased, but blogging is the best way to make money online! It’s what I do for a living and it’s incredibly rewarding. There are many ways to make money with a blog, and you can make enough money to quit your full time job. There’s a lot to learn in the beginning, but blogging is a long term strategy that requires learning many things along the way. It’s also not a get rich quick kinda thing either.

Here are a few of my favorite resources for people interested in blogging for money:

2// Make Youtube videos

Youtube is one of the most popular places to make money online. You know those annoying ads you have to wait to finish before your video starts? Well, these ads make a lot of people a lot of money on Youtube. How you make money on Youtube is actually really straight forward. You create videos people want to watch, and then you put ads on them. Whevin your videos get popular, you’ll get more views and more of your ads will be clicked, making you more money.

Here are a few nice resources that teach you how to make money on Youtube:

3// Sell gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular online marketplace where buyers purchase “gigs” for 5 bucks. The types of gigs offered by sellers vary dramatically. From singing happy birthday to someone to proof reading an essay. There are lots of up sell opportunities to make and extra $10-$20 per gig. I think you’ll be pretty surprised at what people are willing to pay $5 for!

Below are a few great resources to get you started making money in Fiverr:

4// Help businesses remotely by becoming a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant assists business from the comfort of their own home. Any business need that can be performed remotely or from a computer can be outsourced to a virtual assistant! So things like replying to emails, dealing with customer service issues, typing up reports, and creating spreadsheets are just some of the ways virtual assistants are making money. A popular virtual assistant specific website is Though you can find virtual assistant jobs in many places.

Here are a few articles on how to make money as a virtual assistant:

5// Sell things on eBay

Classic eBay! People sell just about anything on eBay, and so can you. Go around your house and find things to put up on eBay. Call your friends and sell their stuff too (for a small commission of course!)

Here are a few resources to help you get started selling on eBay:

6// Sell things on Craigslist

The nice thing about Craigslist is that it’s free to put your items up for sale. I like that a lot. With that said, it’s less organized than eBay or Amazon which makes it harder to work with when you’re selling many items. If you’re selling a few things only, Craigslist is a great place to start first.

7// Sell things on Amazon

I love Amazon and I’m finding more and more different things being sold on there. Amazon doesn’t really have a large used item marketplace like eBay and Craigslist does. Vintage jeans and old jewelry may not work as well on Amazon. But if you have things to sell in new condition, Amazon and their amazing trust and reputation they have with customers could be the right marketplace for you.

You can use Amazon to simply sell things to make money, or you can start a business on there and use their marketplace to sell your products. here’s some excellent guides on making money on Amazon:

8// Sell your old clothes

Check your closet. You probably have tons of stuff you don’t wear anymore. The funny thing is, you might not think anyone would want it. But that’s probably not the case. People love buying second hand clothing for discounted prices. A couple places you could sell your used clothing online are Poshmark, Tradesy and ThredUp.

These second hand clothing market places are great! The more designer the more desirable your items usually are, though not necessary. There are many places you can sell your clothes locally as well, and the usual eBay or Craigslist are good bets too.

Allyson wrote a pretty cool blog post about how she sold 3,000 dollars worth of old clothes and Kara gives you 8 more neat places to sell your used clothes.

9// Tutor students online

Making money from your home computer is easier than ever today. Before, you had to go to someones house or meet at a library to tutor someone. Today, you can do it all online from your living room. Websites like,, and are popular places that connect students with tutors.

If tutoring interests you, and you’re looking for more tutoring opportunities, check out 26 best tutoring jobs from home and how to be a successful online tutor.

10// Create and online Course for Udemy

Udemy is a very popular educational website that offers courses for students to sign up for. I’ve enrolled in several investing courses myself. It’s a video based learning website, so you’ll need a camera and be comfortable enough in front of it. To make money with Udemy, you’ll sign up as a teacher and create a video course for Udemy. You get paid when students enroll into your course. The more popular your class is the more money you’ll make.

11// Create an online course for SkillShare

SkillShare is another popular online learning website where teachers can create courses for students to learn. For example, I am a student that’s paying for a premium subscription. The teachers get paid royalties for every minute I watch of their videos. How much? I don’t know SkillShare doesn’t say. SkillShare teachers also get paid $10 for every student they refer. They say their top teachers make $40,000 a year. Not too bad for putting up videos that take you less than a few days to create (most of the courses are short). Learn more about becoming a skillShare instructor here.

Here are a few useful SkillShare resources to get you started:

12// Use Ebates to get cash back money

Ebates is one of the most popular cash back websites online (maybe the most popular?) If you spend money online, you can go through Ebates first and then they will direct you to the actual retailer you want to buy from. This way, you get extra money (discount) from something you were going to buy already. While this is probably more of a “savings” tip, there are other ways to make money on Ebates as well. I’ve listed a few great resources on how to do that below.

Learn how to making money with Ebates below:

13// Sell your unwanted electronics

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we all have old CD players, iPhone 4’s, iPads, etc that we just leave in our drawers. Why let them continually lose value when you can sell them for money! You can sell them at any online marketplace to be honest, but websites like Swappa, Gazelle, NextWorth, and BuyBackWorld are specific for electronics and may get you more bang for your buck.

Peter wrote a nice article about selling old and used electronics here, and Lauren shows you 5 ways to sell you old electronics as well.

14// Web design and/or web develop

Of all the creative online skills you could have, web design would be one of the best ones. With this skill, you could make enough money to quit your job for good if you get good at attracting clients. A lot of people and business need a website built from scratch. They also need ongoing edits and customizations of their websites too. For that, they need to hire a web designer. And these services are not cheap.

15// Create professional graphics and logos

Another fantastic online skill is logo design and graphics design. Every business and website that wants to amount to anything needs a custom logo and maybe some cool graphics too. That’s where you can step in. You can charge $50-$100+ for a logo that takes you an hour or so to draw up and design. Not too shabby hey. A popular website to sell your work at is 99designs.

Here are some fantastic reads about making money with design skills:

16// Sell your photos

Selling photos is one of the easiest ways to make money with your creative skill. Yes, it takes time to learn how to take photos well, but you’re likely having a lot of fun doing it anyway. And you’ll be stockpiling photos along the way too. With these photos, you can “sell” them to stock photo websites. There are different ways to get paid for your photographs, but a popular way is to get paid a royalty for every download of your photo. So the more popular your photos are the more money you will make.

17// Write a book for publishing on Kindle

If you have an expertise on a subject then really consider writing about it and publishing it. Amazon Kindle is one of the best places to publish your first book. You get paid a percentage of every sale you make. And if your book is popular, making several thousand dollars a month is very reasonable.

One of my favorite blog posts about making money publishing a book on Amazon Kindle is right here. And this is a good read on self publishing Kindle books.

18// Write a book for Apple iTunes bookstore

The iBook store isn’t nearly as big as Amazon. But that’s not necessarily important. It’s all about the money you can make. Here’s a great tutorial on how to publish a book to iBooks, and this is a very inspiring article by Nathan barry about making tens of thousands of dollars publishing books with Apple.

19// Create a Clickbank product

Clickbank is a popular online marketplace that sells digital products (mostly ebooks). It’s actually an affiliate website where affiliate promote the books on there. And what’s really great is that online marketers and bloggers are actively looking for books to recommend to their audiences. So if you create a great product, you’ll have swarms of people wanting to promote your book for you, making you cha ching.

20// Sell an audiobook

Audio books are super popular and can’t be ignored. A lot of people love to listen while they do stuff around the house or when they’re driving. You can create audiobooks on anything. As long as people are interested and purchase it, you’ll make money.

21// Participate in contests and sweepstakes

You can make money spending time on online sweepstakes and contest websites. It can get a little spammyish and annoying on these websites, but you definitely can win and earn gift cards and cash outs. I would Google to find these opportunities as I don’t know of any to recommend at the moment. You can also read this blog post that shows you how to get free money.

22// Teach your musical or artsy talent (guitar, dancing, piano, etc)

Do you have a musical or artsy talent? If you do, think about using that skill to make money online. You can teach your guitar skills, how to sing, and cool dance moves to students who want to learn from you remotely. A great website to do that at is

23// Teach a language online

Are you multilingual? If yes, you can help people learn a new language online. A website like is a great place to find online language teaching jobs. You choose your own hours and get to make money from home, and check out this resource to learn more about teaching English online.

24// Create money making apps

Most people don’t have the technical skill to develop apps themselves. However, you actually don’t need to know any computer programming or have any technical skills to develop apps that make big money. You need to mastermind it, and hire people with the skills to do it. The app market is crowded. So coming up with something great and different that fills a void will be important. Apps can make you thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Angry Birds make hundreds of millions of dollars.

BONUS: You can also make money by using apps that make money. Check out these 9 apps that make money

25// Perform tasks on Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is an online job website where you perform very simple tasks for a little bit of money. You don’t need any sort of skills really to make money. Though you won’t be paid much, it’s simple money.

26// Be a virtual call center agent

Traditional call centers means going to a big building and sitting in a cubicle. But many companies are hiring call center agents to work from home, saving them money and giving you comfort to work from home. If you like to work the phones, is a great place to get started. And this is a great resource to find a virtual call center job.

27// Get paid to shop on Ibotta

Ibotta is an app that pays you real money to shop. You shop at stores you’re already shopping at and use rebates to earn a cash reward. To cash out, you can put your earned money towards gift cards or a Paypal payment.

Get started by having a read through the links below:

28// Crowdfund your business idea

If you’re in need of money to start a business or any type of venture really, you should absolutely consider crowdfunding your project. Crowdfund is a way to get money to invest in whatever you are doing. Some people start crowdfunds for random things too that isn’t business related at all. Never hurts to try I guess. Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two very popular places you should check out.

Here’s an incredibly awesome step by step guide on how to launch a Kickstarter, and another great resource is how to crowd fund your first startup business.

29// Test websites and give your opinion

You can make pretty easy money by testing out websites and then giving your opinion about it. These companies need information from you to make their businesses better, which is why they want to pay you for your opinion. is perhaps the most popular website for this. Here’s a great blog post from Lashay with 12 more companies that pay you to test websites from home.

Need money? Here are over 100 smart ways to make money quickly today! check out this incredible list here.

30// Perform data entry work online

Data entry and other small computer tasks are essential tasks businesses need done. Because it’s a simple job that can be done remotely, many companies hire people to perform data entry and data research types of work from home. You get to work at your own pace and take on as much or as little as you want. So it’s super flexible work. You can find work at websites like and

31// Write or proof read online

Writing and proofreading is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You can offer your writing abilities in many many marketplaces. You can be writing blog posts, essays, short stories, and everything else that can be written basically. A couple great writing specific job sites are and, and

32// Solve problems with your expertise online

If you’re an expert in a field, then you may want to consider answering every day questions people have in your field of expertise. You can do this from your own home which is awesome. is one place that offers you an opportunity to make money with what you already know. They say some of their experts make thousands of dollars a month.

33// Transcribe online

transcription jobs are also popular work from home jobs. a transcriber is someone who turns audio into text for example. There are lots of companies who needs this work done. You can check a website like to find work. Or check out Ashlee’s list of 19 online transcription job opportunities.

34// Manage social media accounts

A social media manager is someone who manages social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for a business or person. It’s a great job you can perform online and from home. You can find these jobs on websites like, or the job board on If you’re looking to find social media managing jobs from more, this is a great blog post that talks about that.

35// Be an online juror

Want to participate in real cases? You can by being an online jurer. The cases you participate in will be real, however you won’t affect the actual case when it goes to court. What you’re doing is giving your opinion of a case which assists attorney in helping them learn more about their strengths and weaknesses in the case. They pay you for your time. A couple great websites are and

36// Be an online coach / mentor

The best way to make money is to be your own boss. You get to call your own shots and charge what you want to charge. Being an online coach or mentor is one of the best ways to make money online. And the cool thing is you can offer dating coaching, singing coaching, schoolwork help, business coaching, etc. To get some ideas of how this might work, check out how to start your own personal training business and how to become a life coach.

37// Make money on Instagram

Instagram is a tool you can use to make a full time income from. It’s a big deal. When you have a good amount of followers, brands and businesses want to work with you because you can help promote their products and services to your following. It’s a competitive place to make money, but many people are making a full time income on Instagram. They are being paid a few hundred to a few thousand dollars just to post one photo to their feed.

I think the best way to get started making money on Instagram is to read a lot of blog posts about exactly that. Here are a bunch of great ones below:

38// Podcasting for money

Podcasting itself won’t really make you money, unless you begin a podcasting subscription where listeners need to pay to listen to your podcasts. This isn’t an overly popular thing to do. Rather, podcasting is a great way to gain new people into your sphere of influence and build stronger relationships with your existing listeners. You’ll ideally have a business or a website. And you can promote products/services through your podcast.

39// Be a personal travel agent

Do you know how to research and plan travels really well? Consider doing this for regular people who just hate it or don’t have the time to do it. I’m not talking about working at a travel agency where you get severely underpaid. What you want to do is start your own little business and work for yourself. You put all the work in and make all the money doing what you’re already good at, and probably have fun with.You can plan travels for friends and family for a fee to get started, and then move on to attracting new clients or word of mouth referrals.

40// Be a dating coach

A personal dating coach is one of the better online coaching jobs in my opinion. Giving advice and helping others meet the right kinds of people they’re desperately trying to meet is super rewarding and easy to do when you know your stuff. Attracting clients will be the hard part. But once you do, you can do weekly sessions for example and charge a pretty penny for it too. Adam wrote a nice blog post about how he became a professional dating coach.

41// Make money on Upwork

Upwork is an incredibly large freelance website that connect people with skilled workers who perform paid tasks. Users post jobs they need to be done, and you apply to work on the jobs. The person who requested the job will make the final decision who gets the job. There are tons of different types of jobs people ask for. This is freelance work that can keep you busy for a long time. This is the best guide on how to make money on Upwork.


How To Make Money From Home


42// Rent your home with Airbnb

Airbnb is the most popular home sharing company. If you have a spare bedroom, a basement, or an entire home, you can rent it out for money. Accommodations cost a lot of money and that means cha ching for you. Not everyone wants to pay hotel prices either, which is why a lot of people choose Airbnb because it typically costs less than hotels. Renting out your home for just one night could make you a few hundred dollars. If you’re unfamiliar with how Airbnb works, check out how does Airbnb work, and this is a great read on making money with Airbnb.

43// Sell old books on Bookscouter

Got old books? Of course you do. If you want your bookshelf to have some substance, I get it. But otherwise, sell those books and make some money. is great online marketplace to sell used books.

44// Rent out your parking spot

You can rent your parking spot or a spare parking spot you own to generate extra income. Parking can be pretty expensive, especially if you live in densely populated areas or live close to an area with events, like a stadium. Letting people park in your lot for a game could net you $5-$10 or more every few days.

45// Take surveys from your phone

Survey companies pay you money for your opinion. You can cash out your earnings for things like gift cards or a cash deposit to your Paypal account. Hit up your Android or Apple app store and look up surveys for money, or check out these 21 apps that make money.

46// Download an app will pay you $5 for downloading their app and using it. It’s a data collection app that collects data on how you go about your day. And you make $5 every month after that, with loyalty bonuses. Not too shabby.

47// Search Craigslist for jobs

People are always looking for workers to do odd jobs on Craigslist. Find your local Craigslist job listings and contact the employer for any jobs you might like.

48// Find jobs on

Kijiji is also another good place to look for work. It’s a free platform to advertise yourself so potential businesses can find you, or you can browse the list of people/businesses looking for workers.

49// Work as a telemarketer from home

Got some thick skin and a knack for talking on the phone? You can work as a telemarketer. It’s obviously not a job for everyone but companies need telemarketers and its work! A website like help people find telemarketing jobs.

50// Hold packages for your neighbors

People getting stuff delivered can have their delivery sent to a trusted neighbor. You can be that neighbor, and be paid for it too! Check out

51// Cook for people from your own home

Hey, if you like people and cooking, then you’re gonna love making money cooking for people. You can invite diners to your home and host them for money! Sign up with websites like EatWith and MealSharing to get started cooking for money. You choose the food and price. Diners will go through available offers and choose from there. I think this is so cool!

52// Sell your unwanted gift cards

If you have old but valid gift cards that you don’t really want, then it’s time to sell them and get some cash instead. A website like lets you do just that.

53// Get paid to listen to music

This is an especially cool gig if you’re into new music and low key bands that aren’t popular. You can listen to music and give your honest opinion about it to make money with a website like You can review and leave responses for money on more than just music which is extra cool.

54// Get a roommate

A roommate is worth at least a few extra hundred dollars a month in your pocket. If you’ve got a spare bed or room, maybe think about using it to make some easy extra money.

55// Bake cookies, muffins, cakes, etc for cafes and shops

When I visit my local bakeries or Italian shop, I’ve noticed a bunch of little items that are produced locally and sold to these retailers. Things like baked goods at a local cafe or pita bread at an Italian shop. If you have a knack for baking, consider making money with this little side hustle. Check out how to start a business baking from home and how to start a cake business from home.

56// Car detail out of your home

If you own a garage and have spare time, car detailing and washing is a great way to earn side money. Like most side gigs, getting customers is the hardest part. I think word of mouth advertising is the best way to get clients without spending money.

57// Cut hair from home

Get those scissors in the air! slice and dice your way to extra money from home. Word of mouth is a great way to get more clients, and people tend to stay at the same hair dresser for years if it’s good!

58// Give massages from home

If you have the education and skill, providing massages from home pays really well. And you get to keep all of the money too, unlike working for a company that offers massages. Many massage therapists do this on the side along with their day jobs for extra money already. Massages can cost $75 or so for an hour, and that money really adds up when you do a few a week.

General Ways To Make Money

You’ll find a lot of easy ways to make money fast below, including job type ways to make money, gig type work, and general job ideas to make extra money.

59// Uber / LYFT

Driving for Uber or Lyft is an excellent way to make money. I’ve talked to many Uber drivers and they can make several hundreds of dollars driving others for a day. Driving during peak hours earns them even more money because the rates customers pay can reach as high as 4x the normal price with Uber.

Below are some nice articles on making money with Uber:

60// Start a small business

Starting a small business can be one of the most rewarding ways to earn more money. Making money with a business is no small task. However, being a blog that talks about making money and personal finance, I can’t stress enough that taking your income into your own hands is incredibly rewarding and potentially very lucrative.

61// Ask for a raise

Asking for a raise is one of the quickest way to make more money without doing a lot more. It’s the classic way to make more money at your job. I can understand it’s definitely scary to do such a “bold” thing but if you deserve it then you should ask for a raise. Even if you don’t deserve a raise, maybe it makes sense to ask for one if you think you can get it.

To get you started asking for a raise, check out the links below:

62// Get a better job

A maybe not so quick way to make more money is to get a job that pays more. It’s a pretty traditional way to make more money and something you may really want to look into.

63// Perform random jobs with Task Rabbit

You can sign up for the app where you can perform random jobs in your city. You select the jobs you’d like to do and take on as many jobs as you like. So it’s a work when I wanna type of gig, and a nice way to make money on the weekends or at night after your day job.

64// Participate in peer to peer delivery

There’s an app called roadie that lets you pick up packages and deliver them along the same route that you are already going to be driving. So really, it’s like picking something up and dropping it off while it being on the way. If you’re down for this, it’s extra money for a very small amount of work.

65// Sell your hair

Got long hair? Well, it’s actually pretty valuable, especially if it’s healthy. Hair for sale on a hair marketplace like sells for hundreds of dollars.

66// Participate in clinical trials

Clinical trials are a great way to make extra money. Medical professionals are always testing and developing scientific studies and need human participants. It’s usually low involvement in terms of what you have to do and the money is pretty decent. Check with for opportunities. Check out this article how to make extra money by participating in clinical trials.

67// Personal train people

I don’t know what the legalities are with teaching people how to work out when you don’t have a degree/certificate, but I see people coaching other people in the gym all the time. I’m going to guess not all of these people are personal fitness trainers. Many of them sure don’t look like one. Could be just a friend helping a friend. In any case, a lot of people need help in the gym. If fitness and weight training is an expertise you have, then look into making money with it. If you really know your stuff, see what opportunities exist by personally helping people in the gym without formal education in it.

68// Donate your sperm

Donating your sperm pays really well. It’s obviously something not everyone is willing to do. And rightfully so. However, if it’s something you are okay with, you can make a lot of extra money. Up to $1500 a month according to this sperm donor website. And this is a great general read about selling your body parts for money.

69// Sell your blood plasma

You can donate your blood for free or you can donate your blood plasma for money. William from first quarter finance wrote a great article here on just how to make money donating your blood plasma.

70// Join a direct selling company

Direct selling companies like Avon are incredibly popular because they help people start their own business with minimal investment. Direct selling is incredibly popular around the world and the direct selling industry is massive. Direct selling is when you sell products outside of a retail store environment. Often times you’ll gather people around for a presentation or sell to your friends and co workers. You earn a commission from every product you sell. It’s a business about attracting leads and marketing products to them, and it’s a great way to begin learning business skills.

Here are some useful resources on direct selling:

71// Pet sit and dog walk

People love their pets and need someone to take care of them when they go away. If you like animals, then consider pet sitting. and are a couple great places to find pet sitting jobs. These services also let you dog walk for money too.

72// House sit (babysit)

Housesitting and babysitting is a job that is always in demand. You can find these opportunities locally in places like newspapers or online marketplaces like Craigslist, however, websites like and are other places to look for housesitting jobs.

73// Price check at local stores

Apps like Field Agent and Gig Walk are great ways to make money while you’re out and about. Your main job is to gather information by scanning prices of an item at a store for example. It’s easy work and straight forward, and a nice little way to make money at places you already go to. According to Gig Walk, you can make $3-$100 per gig.

74// Rent your parking spot with Just Park

You can use a service like to help you rent out your parking spot for money. You can rent out your driveway, parking spot, empty hotel space, etc. Basically, as long as you own the space you can rent it out. You can also choose what hours you’re available to rent it.

75// Become a mystery shopper

A mystery shopper is someone who visits stores and pretends to be a customer in order to see how their customer service is. If you like shopping and living a double life, then this would be a fun job for you. There are a lot of mystery shopping opportunities everywhere so finding work probably won’t be that tough.

76// Grocery shopper for hire

Shipt is a company that helps people get groceries delivered right to their door. Working for them would require you to go to local grocery stores to buy groceries, and then deliver them to households.

77// Rent your car

Got a spare care that doesn’t get driven? Check out, where they will help rent your car out to people who need a car! is another website as well.

78// Offer to do jobs on Zaarly

If you own a business that is the handyman type, like lawn care, electrical work, gardening, flooring, etc, then consider applying at They are a company that connects customers with businesses like you quickly. It’s work on demand essentially and a great way to get leads for your business.

79// Sell your items at pawn shops

Pawn shops like to give you much less value than what your item is actually worth, but if you can work your bargaining skill, you can still make out with reasonable cash. Pawn shops take just about anything. As long as they think they can sell it they’ll probably take it. It’s a fast way to get cash because you get your money right away.

80// Host a garage sale

Get rid of your old stuff by hosting your own garage sale. Better yet, if you don’t want to set it up, find someone who is already hosting a garage sale and offer them money to sell your things there. It saves you the cost of setting up and advertising your garage sale.

81// Start a catering business

For things like birthdays, people need food made and delivered. Sometimes Pizza Hut and KFC doesn’t cut it. Catering is a great way to make extra money on the weekends or even go full time with. Check out this article on how to start a catering business from home.

82// Haul junk away

Own a truck? Well, 1-800-got-junk is really really really expensive. It can cost $100 just to take one old couch away. But guess what, people pay these prices because they need these services. You could haul the same couch for half the price and still make out super well. Use your truck to your advantage and help people remove their trash for money.

83// Translate languages

If you are multi lingual, you can make money by translating one language to another on a translation website like Once you sign up, you select the jobs you want and translate it. And you of course get paid for these jobs. It’s pretty straight forward.

84// Join a MLM (Network Marketing) company

Otherwise known as a pyramid scheme (such a dirty word in this line of business), multi level marketing basically involves recruiting others to join your network. The more people you have below you, the more you move up the “pyramid”, and the more money you make (generally speaking). Anyway, it’s not my cup of tea, but I have met some of the brightest and most successful people in business mixers that are killing it with MLM. It’s a fantastic side business (or full time business) for personal development as well. MLM is BIG business. The industry is worth billions of dollars. you can make a full time income here if you hustle for several years.

Here are some nice resources to get you started with MLM:

85// Repair and trouble shoot computers

A lot of people are absolutely dumbfounded when it comes to computers. Especially when it dies. If you’re techy with computers, you can make great money trouble shooting their problems. I think a service where you visit peoples homes for repairs would be perfect for the homeowner. You can set it up as a full on business and make it your main source if income. But if you want to do it here and there when you have time, this type of job is nice because you can hop over to someone’s home, fix their computer, and they can just hand you some cash for it. You’re not running it as a business and probably don’t have to worry about taxes (but I recommend you to check your local state laws to make sure this is the case for you).

86// Clean homes

There’s a lot of people with nice homes and busy schedules and just don’t have the time to clean it. They hire cleaners to come in weekly sometimes to organize and clean the place. That person could be you! It’s great too, because if they like you, it can be consistent income you can count on every month.

87// Advertise with your car

You can turn your vehicle into a billboard by wrapping it with advertisement. It won’t look so glamorous, but if you don’t care what your car looks like, you can earn up to $400 a month (according to Free Car Media) doing absolutely nothing more. Check with companies like and

88// Give guided walking tours

If you live in a city that gets tourists and you know your city well, you could be a tour guide. I can’t tell you how many walking tours I’ve done in new cities. They are extremely popular and the people who give them make a ton of money. You can give free walking tours and make money from tips. People can pay anywhere from $5-$10 for a 2 hour tour. When you have 20-30 people in your group, that’s amazing money for 2 hours of work. You can set this up yourself. However there are companies like and you can use to become a guide.

89// Purchase and deliver goods on demand

There is a service called Post Mates that deliver anything that is deliverable on demand and right away. So someone may want KFC and is too lazy to get it. Since KFC doesn’t deliver, they could use Post Mates to get someone to grab it and deliver it to them. You could be that person who delivers!

90// Flip things for cash

Virtually anything that has value can be flipped. Your job would be to find things at a bargain price, and then sell it to someone who wants it (at a higher price of course). It’s quite the job if you want to call it that, but it’s incredibly rewarding and exciting too. A few examples of things you can flip are domain names, houses, cars, toys, designer clothing, or any any collectible.

Flipping things for money is an incredibly popular thing people do for money. Here’s some fantastic resources below to help you get started:

91// Sell things on the side of the road

What’s more classic than setting up a stand and selling food or goods to people who pass by. One example would be to camp outside a stadium selling hotdogs as people leave. Simple and potentially very profitable. There are legalities around this type of “business” and it may not be as easy as going anywhere you want to sell things. However, it really depends on what you’re selling and how you do it. It could be as simple as selling $1 bottles of water on a busy street, or a full on food cart which you definitely need a license for.

92// Be someone’s friend for awhile

There’s a hilariously cool service called rent a friend that people use to find someone to play soccer with, go to dinner, go for walks and do just about anything really (friendship stuff only!!!) You can be that “friend” if that’s something you’re into. Not only will you be paid for spending time with new people, you’ll hopefully have a lot of fun too.

93// Sell your old cd’s, movie and games

If you have old movies, CD’s, and video games, sell them on a website like And of course, sites like eBay and Craigslist are great for this too. And check out this video downloader too!

94// Tutor students privately

Though online tutoring is getting real popular, nothing beats the personal touch of a face to face tutor session. You could invite students to your home for piano lessons, making you a cool $20-$50, or help a student learn math at a local library for $10-$15. Everyone needs help with things, and many people are willing to pay for help too. You can tutor any skill that’s in demand. Get yourself out there so you can get noticed. Do a great job and hopefully word of mouth is good enough to get you enough students to tutor. Social media like Facebook is a great way to advertise, as well as job boards and local bulletin boards at schools or old fashioned light pole ads can work too.

95// Be a photographer

Photography is my favorite hobby and it’s easily one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Not only is it fun, there are so many opportunities to make money taking photos. I’ve seen a lot of average photographers take wedding photos on their spare time, making a few hundred dollars easy. More professional photographers charge a few thousand dollars for shooting a wedding. Other events like cake smashes, corporate events, and brands look books need the services of photographers.

96// Sell other people’s stuff

There’s a lot of people like me who really don’t enjoy the process of putting stuff up for sale and then meeting up and dealing with flakes, texting back, lowballs, and all that goes into selling stuff. But it’s a necessary evil when you get rid of things. Hey, why don’t you offer to sell your friend’s things in exchange for a cut of the profit! Makes their life easier and you make money.

97// Invest in valuables

Collecting collectibles or anything valuable is one of the best ways to make money. You’ll obviously need expertise in what you’re collecting to succeed. I used to collect hockey cards and thank god I did, because many of them are worth 10x or more today. Generally, collectibles take time to increase in value. So it’s more of a buy and hold strategy that gets you “rich” later. Still, people who collect art, antiques, or anything they love typically have a lot of fun doing it and it becomes a big part of their lives. I think it’s a great thing to do as you go through life.

98// Be a car mechanic for hire

If you have car mechanic skills but don’t want to be a full time car mechanic, consider doing it part time as a car mechanic for hire. You get to choose where you want to work and also when you want to work by taking on the jobs you want to take on. is a popular mobile mechanic business you can work for. They say you can make $40-$50 an hour with them.

99// Be a model

You pretty? People like photographers need models for shoots, advertisements, and other things. What better way to make money than to look good being yourself. Check online marketplaces like Craigslist for opportunities, or reach out to photographers in your area for inquiries. This is good for temporary local work. However, if you’re looking to model more on a full time basis, then you will for sure want to sign up at modeling agencies. It helps if you live in cities like LA or NYC if you want to work at the big agencies. However models are needed everywhere.

Have a read through the links below to get started:

100// Help move furniture

Not the most glamour job or the easiest, but it’s an in demand job and it pays. It’s a great way to make extra cash on the weekend or for an evening or two. Check with Craiglist, Kijiji, and similar market places. Local newspaper listings and bulletin boards are also great places to find this type of work.

101// Find seasonal work

Business are always looking for good workers to help shovel snow, cut grass, build fences, or re-roof a roof. Season work is a great way to make extra money on the side. Check your local newspapers and local listings online for opportunities. Craigslist and any other local job listing board is a great place to find businesses who need a helping hand. While most seasonal work is done away from home, here is a great blog post about seasonal work from home.

102// Teach Yoga

If you have the yoga skills, you can start your own yoga business out of your own home. You can also give free yoga lessons for tips. I’ve seen a lot of yoga advertisements of people charging $10-$15 per person for an hour of yoga. If you’re able to get enough attendants consistently, it’s excellent money because you get to keep most of it compared to working for company for hire.

103// Join focus groups

Wanna get paid for your opinion? Focus groups are “gatherings” you join to discuss topics. They need input about a product they’ve created or want your opinion about a product they are thinking about making. In some way shape or form, your opinion is needed. Most focus groups require a telephone conversation or a physical meet up. They can pay you very well for your time however.

Anna from says you can make $50-$100+ for participating in a focus group. You can check out her blog post to learn about her experience with focus groups. You can also use the website to find focus groups.

104// Make money with general investing

The tried and true way to make money is by investing in common places like the stock market, purchasing mutual funds, and other investment vehicles, like penny stocks on Robinhood.

105// Make money from your hobby

Whatever hobby you might have, you can probably use it to make money with. Even if your hobby is playing video games or fishing, you can find ways to earn money while you enjoy what you love. Making videos of you playing games or showing people how to fly fish are just a few ideas to get your brain started.

50 hobbies that make money is an excellent read.

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