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Here’s the list!

How To Save Money In 109 Ways

1// Create a budget

OMG where does all my money go every month? Well, if you had a budget, you’d know! Creating a budget is one of the most important steps to save money. You need to write down how much money you make each month and where the money should go. And also how much money you can save each month.

I think most people don’t bother with budgeting because they don’t know how or feel it’s too difficult. Well it’s not. It’s actually easy like 5th grade math.

Here are some excellent resources to help you get started budgeting:

2// Start a coin jar

Got loose change in your pocket? Awesome! drop it in your coin jar. Continually do this every time you have change. Eventually, it will get full and you can wrap them all up and exchange the rolls at your bank. I make $300-$400 every time I do this. It works and it’s an EASY way to save money. You won’t even miss it. And it’s a great place to find money to tip the pizza guy.

3// Make sure to shop with a list

Shopping with a list helps you buy what you actually need instead of buying whatever you see at the store. A list will help prevent you from overspending. Groceries are really expensive and learning how to buy what you actually need is one of the best ways to save money. And the great thing is that sitting down and writing a list of things you need before heading out is something everyone can do.

Along with creating a shopping list, here are some useful tips on saving money on groceries

4// Write down what you spend

In a notepad or on your phone, write down every thing you buy each month. Even if it’s a bottle of water. Break it down by day and analyze it at the end of the month. You’ll see a lot of things you bought that you probably didn’t have to. And you’ll notice things that you could probably cut out and buy it again. It’s such an amazing way to see where your money is going. I recommend doing it even if you’re pretty on track with saving money.

5// Do more free stuff (they’re just as fun)

There are sooooo many free things to do in your city. I’m sure you do some of them already, but take some time to explore every free option your city offers. Entertainment is expensive. Taking your family to the movies is expensive. Going to the carnival is expensive.

Cut back on some of these things and instead have a cheese and bread picnic with some champaign at the park with the family. Or take the bikes out and ride a trail on a sunny day. Honestly, I love movies and the carnival. But a low key picnic with the family is just as enjoyable and costs waaaay less money.

6// Maximize work benefits

Whatever benefits you have at work, I hope you’re milking it. Massages, glasses, cell phone benefits, health spending accounts, etc, make the most out of it and use as much of it as you can. You are indirectly paying for these benefits anyway, so really, it’s not actually “free”. Make full use of it.

7// Never pay retail… like ever

One thing I almost NEVER do is pay retail prices. Literally EVERYTHING goes on sale. At some point it will. Be patient. I write down a list of things I need to buy. And when I notice a sale, I’ll consider buying it.

Sometimes I don’t have a choice and need to pay full price, but that’s the only time I’ll ever pay full price. Get in the habit of buying things only when they’re on sale. This is one HUGE way to save soooooo much money (today and in the long run). It’s really just a lifestyle choice and it’s so easy to adopt it.

8// Use cash only

If you get a little absent minded and spendy with plastics, then consider cutting them up. If you’re really really bad, then maybe you need to cut them all up. There’s a huge psychological effect that happens when you pull cash out of your wallet and spend it. It really feels like you are spending money. So much so that you will start to consider whether you truly need the item or not.

Also, you can only spend what you have when you only have cash. So… maybe it could be an exercise you do for awhile if you really need to save money. Debit and credit cards are super important financial tools but if it’s really messing with your ability to save money, ditch them for awhile.

9// Use credit cards only

Whaaat? But you just said to use cash only. I did. But here’s the deal. If you use credit cards smartly, then you can gain valuable cash back rewards for groceries, gas, and my favorite, travel rewards. You see, I put EVERYTHING on my credit card. And each year, I accumulate enough points for a free flight or a trip to Vegas.

That’s the power of utilizing credit card rewards effectively. In order to do this, you need to be disciplined in your spending, which included paying off the entire balance of your credit card in full when the bill is due. If you can do this, then you will save hundreds of dollars every year with just your credit card alone.

10// Start an automatic investment plan

An automatic investment plan is one of the smartest tools you can use to save money. Essentially, money will automatically be deposited into an account that you can’t touch. This could be a investment account for saving for retirement, children education, or a home. It’s awesome because you don’t see the money in your bank account so it’s like it’s not even there. And you can’t spend what’s not there.

You can set up automatic investment accounts in many ways, however I would visit your bank or a similar financial institution to get educated on your options so you can make a smart decision. It’ll be so worth it in the long run!

11// Learn how to bargain

Bargaining is one of the most fun things to do especially when I’m on vacation roaming around markets. I’m sure you already know how useful bargaining skills are. I think most people are scared to bargain because it’s unfamiliar and they don’t want to look cheap or whatever.

But when you’re buying something that can be bargained for, it’s understood that bargaining will take place. Not bargaining is selling yourself short. Like when I bought my Jeep Wrangler, I visited several dealerships and made several phone calls to see who was willing to work the hardest to give me the best price.

I ended up getting my Jeep for about $6000 below retail (which is great for a Wrangler). Dealerships expect customers to negotiate prices. So don’t feel bad or weird doing it. Do your research and learn how to do it well.

I saved about an extra $3000 probably by working my bargaining skills. And I use the same skills everywhere I go! So it’s definitely a skill I recommend you learning. You’ll save sooo much money for the rest of your life.

12// Avoid buying things that cost more money in the long run

There are a lot of things we buy that drain our finances in the long run. Sometimes we don’t fully consider these costs at the time of purchase too because we don’t know. In any case, think about what the item will cost you in the long term.

A perfect example is a vehicle. Some cars are worse on gas or require more expensive maintenance, or have a track record of not lasting as long. Factor these into your buying decision.

Also, I think many people don’t fully consider what a pet truly costs in the long run, or when they Buy an Apple tv and end up spending more money subscribing to channels. If you can, avoid things that cost you more money in the long run.

13// Bring a lunch to work

First of all, food court food and vending machine snacks are unhealthy and expensive. That alone should encourage you to make your own lunch. But just as important, bringing your own lunch will save you money. One of the best ways to make preparing lunch easier is to cook extra food an take the left overs to work.

14// Make your own coffee

Starbucks is expensive. Like really really expensive. I love coffee shops just as much as the next person, but it’s a drain on your wallet that you can easily change. I mean, you don’t have to give up Starbucks. You can still buy Starbucks beans at Costco and brew your own coffee from home.

Buy a mug you’d love to drink out of every day and fill it with your home brewed Starbucks. You cut that $5 per day to $1 or so per day. That alone will save you over $100 each month, and over $1000 a year. That’s equivalent to an all inclusive vacation to Mexico. Think about that for a bit….

15// Drink water all the time

If you’re into being healthy and saving money, one of the best quick money fix is to switch from soda and juices to water. If you buy from vending machines or buy a drink when you order fast food often, STOP! It’s full of sugar and bad for you anyway, but just as bad, it’s killing your wallet. Just say no! Buy your own bottled water in bulk or pack a Nalgene bottle to bring to work.

16// Use free resources available to you

Your city has a ton of free resources for you to use. Most people don’t go this route and that’s too bad. The best example are public libraries. There are so many things you can borrow. You can even borrow video games and movies there. I know it’s more exciting to buy it from Amazon and have it delivered to you. But your goal is to save money, and borrowing things for free is the way to go!

17// Go out one less night a week

Just cutting one night of going out a week will probably save you like $50 a week, or $200 a month. That’s around $2000 a year. Just from staying in just one night a week. Use that time to work on a side hustle or do something fun at home with the family.

18// Cut your cable

If you watch TV like all the time then keep the cable. Otherwise, get rid of it. Or at least remove the channels you aren’t overly interested in. TV is surprisingly expensive, and like a home phone, it’s one of those utility expenses that can usually be cut with little to no affect on your happiness.

19// Invest in things that have long term entertainment value

Try and buy things that give you satisfaction again and again and again. For example, some board games like Cards Against Humanity can give you fun nights for years to come. A video game can be played for hundreds of hours. A soccer ball can be used for hundreds of hours as well. These can all be excellent investment choices. An obviously try not to buy a dress you’ll only wear once.

20// Start paying off your debt

You’ll have to pay it off eventually, so the right time is probably as soon as possible. I don’t have to tell you paying interest sucks. And it can obviously start getting out of hand. If you’re debt is out of control, consider getting professional advice on how to pay off debt.

However, if your debt is manageable and you have the ability to pay it off, start aggressively paying it off in lieu of going out for dinners or partying. This way, you get rid of interest payments faster, saving you money in the long run.

At the same time, the end goal is to build your overall net worth, and sometimes that may include taking out a loan or business loan in order to help you through difficult times or to lower your interest rate. Your situation will be unique to you. You can easily apply for a loan online on a website like https://www.fortunecredit.com.sg/.

21// Stop impulse buying

You gotta stop and really think about the item you’re buying. Is the value you’re going to get out of it worth the cost? Impulse buying is when you don’t consider anything and you just purchase it because you felt good in the moment. That’s just really poor decision making. So get in the habit of spending purposefully and responsibly.

22// Take public transportation

If it’s cheaper to get a bus pass then consider taking public transportation. Sure, you gotta wait for the bus and it sit beside smelly people sometimes, but if the savings are significant enough, it might be worth it.

23// Do it yourself

If you need something done or fixed, and you could reasonably do it yourself, you should! I built a simple table and did some landscaping for my mom for free because I’m her son. But really, I didn’t want her paying for these things when I could do it. I think that should be the attitude.

You sometimes need to learn a new skill and figure out things on your own instead of hiring someone. Because hiring someone is going to be awfully expensive.

24// Purchase things out of season

One of my favorite ways to save money is to buy things when seasons are changing. We bought a gazebo as fall was ending. It retailed for $1000 but we got it for $400. We always wanted a Gazebo but waited until winter was coming, because that meant we’d be saving $600.

That’s an insane amount of money. It’s the same as taking a vacation during low season (when prices of everything is lower) or buying Halloween stuff after Halloween. It’s coming again next year, and the year after that. Planning a little and being prepared for these things will save you so much money.

25// Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach

If you do, you’ll be tempted to grab whatever “snack” type items. I think everyone has been guilty of this many times, so we all know the feeling!

26// Forget name brands

Name brands are marked up because of branding and not because of better quality (a lot of the times). While some brand names are popular because they are high quality, a lot of things can be purchased without having to spend so much money for a label.

For example, a plain cotton white t shirt can cost $5 or $20. It’s essentially the same shirt, just a different brand. If you’re looking to save money, you’ll want to go the $5 route. You don’t need to give up name brands for everything, but a lot of the cheaper stuff is just as good, so start looking at them!

27// Coupon whatever you can

Coupons are awesome. It’s another way to save money buying things you’re already going to buy. Some people take couponing to pretty extreme levels. I don’t recommend that. But learning the basics of couponing is quick and easy.

Check these resources to learn how to coupon:

28// Put your spending in front of you

There was a study that showed people who ate candy and put the wrapper in front of them ate less candy then those who ate the candy but threw the wrapper away. I think it absolutely applies with spending as well.

If you spend money and have your receipts in front of you, you’re more likely going to keep your spending in check. I recommend keeping your receipts in pain sight in your room maybe or thumb tacked onto the fridge in pain sight.

29// Move to a cheaper place

Whether you own your home or you’re renting, reducing the amount of your rent or mortgage payments will help you save a tremendous amount of money. In any case, living in a smaller home will free up monies that used to go to rent/mortgage payments for other things like saving for retirement.

While paying for a mortgage is in a way investing your money into an asset that can rise in value, it’s easier to manage home payments that is valued less. And you’ll be able to pay it off sooner.

29// Dine in more often

Going out to eat is so expensive these days. You’re basically spending $20 minimum with $40-$50 meals being very common. If you just replaced one of these dine out experiences with a dine in experience, you’d save a lot of money each month.

I’ll go as far as to say don’t eat out at all. Just go out for dinner when there’s an event, like a birthday or a work gathering. Otherwise, stick to cooking at home – which can be just as fun btw.

30// Don’t dine out extravagantly

I think once and awhile it’s okay to splurge on a meal. But the majority of the time you do go out to eat, keep it simple. A lot of different foods on the menu will taste great – regardless of price. A $20 steak with veggies and baked potato is almost as good at the $40 steak with seafood and asparagus. But the price difference is huge.

Dining out is an expensive experience, and I don’t want you to give up your social life, but when you’re out eating with friends, maybe skip the wine and choose a cheaper item on the menu. The cost savings in the long run will make you happy.

31// Buy in bulk

The ability to buy in bulk is amazing. Whenever you can, grab that 12 pack of mushroom soup to save a few dollars, or buy a 24 pack of bottled water instead of buying from a vending machine. These little things save you so much money when you consistently apply them every time you shop.

32// Eat simple foods that are inexpensive

Start skipping the seafood and meal isles at the grocery store. Look for inexpensive fruits and vegetables that are in season and fresh too! Yes, lamb and shrimp taste pretty awesome. I’m a huge lover of bacon too.

But these foods are expensive and maybe you’ll want to consider eating less of it to save money. Go for pastas, breads, and eggs. Buy whole turkeys and chickens. Food can still taste great without being extravagant, contrary to what food magazines want you to think.

33// Unsubscribe from all retail newsletters

I used to be subscribed to a tool store and they would send me new tool sales every week. It made me go to the store to check out sales! But I unsubscribed and never thought about it again. If your newsletter is flooded with things to buy, get rid of them! It will only tempt you.

34// Quit smoking

Quit smoking and quit any other bad habit you might have. These things cost so much money and are so unhealthy. Look, you already know this. Find a way to overcome your addiction.

35// Switch to a budget gym

I switched from a $40/month gym to a $10/month gym. It was a great decision. Most people don’t fully take advantage of their gym memberships and end up paying way more than they use it for. At $10 per month, even if I use it just a few times, it will be worth it.

As long as the equipment is good enough and it isn’t too crowded, a budget workout center is the way to go. Try not to sign up for any long term contract so you can stay flexible.

36// Use clothes until they can’t be worn anymore

This is how I grew up and I still use clothes until I can’t use them anymore. Granted I only wear old clothes at home, I’m getting the absolute most use of my clothes! I think everyones got a closet full of clothing.

Wear it to bed or wear it gardening instead of buying new PJ’s! The idea here is to get as much value as you can from what you already have. This can definitely extend to more than just the clothes you wear.

37// Avoid fast food completely

Fast food is unhealthy and you should avoid it for this reason alone. But on top of that, they put stuff in it to make you crave more of it, and you don’t stay as full as if you had a real meal. But besides that, fast food costs a lot of money. Bring a lunch or skip your lunch all together.

38// East less food

The less food you eat the less money you spend on food. I might be wrong, but I’ll bet that if you cut the amount of food you eat by a little, you’ll not only lose weight, you’ll be 100% as normal as if you ate the same amount of food you normally ate.

I often go on diets where I cut 25% off what I typically eat. I feel hungrier (another story) but otherwise I’m 100% as normal as can be. I think a lot of us eat way more food than we need. So if you’re able, cutting back the amount of food you eat is an immediate way to save money.

39// Master cooking with a crockpot

A crockpot is one one of my favorite kitchen tools. I can put about the same amount of work that’s required to cook a regular meal into making a crockpot meal, but I get waaaay more food with a crockpot.

It saves time and money, because I’m cooking whole chickens and turkeys, which give me more bang for my buck in cost savings. Crock pot foods are delicious too, and crockpots are cheap. If you don’t have one, get one! If you have one, start utilizing your crockpot more. It just saves!

Need to money? Here are 109 ways to save money right now. Check out this massive list it's incredible!

40// Keep the lights off

Go sit outside or sit by the window. Sit together with your family. When you’re not in a room, turn the lights off. I know these things are so basic but I think we take for granted how readily accessible light is and forget to do these basic things. It’s truly a waste of energy, not to mention wasting your hard earned money.

41// Switch to a fuel efficient car

Yes, maybe these vehicles aren’t the sexiest but they sure are to your bottom line. Driving a Honda Civic is rather plain but they last so long and they are so cost effective compared to expensive fuel guzzling vehicles.

Also, depending on your circumstances, financing a vehicle may be a smarter option over purchase a vehicle. If you are interested in financing a car, here’s a good resource on things you should understand before financing a car.

42// Always price shop and shop around

A lot of stores sell the same things, and a lot of things can be purchased online too. If you find something cheaper elsewhere, consider going there to buy it. Or bring up the price difference and see if the store matches it. A lot of stores price match to stay competitive.

I usually don’t buy anything at the first place I see it. It’s either bound to go on sale sometime or another store could be selling it at a cheaper price.

43// Stop buying things

Honestly, I’ll bet that most of the things you buy you don’t really actually need. It’s just something to make you happy in the moment. I feel like if you just stop buying these things all together, you’d be basically just as happy. But the money you save will be astronomical.

That random ice cream at midnight, that dress that was 50% off but you don’t really even need, or the newest iPad with that new color are just some examples.

I challenge you to go 1 month without buying anything. Of course, you’ll need to spend money on the essentials to live. But for one month, don’t buy anything else. I think you’ll learn a lot about yourself. Namely, not having a bunch of new things doesn’t really affect your life as much as you might think.

44// Plant your own food

Growing your own garden is the best way to get organic food for the cheapest price. And if you like gardening, then it’s a no brainer thing to do. There’s nothing like going outside to grab fresh veggies for dinner.

45// Car pool to work

Figure out if you can share rides to work. You may have to wake up a little earlier to make it work, but it will save you money.

46// Embrace the frugal lifestyle

I think a lot of people confuse being frugal with being cheap. I guess there are similarities, but there is nothing wrong or shameful about being frugal. Maximizing the way you spend money and living below your means in no way makes you “cheap”. It makes you smart actually. It makes you stay out of debt and secure in retirement.

47// DIY everyday products you buy

You can learn to make a lot of things you typically buy. Things like soap and deodorant. It sounds pretty crazy making this stuff yourself, like who does it… but in reality, a lot of people have embraced the organic life, making their own organic stuff. Give it a try!

48// Buy quality stuff for the long run

Don’t be afraid to spend money on quality things. For example, I buy Apple Macbook’s and have been for years. Yes they’re overpriced for what you get, but I know I can use it every day for 3-5 years. Because Macbook’s are high quality.

If you’re buying something that you’re going to use a lot, then it makes sense to make sure you invest in quality. On the other hand, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a laptop that lasts only 1 year, only to have to buy another one.

49// Only spend what you have

There’s that saying that if you can’t pay cash for it you can’t afford it. It’s basically true. This rule will help keep you out of debt. When you only spend the money you have, you are more likely to really consider what you’re buying, and will reduce the amount of impulse buys and bad purchasing decisions.

50// Start a savings plan

Part of budgeting usually includes saving money. Saving money can be as easy as putting away 10% of your pay check every pay period. This can be automatically withdrawn from your checking to savings, or manually taken out and stashed somewhere. It also includes using many of the savings tips in this blog post in your plan.

Either way, write it down on paper and stick with it. Keep it visible on the fridge or anywhere you’ll see if often so you’ll stay on track.

51// Forget the expensive vacations

After traveling to over 30 countries around the world, I’ve realized that you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to have a great vacation. Yes, far away places have that exotic allure that a nearby town doesn’t have.

But honestly, roaming around Seattle was just as fun as roaming around Budapest. But the price of transportation to Budapest compared to Seattle is an enormous difference.

I recommend exploring nearby places and creating your own experiences, rather than having the place create experiences for you. This way, you’ll be able to have fun no matter where you go.

52// Adopt a minimalistic lifestyle

Minimalism is the act of keeping life simple. It means owning a small amount of things and not spending money extravagantly. It means buying the essentials and not worrying about the latest and greatest or having a lot of variety.

This type of lifestyle keeps costs low and life more simple. It’s not for everyone. But you don’t need to go full out with minimalism. Adopting just some minimalistic characteristics will help you save money.

53// Start thinking about retirement

When I think about retirement, I immediately think about being financially secure. When you start thinking about retirement today, you begin to think about how you can save money for your future.

And it’s pretty crazy how your brain will just come up with ideas when you direct it in the right direction. And hopefully you’ll act on some of your ideas to save for retirement!

54// Learn how to home remedy like a boss

Most over the counter drugs are not too too expensive. If you have a health insurance that discounts your drugs 80% or so, then buying prescription drugs is more affordable. However, think about exploring home remedies for health ailments.

First of all, a lot of them have been shown to help. And second, home remedies like honey lemon water is much cheaper than buying something from Walgreens. Plus, it’s kinda fun making your own medicine!

55// Learn to be happy with what you have

Being happy with what you have will change your life. Especially if you’re the type to always need new things or want everything to be better. I think you need to find a balance between acceptance and working towards having more in life. If you can balance this, you’re always in a win/win. It’s like if you stay status quo, you’re still happy. If you get more, you’re happy too.

Also, there are a lot of people in this world who have a lot less than you but are way happier than you. They run around their hut without shoes chasing their brothers. This is probably as enjoyable if not more enjoyable than playing Xbox. I’m just trying to make the point that no matter what you have, you can be happy with it. It’s a state of mind, that’s it.

56// Forget what people think of you

A lot of what drives consumerism is to show off and to look good. You need that LV purse to have status. You need a BMW to look good to your friends. You want to show off that lipstick from Sephora because it’s branded. It’s actually not really your fault if you feel this way. It’s how we’ve all been raised in todays society.

If you can, let go of this as much as you can. You’ll find you’ll spend money on things you actually want and care about rather than trying to look good or impress others. You’ll forget the name brand stuff for more cost effective replacements, saving you so much money in the process.

57// Be low maintenance

Being low maintenance is quite awesome actually. It’s great for you and others around you. It’s as simple as choosing a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and doesn’t require a lot of hair products or hair cuts, to having simple nails so you don’t need to paint or get manicures often. It’s easy for your boyfriend/girlfriend too. They don’t have to do as much for you to make you happy!

58// Wait 30 days before buying

The 30 day rule is pretty simple. When you want to buy something, let’s say a camera, wait 30 days and then revisit the item. If you still really want it, then you truly want it. This strategy is used to help you buy things you truly want instead of succumbing to impulse buys.

59// Exercise often and stay fit

First of all, you’ll feel awesome when you’re fit and healthy. But on top of that, you’ll save a lot of money today and especially in the long run. Medicine is expensive. Simple over the counter medicine from every day sicknesses like colds will add up too.

We don’t have to get into how expensive medicine is for those who are unfortunate enough to suffer from long term illnesses. Do yourself a favor and stay as health as you can by staying fit and eating well. It has more benefits than saving you money.

60// Avoid excessive transaction fees

Really dumb fees like taking money out of a different bank machine that charges you transaction fees can be avoided so easily. Locate your nearest bank’s bank machine. Forgetting to pay your bills on time and getting charged late fees are also completely avoidable. Set up automatic payments instead. Or speeding and getting a ticket. These things are completely avoidable if you act sensibly.

So don’t be afraid to spend good money on things you value a lot. And everything else, go cheap and frugal on it. I wear $6 plain white t shirts and I LOVE THEM!

61// If it’s free, grab it!

My mom is better at this than me, but basically, if it’s free, then get it! For example, Costco gives away free samples of detergent sometimes. I got a free $25 full size Lacoste deodorant one time at a drug store. I attended a free movie at my University and they were giving away cups. I grabbed one and now I have a free cup. Little free things may not change your life but it helps.

62// Offer something of value instead of paying

Be creative in how you save money. One way is to offer something to someone that isn’t money. For example, if you know how to play piano and your coworker is a massage therapist, well instead of paying him cash to give you a massage, offer to teach his child piano lessons in exchange for a massage. This is absolutely gold and will save you so much money.

63// Deep freeze food

Invest in a deep freezer. It’s one of those items that will pay for itself soon enough. You can buy bulk perishable foods and keep them in the freezer. You can make extra food, like when you crockpot, and keep extras in a ziplock bag. Buying a big bag of chicken breast will be cheaper than buying a small amount. A freezer saves in many many ways.

64// Increase insurance deductibles

For things like your car insurance or house insurance, you can increase your deductible and save a little off your premium. This is a double edged sword since it could actually cost you more money if you were unfortunate to get broken into or robbed. However, if none of that happens, you’ll save money on your policy.

65// Multi policy/product discount whatever you can

If there is an opportunity to save money by combining a few services together, then you definitely should do that if it makes sense. For my banking, I have a few services with the same bank which saves me from paying the monthly banking fee.

You can combine insurance policies (home, vehicle, etc) which usually results in a multi product discount (several hundred dollars typically). Explore your options.

66/ Invest in energy efficient light bulbs

If you plan to live in your home for a long time or you use certain lights in your home a lot, change them out for energy efficient light bulbs. For example, I changed the light bulbs in my room to LED lights that is supposed to last 15 years. They were expensive but in the long run they will save me money. And I have my light on in my room all the time so it made sense!

67// Skip the dryer and hang your clothes

Dryers shrink your clothes and can mangle clothing in other ways sometimes. But besides that, hang drying clothes will save energy costs. If you don’t own a dryer I wouldn’t even bother buying one. If you have one, consider using it less.

68// Ride a bike everywhere

I have a friend who rides his bike everywhere even in winter. I’m blown away. My city isn’t the most bike friendly city but he finds a way to do it. If your city is bike friendly then you just gotta invest in a bike and use it as one of your main ways to get around.

It’s such a great way to get fit, let alone the savings from taking Uber’s or driving your own car. Plus, traffic sucks.

69// Start an emergency fund

Your emergency fund is meant to be used when you lose your job or something else crazy happens and you need money right away. In my opinion, you should have one. Put away a little bit of money every pay check. Even $25 a pay check helps and adds up.

You can set up automatic withdrawals from your checking account into an emergency fund bank account so you won’t even see the “missing” money.

70// Learn how to invest money

There’s no better way to save money than to get more of it. Investing money helps you save money by putting it in the right places. And the right place for your money is anywhere it can grow! Learning to invest money takes time. So make it a goal to learn something every day and practice what you learn.

71// Have a in house get together instead of going out

Get your friends together for an in house gathering instead of hitting the bars or going dancing. A gather around a BBQ  roasting marshmallows to a few drinks is likely going to be a lot cheaper than having dinner and drinks afterwards. A night of Settlers of Catan will certainly be cheaper than dinner and drinks. And really, it can be even more fun.

72// Be okay with being hungry

I’ve found that when I eat all the time, I get hungrier more often as well. It’s like my body wants even more food. When I eat less, I’m also still hungry, but at least I’m not always eating and getting fat.

The funny thing is, my mood and everything about me is just the same when I’m eating a lot or eating less. So I really really think it’s okay to feel hungry. And to be okay with being hungry. My body eventually adjusts to having less food and learns to run on a smaller diet.

73// Start walking. Everywhere

Walking is free. And amazing for your health. So get comfortable with walking as much as you can. It’s one of the healthiest lifestyle changes you can make. And you don’t need to pay for gas either!

74// Make more money

Saving money will help you only so much. It can make a huge difference if you’re spending is currently very poor however. But if your goal is to get rich, then you need to go beyond simply saving. You can’t save your way to millions of dollars. Even if your goal isn’t to be a millionaire, I recommend you to explore ways to make more money along with maximizing how you save money.

75// Eat foods that keep you full longer

Certain foods make you less hungry. Eating more of these foods will keep you fuller and therefore you’ll spend less money on food. Also, a lot of these food that make you fuller longer are cheaper too.

76// Share costs whenever possible

If you can car pool instead of driving your own car or have roommates instead of living on your own, the money you’ll save can be used towards investments or the holiday fund.

77// Become a wifi junkie

I’ve become somewhat of a wifi junkie. Because of that, I was able to drop my data plan several gigabytes, saving me a few hundred dollars per year. Pretty much everywhere has wifi so use that instead!

78// Avoid taking out loans at all costs

Nobody wants to pay loan interest. They suck! So really try to avoid any type of loan if possible. I think people buy into credit too easily. It’s like everybody owes money to someone these days. While I can understand mortgages, things like motorcycles can probably wait until you actually have money for it.

79// Improve your credit score

The higher your credit score, the more favorable interest rates you will get when you take out a loan. You can qualify for 0% financing on vehicles or get rock bottom personal loan rates when you have a great credit score.

The difference between an average credit score and a great credit score can mean thousands of dollars saved in interest payments. Of all the ways to save money, raising your credit score is not so obvious one that makes a HUGE difference.

80// Forget the latest iPhone

Well, maybe not the best advice for me since I get the newest iPhone every year, but I know a lot of people who get a new phone every couple years or so, and I feel like that’s the way to do it!

I think it’s okay to get the latest and greatest of something if you really love it and get a ton of value from it. Otherwise, skip buying new all the time and use what you have to its maximum value.

81// Buy used items

If you can buy used, go for it. I used to buy everything new because I felt it was “better” but I was just dumb back then. I buy used camera equipment, Jeep parts, furniture, you name it. I just make sure I’m getting what I’m paying, and save a ton of money doing so.

Some things you need to buy brand new, and that’s fair. But A LOT of things can be purchased second hand and will do exactly the same job as a brand new item would, at 15-50% cheaper might I add.

82// Buy refurbished

Refurbished items are just as good as new items. Almost all of the time, if you didn’t tell me it was refurbished, I would have never known. Refurbished items sell for less and the costs savings is sometimes a lot. When I buy certain electronics, I have no problem going refurbished.

83// Learn how to make money from a hobby

You already probably spend a decent amount of money on your favorite hobbies. You’re probably a bit of an expert on it too. Why not figure out a way to turn your joy for your hobby into a way to earn extra money! I think most people don’t because they don’t know how.

84// Forget extended warranties

For the most part, warranties are not worth it. This is totally just my experience though. I almost never take extended warranties. I take care of my stuff and most of the time they last. The odd time it dies when it’s out of warranty, well, I cut my losses and buy whatever is new at the time.

85// Ask your credit card company to lower your interest rate

A phone call to your credit company can help reduce your interest rate. If you carry a balance on it, it means you can reduce the amount of interest you pay each month. Try it.

86// Buy online if it’s cheaper

You can buy just about anything online. So check online for whatever it is your buying. If it’s cheaper and you can wait for it, maybe go for it! Sometimes you can find things online that are much cheaper than in store. Online companies can charge less because they save costs by not having a retail store. They can pass these savings on to you.

87// Spend money on things you truly enjoy

I hinted at this a few times, but you want to put your money where you value it the most. For me, I have no problem buying a $1000 iPhone. I’m on my phone like 6 hours a day at least, managing my blog, social media accounts, taking photos, listening to music, you name it! While I don’t NEED a $1000 phone, I will absolutely pay for it because of the value I get from it.

What is dumb (that I sometimes do) is go to the casino which I don’t even like that much and lose a few hundred dollars. If I have the time of my life there then It’s more reasonable, but I don’t. This is not how you efficiently spend your money!

88// Learn how to cook like a boss

Eating in is the way to go when you’re looking to save money. The better cook you become, the more crafty you can get with basic inexpensive ingredients. Plus, cooking is super fun and impressive too.

89// Take a staycation

Not every vacation needs to be across the world. Take a vacation at home or a nearby town. There’s so much to see and do in our own backyards its incredible! Yes, it may not have the allure like Paris or Rome, but it can be (almost) just as exciting.

90// Attend pot lucks

Pot lucks are amazing because you can make a little bit of food and eat as much food as you want. I have NEVER been to a pot luck where there was not enough food. Nobody is gonna judge you for bringing less food or whatever. If your work or friends have a pot luck gathering, take advantage of it.

91// Make gifts

If you crafty then make a gift instead of buying one. This is something you can do with one of your days off from going out. Hand made gifts can mean so much more to someone than having something bought.

92// Lower the temperature on your water heater

Heating and keeping the temperature of your hot water tank is actually fairly expensive! You can adjust the temperature of the water. I recommend taking it down maybe 10 degrees and see how that works for you. If you’re okay with that, then continue taking it down until it get’s too cool.

93// Get your hair cut for free

Check with your local hair colleges or hair schools. They are always looking for people to practice cutting hair on. I know some people are particular with their hair and feel students cutting it could be sketchy. But if you’re okay with this then go for it!

94// Cancel all your useless memberships

Any membership you have that you don’t fully utilize should be looked at. If you can go with out it, cancel that! I have memberships to Lightroom CC, Netflix, SkillShare, Gym membership, and more. My phone plan is only $40/ month.

But these things I use a lot (and they’re not that expensive). As soon as any of these are not giving me full value, I’m cutting them asap. Again, try to not buy into contracts that tie you in a contract.

95// Take short showers and/or cold showers

Limit the amount of time you spend in the shower means you’ll use less water. And also, try taking cold showers. It saves hot water and has interesting health benefits too.

96// Get your kids to give you a spa day

You don’t need to spend hundreds on a spa day. Get your kids to treat you for a day. If they love you they will. Get them to massage you, paint your nails, and bring you grapes. Even if it doesn’t turn out so good, I mean, it’s probably gonna be an amazing experience with your kids. If you don’t have kids, well, you can just give yourself one!

96// Share your Netflix account

Netflix is only $10 a month, but I share it with 3 people which saves everyone money. And it builds good will 🙂

97// Get fit at home

Gym memberships and fitness classes can be super expensive. But did you know you can actually stream fitness classes online? Yoga Today and Daily Burn are just two places to do this. Also, you can get incredibly fit doing Yoga at home or working on body weight exercises from home. You can use apps, DVD’s, Youtube, or stream fitness classes online!

98// Borrow stuff

Try and borrow things instead of buying them. For example, when we installed new floors, we needed a bunch of tools we didn’t have. We found people who had them and borrowed them instead of buying new equipment we would only use once. Whenever you can, borrow!

99// Eat and drink during happy hour

Drinks and food during happy hour can be surprisingly cheaper. I think everyone should go out to eat every once and awhile, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive experience. Dining during happy hour is awesome!

100// Watch movies during matinee

Afternoon movies are cheaper than ones at night. Plus, you almost never have to wait in line (unless it’s Star Wars :P)

101// Go vegetarian once (or twice) a week

Meats and poultry is not cheap. If you can, go vegetarian for just 1 day a week. It won’t save you a huge amount of money, but it’s just one more little thing you can do to save money that adds up.

102// Use the Cash Envelope System

The Cash Envelope system is a popular budgeting strategy to prevent you from overspending. It works by putting physical cash in envelopes. Each envelope is used for a specific category, like groceries or utilities. It works well because you can physically see how much money you have for each category and how much money you have left.

Plus, when you work with cash only, once you’re out of money, you’re out! You’ll have to make due until next pay period.

How are you finding success saving money?

If you’re having success saving money, I’d love to hear how you are doing it! Just leave me a comment below. I’m always looking for ways to save money and I may include your money saving tip in my list!