If you’re in a situation where you need money now, or are looking for ways to make money today and into the future, I’ve compiled a strong list of ideas to get money. Most of these money making ideas are focused on ways to generate income quickly, and some of them have long term income potential.

With any of the topics below, no matter how much you need money quickly, make sure to really think it through and make sure it makes sense for your financial situation and what you are trying to achieve. If you’re looking for ways to get money fast, then use the ideas that gets you money now. If you are more looking for ideas for long term ways to make money, then definitely use the longer term strategies. They have more income potential and are more business oriented at making money.

Check out the list below and definitely check out the links I’ve included if you are interested in learning more about that particular topic.

Sell your photos on stock websites

If you have nice photos just sitting around on a hard drive, you may want to consider making money with them. You can upload your photos on a website like istockphoto.com. Every time someone downloads one of your photos, you make a little bit of money. If you’re into photography, selling stock photos is a great way to add additional income to your photography.

Have a weekend garage sale

Garage sales are one of the quickest way to earn cold hard cash fast. You can sell just about anything at a garage sale. And chances are you have a lot of stuff just sitting around. That old computer you’re not using any more or those books that you never read are things other people don’t have, and would love to have. So gather all your unwanted jewelry, clothes, books, toys, electronics, and random weird things we all have, put them up for sale at a Garage sale for a couple days. You can absolutely earn over $1000 in a weekend sale. For additional revenue, invite others to sell at your garage sale for a fee. This way, you make even more money and can even cover your garage sale costs so the cost of hosting the event is free!

Sell things online on Craigslist and other similar sites

Selling things you already own is a major way to make money. Everyone has stuff around the home that can be sold. The internet is an incredible place to unload stuff you don’t want. Craigslist is one of the most popular places to sell online, however there are also other sites like kijiji that work the same. Spend an afternoon taking photos and listing your stuff for sale. You can definitely make a bunch of money quickly doing this.

Make money with phone apps

Did you know there are apps on your phone you can download to make money with? They all work a little differently, but all of them require you to use the app in some way. A popular one is Field Agent, where you use the app to do things like take photos, shop at a store, answer questions/surveys, and you make money. You are paid per job, usually a few dollars and can make more than $10 for other jobs.

Make money with a website

I would say, above all things, making money with a website is the best long term strategy to make a lot of money – enough to quit your job forever. The idea of how it works is simply this: You have your website, and you attract traffic to it. Once the traffic (visitors) hits your site, they will need to take some action that generates you money. It could be clicking on an ad or buying a product you are talking about. These are a few examples as there are many ways to make money with a website. Executing it is a lot harder and takes time to learn and get good at. But make no mistake, people are making $100,000+ dollars every year online with their own websites. They travel the world, sit at home in the PJ’s working, and just have that freedom life that we all want. If you’re interested, you can learn more about blogging here.

Freelance your skills online

Freelancing online is one of the most popular ways people all around the world are making extra income. Freelance means doing “piece work”, in other words, you make money and are paid per job/task. People and businesses need workers to complete daily tasks. Things like inputting data, sending out emails, making phone calls, managing spreadsheets, writing articles, proof reading articles, transcribing text into words, etc. etc. Businesses need all kinds of tasks done. And you can make money performing these tasks. Some tasks require you to have certain skills, and other tasks anyone with a computer can do. To find these types of freelance work, a good place to start is a network like upwork.com. They connect work seekers with job offerers. Keep in mind that freelance work can be done without networks. Just contact businesses can land you wicked jobs. For example, a photographer may need someone who can manage a website. And you can email photographers offering them your designing services for example.

Start working on Fiverr

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a really cool place to make money, as well as get things done for your own personal/business needs. Fiverr is a place where “gigs” are offered for money (starting at $5). For example, you can pay $5 to have a logo made for your business, or to have your math homework done. You can sign up on Fiverr to make money selling gigs. You could write articles, proof read articles, translate things, create a jingle, and just about anything honestly. Basically, you perform tasks for $5 and up to $20 or so is pretty common. That’s it.

Find work online as a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is very much like a freelancer. In fact, it’s pretty much the same thing, however I think most people would view virtual assistant as more of a longer term type job. For example, as a business, you could hire a virtual assistant to manage your website for you, admin your emails, etc, on a longer term on-going basis. You can be anywhere in the world helping someone across the world. As long as you have the skill and quality for the job, you could be hired. I would say the best way to find work is to reach out to business/people who you think you could help with your particular skill.

Become an Instagram influencer

If you want a bit of fame and fortune, there isn’t a better time to be alive. Because every day regular people are making full time money online using Instagram as their platform to quit their jobs, travel the world, and be someone thousands of people look to. But how do you make money on Instagram? It breaks down to this: You build up a following of people who are interested in you and the topic of your Instagram account. Once you have a following, you essentially have “influence” over your following. That is, you have an audience. And now you can make money from your audience by talking about products, services, or promoting anything else for a commission. Brands and business pay you money to show their company to your following. For example, if you are a travel influencer, you can partner with a hotel brand by staying at their hotel and showing the hotel off. If you are a keto diet Instagram influencer, you can talk about supplements and earn a commission every time someone buys it with your coupon code. To become an Instagram influencer, pick a topic for your account, and begin building a following around that topic, and once you have a decent amount of followers, brands will want to start working with you and you can start making money too!

Drive for Uber or Lyft

You’ve no doubt heard of Uber or Lyft, the two major share riding companies in the world. Driving for them is actually very very decent in terms of what you make. Especially during busy times when the cost of riding is hiked up. You can definitely earn a few hundred dollars driving for an evening. So if you own your own vehicle, you can work when you want and earn extra income quickly.

Give tours of your city

If you live in a bigger city or a more touristy place, and you know it well, definitely give out tours of your city. You can do private tours or more public ones. People are more than happy to pay you money for your 1-2 hour time. Even if the tour is free, you ask for tips at the end and often end up making $5-$20 per person you are touring. It’s not uncommon to make $200+ on just one tour that took 2 hours of your time. You can easily start your own city tour business.

Tutor people from the comfort of your home

Most people don’t know this, but you can tutor people online from the comfort of your own home. The usual scholastic subjects like math, science, etc are the popular choices, however other things like music can also be taught online. The best way to find this type of work is likely with a website like tutor.com.

Use Airbnb to rent out your home

Got a home, or even just a room that you’re not using? Consider renting it out. There are many platforms and places where you can rent out your place, but Airbnb is one of the most structured and proven platforms to rent space out. If you have a whole place to rent out, making an extra $100 a day is common.

Get the raise you deserve at work

One of the most overlooked way to make more money pretty quickly is to get a raise at work. The fact is, almost everyone is underpaid at their jobs. So when it’s time for your raise, make sure you ask for one. Figure out what you could reasonably get, and ask for at least that. If you get your raise, that could add a few thousand dollars more per year to your bottom line. It’s absolutely worth doing each year.

See if you are owed unclaimed money

It’s not often the case, but sometimes you are owned money that you can get. You can use a website like unclaimed.org to check if you have any money owed to you that you can collect on.

Lend your car for money

Did you know you can rent your car to people in exchange for money? Yep, you can. There are a few services that connect car owners with people who need to borrow vehicles. A pretty well known one is called getaround.com.

Use cash back credit cards or reward cards

It blows my mind when I see people using regular credit cards that give them absolutely no extra benefits. Why use these cards when you can use credit cards that give you rewards, like cash back for groceries or gas, or rewards like free flights and hotels? The credit card industry is very competitive, and you can absolutely find many credit cards with strong rewards program that don’t have an annual fee. There are also premium credit cards that give you the most rewards that also come with annual fees. But if you’re not about that that’s fine. But at least make sure you are getting something out of using your credit card!