Did you wake up today and go man, I really need money now?

If this was you, then this list of ways to make money is for you!

Whether you’re looking to get paid to travel, or you’re simply looking for general ways to make money (because you need money really badly), this list is for you.

Below you’ll find a list of ways to make money that are fun and better than your traditional jobs.

A lot of these money making ideas are either internet based or self starter based. You will also find fun job ideas to make money from too.

Here’s the list!

15 Ways To Make Money (when you need money now)

1. Teach English Online

Teaching English overseas has one been one of the best ways to work abroad – and you can still do that!

However if you are at home now and want to save up money, then making money teaching English from the comfort of your own home is a great idea. In fact, you can teach English online anywhere in the world.

The online platform VIPKID is a very popular place to land a job teaching English to Chinese students. They have 1 on 1 classes where you’ll only have one student to work with at a time.

VIPKID pays up to $22 an hour which is excellent for doing something you’re already really good at. Not only that, you get to pick your hours and days of the week you’re available. They also create the curriculum for you to follow which takes the headache out of delivering lessons.


2. Sell Photos On Stock Websites

If you love travel, chances are you’ve taken a million pictures already. No matter the subject matter, stock photography websites are always in need of fresh new photos.

You can join several stock photography websites and begin making money selling photos as soon as today. You’ll upload your photos, give them nice descriptions, and wait for people to download them (buy them).

You are generally paid on a royalty basis, which means you are paid every time your photo is downloaded. It isn’t much, but when your photos are being downloaded in the hundreds (or thousands) every day, you’re going to earn a lot of passive income.


3. Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is a popular place people make money onInstagram is the best platform online to make money! This is because you can begin making meaningful money with around 5000 highly engaged followers only.

On Instagram, you make money in several ways. The most popular way is to partner with a brand who will pay you money to post a photo that advertises their product. For example, a fashion brand could send you clothes and pay you to post a photo of you wearing it (and you’ll get to keep the clothes too).

Instagram has become a very competitive place to make money because of the massive opportunity that exists. Which is why you should get on there and start working on the platform from a business mindset in order to make meaningful money.

A lot of people become their own “brands” on Instagram. Being a brand is another word for being an Influencer. For example, a travel influencer is someone who travels and promotes brands (and themselves too) – all while making money to fund their adventures.

When you post photos and stories about a clothing brand, tour company, or supplement, your followers will see your “ad” and will be more likely to buy the product because they see you with it. That’s the power of influencing and that’s how you can make a lot of money with only 5000 IG followers.


4. Create A Travel Website

Hands down the best thing you can do for yourself to make money is to start your own website. It doesn’t need to be about travel specifically, but it can.

A website is the best way to earn money because it’s really a “business” that you build over time. Like any business, you have full control over all aspects of it. From what types of content you want to write, what products you want to promote and recommend, and how you want to brand it.

A website can be a “blog” or a “faceless” website. Both add a lot of value and can make tremendous amounts of money.

You make money with a website in several ways:

You can promote affiliate products where you get a cut of the profits for every sale that’s made. For example, you can recommend a Contiki tour to visitors on your site. If they click your link and book a tour, you will get a nice commission (usually $100 or more). Afilliate marketing is the most popular ways travel bloggers make money.

You can also place ads on your website. Visitors click on these ads making you money. Ads make a wide range of money, but I’ve found for a travel site, it’s around $0.50 per click on average. The more visitors you get, the more ad revenue you’ll generate.

There are many other ways to make money with your own website. The main goal you want to achieve first is to create excellent content that people need. After that, you want to attract visitors to your site so they discover your content and can interact with it to get you paid!

Blogging is amazing because you can do it from anywhere in the world. It’s also something you can work on the side for now. Begin building it up and one day you and your blog can be all you need to make all the money you need to travel, buy a condo, and retire early. Blogs can make $100,000+ every year. They are that amazing and 100% you should get into blogging for money.


5. Make Money As A Virtual Assistant

One of the fastest growing ways to make money online is through virtually assistant businesses online.

A virtual assistant’s job is incredibly varied. You could be helping someone create Pinterest pins, answering phone calls, editing blog posts, or web designing.

A virtual assistant is really just someone who helps someone else online and is paid for it. You may never have a face to face conversation with your “boss”. Businesses have many types of needs and hire people online to fulfill them.

A lot of virtual assistant jobs can be found online on freelancing websites. These jobs pay the least amount of money and I don’t recommend spending time finding work here if possible.

To get awesome paying jobs, it’s better to contact online businesses through email offering your skills.


6. Make Money Freelance Writing

A freelance writer is someone who specializes in writing online for a person or business.

Most “freelance” work is piece work, which means you will be paid per job you complete. However, many businesses will hire freelancers for a contractual period of time (like 6 months or 1 year) which is awesome for you because this guarantees work.

Freelancer writers can be paid very little, from around $10 per article written to $300 or more per article written.

You’ll obviously need to be a great writer in order to make a lot of money freelance writing. Just like becoming a virtual assistant, you can find work on online job posting websites (again, they don’t pay too well generally speaking).

The best way to get high quality freelance jobs is to become a great writer if you aren’t one yet, and to reach out to businesses who hire writers to find out if they need writers. This proactive work will be well worth it in the end.


7. Give Tours Of Your City (or city you’re in)

Make extra income by giving tours of your cityOne of the coolest ways to make easy money is to give city tours! Whether you’re at home or in a foreign country, giving tours is a great way to make a lot of extra money in just a couple hours.

When I was in Berlin, I took a free city tour from a man who grew up in England. We followed him around for 2 hours as he showed us Berlin. In the end, we all tipped him. I was watching to see how much money he made. This might blow your mind, but I reckon it was close to 200 euros. Everyone gave him 5-20 euros. Not bad at all for 2 hours of work.

You can create your own website to advertise tours. Also, a well established website like Viator is a great place to advertise your city tours too as that’s a popular place tourists go to find tours.


8. Work On A Cruise Ship

One of the best travel jobs is to work on a cruise ship. With so many types of ships and companies in the world, you’ll have a lot of choices.

Cruise ships typically hire contractually, for six months or a year. You generally work all day and perform many types of jobs to ensure the ship is maintained.

But of course you get time off which is the real reason why you’re doing this type of job… to get “free” travel as you work. I’m not sure exactly how much time you get off, but in speaking to a lot of cruise ship workers over the years, it seems like you get time off when the ship docks and in between departures.

Each cruise company has their own vibe and types of clients. On top of that, the region where ships sails will make a big difference in your experience. Working on an Alaskan cruise is far different than working on Caribbean ship! Make sure you factor that in when choosing where you want to work.


9. Create A Niche Website

Build a business when you need moneyA niche website is a website that covers a small topic in detail. For example, a website about Traveling to Jamaica is a niche site. A website about Central America travel is a non-niche site (way to large).

Niche websites are excellent ways to make money because there will be less competing websites which will help you grow faster and attract visitors to your site quicker – which both help you make money faster.

Niche websites also have a major benefit in that your subject matter is very specific and people who visit your site tend to trust your information more because that’s what your entire site is about. This also helps you make more money because when you recommend products or give advice, your expertise and knowledge will be very apparent (and this is what people need!)

A niche site can be run like a “blog” where your face and personality is at the forefront of all your content, or it can be fairly nameless and faceless where it’s just good information with no personality attached.

However you want to run a niche site, I highly recommend creating one! Just like a personal blog, a niche site takes work and time to build. A lot of blood sweat and tears will go into it. The rewards from it are potentially life changing!

You can make full time money with just one niche site. Hundreds of dollars per day. Once you’re at this level, you can work on your site full time from anywhere in the world. How amazing is that!


10. Open up an eCommerce Store

An eCommerce store is a store that sells products online. This is a very popular online business model because everyone loves to buy things!

There are two ways to create an eCommerce store: You can buy the inventory and deal with the packaging and shipping yourself, or partner with a company that will handle all the “handling” parts of the business (labeling, shipping, returns, etc).

There are pro’s and con’s to both. I personally prefer the “hand off product” business model. This is called drop shipping in the online world.

To create your own online store, there’s really just one company that should come to mind. That company is called Shopify. They are top dog in online store creation and nobody else comes close.


11. Learn How To Day Trade

Day trading is the art of buying stocks and selling them within the same day – perhaps just minutes of each other sometimes.

Like any investment strategy, the goal is to buy low and sell high. With day trading, a stock could fluctuate just a few cents in a few minutes. As a day trader, you can take advantage of this difference by selling the stock when its price increased.

A small price change is all that needs to happen in order for someone to make a meaningful amount of money trading a stock.

Stock trading is not overly complicated however there are things you need to learn before you get started. You will win some and lose some. You just don’t want to lose big. And every now and then, you’ll win big. Overall, if you’re smart and manage risk very well, you can make a lot of money simply day trading for a living. Here’s a 20 minute Youtube that explains how day trading works.

Day trading can be a hobby you do when you’ve got the time or a full time gig!


12. Become A Digital Nomad

A digital nomad is a fancy word for someone who works from their laptop anywhere in the world.

It’s actually an incredibly sexy way to live. What else is more appealing than traveling anywhere while working from a computer. I think that’s so cool.

Technically, if you own any business online that you can run with an internet connection, you are a digital nomad (as you travel around).

However, there are companies that help you become a digital nomad by helping you get online work. You are still trading your time for money. Instead of going to the office every day, you do your 8 hours of work every day at a certain time – but you could be on the beach at least!

I personally recommend starting your own online business or any type of online side hustle that makes money where you aren’t tied down too much on when you need to work and what hours. Not only will you get more freedom running your own online business, you will make way more money when you succeed.


13. Become A Professional Travel Photographer

Photography is a great way to make money when you need moneyIf you love traveling and taking photos, what more of a dream job than being a travel photographer is there?

As amazing as travel photography is, it’s a difficult way to make money because money isn’t guaranteed until you become recognized and popular for your work.

A lot of travel photographers can be found on Instagram (for example, @jn is one of my favorite). You can also create your own website to advertise your work.

To be a successful travel photographer, you first need to be a good photographer. That means traveling on your own money and building your photography skills. You’ll then need to display your work (on Instagram and website), and finally get in touch with brands and businesses who could use your photographic skills.

A tourism board could hire you to not only promote their tours to your audience that follows you, but to create content for them (stuff they can use in their advertisements or marketing material).

For example, a major cruise company could fly you out to a new country where you get to go on a free cruise and take photos for them. That’s just about as cool as it gets. But to get to this point, a lot of your own money needs to be spent and work needs to be done to get to this level.


14. Sell Everything You Don’t Need

If you’re thinking “I need money” and you’re not sure how to get it, how about selling everything you don’t need! There is nothing better than making money selling stuff you no longer care for.

Chances are you have a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Tires in the garage? Clothes in the closet downstairs? Toys nobody uses anymore? The list goes on and on right….

You can sell items for free on sites like Craigslist. There is also eBay which will help you reach a larger audience but has fees. Lastly, you can have a garage sale or host one with several people in your neighborhood.


15. Get A Job As A Flight Attendant

Next to working on a cruise ship, a flight attendant is the other travel job that really saves you a lot of travel money.

We all know who flight attendants are and if you’ve read any other list on how to make money traveling, then you’ve no doubt been recommended becoming a flight attendant already.

So I won’t add much else here other than that flight attendants make pretty good money and flight attendant job satisfaction is high. So if that’s someone you could see yourself doing, I definitely recommend it. You get time off when you land and in transit between jobs. You can find yourself in so many different parts of the world which is amazing.


16. Create An Online Course

One of the most financially rewarding ways to make money is to create an online course.

You can create courses for big time learning platforms like Skillshare or Udemy. You’ll absolutely earn money as student sign up and participate in your course.

But the real money is made when you create courses on your own hosted website or use a teaching platform like teachable.com. Why? Because you get to set your own prices for courses you create, and nobody is going to take a cut of your profits.

To be a successful online course creator takes expertise in online marketing. It’s probably not the first place you should go to make money. I recommend starting your own website first to build an audience around topics you’re knowledgeable about. Build an audience through an email list. And eventually, you will create a course that helps your readers solve problems. This is a popular path many course creators go through.

You can also simply create an online course and then attract traffic to it. You’ll have the challenge of nobody knowing who you are but it can be done with smart marketing and good relationships with other bloggers who can help promote you!

The best part about being a course maker is that you can create courses on just about any topic. What’s important is doing research to make sure the skills you’ll be teaching are in demand (chances are they will be!) For example, you could teach people how to travel plan, make money on Pinterest, create goods to sell online, or draw!