18 and looking for a job?

Or maybe you’re looking for a job for your 18 year old child (maybe not so child anymore… :P)

I’ve gathered a list of jobs for 18 year olds they can do from the internet for you.

I don’t think most people think about working online because they don’t know much about how it works, but making money as an 18 year old online is totally legit.

Here is what I would do if I was 18 and looking to make money!

10 Ways To Make Money As An 18 Year Old

1// Start a blog

Blogging is my favorite way to make money online.

Call me biased, but it literally is the best way to never have to work a “regular” job ever again. Blogging is something you can do for the next 20+ years too, making tons of money and doing it from wherever the hell you want to.

If I was to turn back to an 18 year old myself, I don’t think I would have gone to University. I could have started blogging right away and probably be making $100,000+ a year within a few years or so.

how a blog makes money

So what is blogging and why the hell is it so good? Well the website you’re on right now is my blog. This is how it works in a nutshell.

I have some passions and I talk about these passions. I have expertise in these areas and I help people learn more about it. The end goal is to help people solve their problems. Along the way, there is sometimes things people can buy that will help them solve their problems better, faster, easier, etc.

For example, I’m a photographer and I can help new photographers take better portrait photos by blogging about portrait photography. To make money here, I could recommend cameras and other photography gear good for portraits, photo editing tools, and even create my own photography courses.

And if I do a good job showing people how to take better portraits, some of my readers will take my recommendations on the products I recommend. And then I make money when they do!

The beauty is that once you get your blog going, you can be making mad money. I’m talking hundreds of dollars per day.

A gazillion people are online blogging already, and a lot of them are making good money too. you should get on this train. I tried a lot of different ways to make money but found blogging the BEST way to do it consistently long term.

2// Survey websites

Survey websites are websites that pay you money to fill out survey. It’s as simple as that.

The great thing about survey websites is that you get paid right away. There isn’t anything complicated to set up or do.

In a nutshell, it’s quick money and rewards with no skill required.

You sign up for survey websites and then fill out surveys that you choose. The more survey websites you sign up for, the more surveys you can fill out for money and rewards.

My recommended survey websites are:

Global Test Market

Harris Poll


3// Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where people do “gigs” for $5. The gigs are often simple tasks like creating a simple logo, writing articles, or it can be something funny like recording yourself singing happy birthday to someone in a British accent.

Now a days, you can use Fiverr to sell gigs that cost way more than $5. This is great to make more money.

The BEST thing about making money with Fiverr is that anyone can sign up. You just need to have some skill that people are willing to pay for. Again, these skills can be useful ones like proof reading articles or weird like telling jokes in a quirky voice.

I recommend hitting up Fiverr to check out the gigs people are offering to see the wide range of things people offer. It will give you an idea of what you could sell on Fiverr.

Basically, the more gigs you sell, the more money you make. You get paid per gig you sell. Fiverr does take a cut to keep their business running. But people are making great money on Fiverr still. Here’s an article about how this kid makes a full time income on Fiverr.

Click here to visit Fiverr. Sign up as a seller to begin making money.

3// Slice the Pie

Slice the pie is a website where you listen to music for money.

The music is mostly new artists who are looking for feedback about their music. So you get paid for giving your opinion on their music. Though music is big here, they also have clothing you can give your opinion on.

Basically, these artists, record labels, and companies want to make better products and need your opinion. So they pay you money for your opinion. You don’t make a ton of money here but it’s a easy way to make money as an 18 year old.

4// Make money on Youtube

Youtube is one of the more popular ways to make money online.

How it works is really straight forward. You make videos and post them on Youtube. There are ads on your Youtube videos that make you money.

The more views your videos get, the more money you make. It works this way almost all the time. Basically, a certain percentage of people will click on ads. Ad clicks can make you a few cents to a few dollars. It varies for a lot of different reasons, however, just focus on making videos that people want to watch.

Here’s Youtube’s quick guide on making money on Youtube.

5// Participate in Reward websites

Reward websites are sites you do stuff on to make money.

They can be watching videos, playing games, filling out surveys, or shopping through their shopping portal. When you take these actions, you will be rewarded with money that can be redeemed for gift cards to places you’re already shopping at, or you can redeem as cash through Paypal.


Cash Crate

My Points

This is the best list of jobs for 18 year olds I've found anywhere online!

Pinning is winning! You know what to do 🙂

6// Develop a course for Skill Share

Skill Share is website people use to learn a variety of things.

For example, I use Skill Share to learn about photography. I watch videos photography instructors have made to better my skill.

Skill Share pays by the amount of time people spend watching the videos you have created. They say their top instructors are making $40,000+ a year. that’s a lot.

Especially because when you see the video courses created, they aren’t so refined and crazily produced. Some of them are super simple just like something you’d see on Youtube.

So really, as long as you have expertise somewhere, you could become a Skill Share instructor and teach people something. If your skill is in demand, you could attract a lot of viewers and make a lot of money. You also make money by referring people to Skill Share.

Click here to check out Skill Share.

7// Develop a course for Udemy

Udemy is similar to Skill Share, but it’s bigger and more diverse.

Making money with Udemy is the same as Skill Share, in that you create courses for students to learn from.

Udemy’s model is different than Skill Share. With Udemy, you make money per course you sell. Courses can cost $15 or a lot more. And you get a cut of that sale. With Skill Share, you make money for the time people spend viewing your videos.

Which is better? I’m not 100% sure to be honest. I would say you could make more money with Udemy if you created a popular course and it sold for more than $15.

Click here to visit Udemy.

8// Freelance your skills

Freelancing is doing “piece work” online.

It’s amazing because you can take on whatever jobs you want to take on. It’s not a full time gig, so it’s a great way to make extra money as an 18 year old.

Some people freelance full time and make a lot of money doing it. Freelance work is really ANYTHING. But a lot of people online need things like articles written, things proof read, small website design changes, a logo made, etc.

Basically, if you have any skill that you can do with a computer, you can almost guarantee someone needs help with it. And they of course will pay people for it.

So a very popular website to find freelance work is upwork.com. I recommend browsing around for jobs to complete. You set the price you wish to receive in order to do the work. There is a lot of competition on these websites from people all around the world, but to be honest, if you do quality work you’ll get noticed and can charge more money.

9// Make money on social media

Making money on social media has been a “thing” ever since they got started.

It’s a bit complicated to explain how it works because social media is always changing and so are the rules involved around monetizing social media accounts.

But in a nutshell, what you need to do is create a social media account and get it popular. Once you have fans, making money is really just letting them know about a product or service they could purchase. And people do!

For example, if you had a Facebook page about cooking, you could share a recipe you found on the internet about cooking with a Crockpot. And in your description, you link to Amazon so people can check out the Crockpot. People interested in making the recipe may very well buy the Crockpot you recommended.

Facebook and Pinterest are two incredibly popular social media networks to make money from. I would recommend using one of them when starting off.

10// Drive for Uber

So Uber isn’t really a job you do from home but I wanted to include it here.

Uber is the perfect way to make money right away as an 18 year old. Uber drivers make pretty good money from all the conversations I’ve had with my Uber drivers.

How Uber works is that you drive people around like a taxi driver. You’ll get paid for the distance driven and time driven. Uber will take their cut. But you can still make $15-$25+ dollars an hour driving people around.

It’s especially easy to make great money with Uber when you drive during peak hours, like Friday and Saturday evenings when Uber is in demand. Sometimes the rates are 3x/4x more than usual because everyone is looking for a ride back home. That means a ride that normally costs $20 can cost like $80. That’s GREAT money.

The amount of money you make with Uber varies depending on where you live as well.

It’s really easy to qualify to drive for Uber. You obviously need a valid drivers license, and you also need a car that isn’t too old.

I highly recommend it as a side gig to make money, or you can drive full time too of course.

Click here to check out Uber.

Any questions?

What do you think of these job ideas? If you have any suggestions, hit me up in the comment section below!