Let’s talk about nuts!

Nuts are a great way to supplement your daily nutritional needs on a ketogenic diet.

But with so many different nuts, which nuts are best on a keto diet? I’m about to share that with you today!

The main thing I will look at is the ratio of fats, protein, and carbs per nut type.

We all know that a keto diet is roughly:

  • 75% fats
  • 20% protein
  • 5% carbs

So we want to eat nuts that are as CLOSE as possible to this ratio. This way, we know we are hitting our macros properly and don’t need to “eat more fat” or “eat less carbs” to balance out our macros so we stay in ketosis for the day.

Also, in my opinion, it’s better to go overboard on fats and under on carbs/protein than to eat too much protein or carbs (on a temporary basis). Too much carbs/protein can kick you out of ketosis, while too much fat will not. Though you may add on a bit of weight from eating too much fat, at least you will still be in nutritional ketosis.

What Makes A Good Keto Nut?

As I mentioned earlier, a nut that has a ratio closest to what we need to eat on a keto diet is my major factor in determining what the best nuts are. Secondly, nuts that have fewer calories are also important because we don’t want to over eat in calories (though pretty much all nuts are fairly high in calories).

Also, I’ll be looking at net carbs when calculating carbs, which is total carbs minus fibre. Our bodies cannot digest fibre (which is a carb), so most people use net carbs as the true measurement of carbs, and that’s what we’ll do here too.

5 Best Keto Diet Nuts

Below are my top 5 nuts for a ketogenic diet.

Beside each nut is the ratio of their (fat : net carbs : protein).

In no particular order….

  1. Brazil Nuts (10:1:2)
  2. Macadamia Nuts (11:1:1)
  3. Pecans (10:1:2)
  4. Coconuts (10:1:1)
  5. Hazelnuts (9:1:2)

Coconut isn’t truly a nut… but I’ll include it here because it’s close, and it’s one of the best “nuts” to eat on a keto diet.

The Best Keto Nut?

Best really depends on what you’re looking for. If you want the nut that has the highest amount of fat to protein/carb ratio, and has the fewest calories per serving, as well as taking price into consideration, coconuts wins hands down. It is lower in calories than all the nuts listed here and has a fantastic ratio of 10:1:1.

BUT, we all know that buying a coconut and cracking it open and eating it is a pain in the ass. We can of course purchase coconuts that have been opened for ease of eating, but we gotta be careful if they’ve added flavoring or processed it in any way. I prefer to get my foods whole and fresh.

The other nuts listed here (besides coconuts) are all around the same amount of calories per serving. Different nuts have different properties and nutritional characteristics, so you may want to choose specific nuts for their nutrients. However, If you don’t have a specific allergy or micronutrient needs that a particular nut provides, I recommend eating a bunch of different nuts for variety and taste!

How To Eat Nuts On A Keto Diet

I treat nuts like a snack.

If I’m going to be out for awhile, I pack nuts with me. When I used to eat high carb foods, I’d buy a bag of chips or get something quick at a fast food place. But now I just munch on some nuts and it will hold me over until I get home to make a meal.

At home, I’ll eat nuts after my meal or sometimes or when I’m sort of hungry but don’t want to make a full meal. I’ll eat some nuts instead and it will get me through to the next day.

And I only stock the nuts listed above. So I know that I won’t be eating too much protein/carbs and kick myself out of ketosis.

These are the best nuts to eat on a keto diet. They are healthy and high in fats. Click here to discover what they are

Should You Avoid Nuts If You Want To Lose Weight?

Yes and no….

Here’s the thing… nuts are easy to over eat. Just a small handful of nuts can be a few hundred calories. And it’s really easy to eat a small handful of nuts as I’m sure you know!

But as long as you know this and don’t have a tendency to over eat nuts, then nuts should have a place in your diet when your goal is weight loss.

Nuts are one of those easy snacks to have that is completely keto friendly and healthy too. There aren’t many snacks out there like this. It’s much better to have some nuts than give in and grab a burger at McDonalds.

Nuts Are EXCELLENT If You Want To Put On Weight

If you’re looking to build muscle and gain weight, nuts will absolutely help you reach your caloric needs. Nuts are high in calories as you probably already know, and it’s easy to eat 1000 calories of nuts. A few handfuls of nuts can get you there. When you’re building muscle, most people need to be in a caloric surplus in order to gain. Nuts are the perfect “supplement” to get you there.

Eat A Variety Of Nuts

Nuts are packed with different nutrients. Each nut will be better for different parts of your bodily functioning. Some nuts might be better for your brain or for your heart.

I really recommend eating a variety of nuts. Like the five I mentioned above. Go to the store and hit up the bulk section. Grab a scoopful of each nut and mix it up when you get home. Variety is good for taste as well as variety in nutrition.

Keto Diet Resources You May Find Useful

The keto diet has been popular for a few years already but is finally now truly exploding in popularity because the truth is coming out about how you actually lose fat and what you actually need to eat for overall optimal health.

If you’re new to keto and need guidance, or you want to start this diet and need resources like cookbooks and keto health info to get you started, I’ll share with you some of my favorite ones below:

Keto Camp is a keto diet guide for beginners that’s well rounded with keto information on general health, using a keto diet specifically to lose weight, and it comes with cookbook and workout resources to burn more fat. If you’re looking for something to get you started, this is a great one.

Keto Diet Cookbook is a really good keto cookbook especially for beginners and people who aren’t great at cooking. The recipes are simple and easy to make, and are specific for weight loss and overall general health. The bonus material will give you a strong foundation of keto knowledge as well. If you’re looking for a great cookbook and want to deepen your understanding of keto, this is a great choice.