Growing up, the one muscle I always wanted huge was my arms.

I don’t know what it was about having big guns, but I guess I had a thing for flexing in front of girls and showing off the one part of my body I thought was the dopest.

The cool thing about arm exercises are that they aren’t that complicated. You only need a small handful of bicep workout exercises to get killer biceps. Just pound it hard until the last rep and be consistent with your diet and gym, and you should have killer arms in no time.

Since it’s a little hard to show off arm workouts with text, I’ll reference some youtube videos for you to check out how to do each killer arm workout.

5 Killer Arm Workouts For Killer Biceps In Just Weeks

1. Bicep curls and hammer curls

The bread and butter of killer bicep workouts are hammer curls and bicep curls. basically, arm curls are like bench press for chest, or squat for your legs. It’s the main exercise you perform to grow big ass arms.

The interest thing is a lot of people don’t do bicep curls 100% correctly. Sure you curl it and drop it back down. But it’s also really important to curl it as high towards your shoulder as you can, and lower it all the way down. This way, you will get the FULL range of motion of the curl, which puts the most tension on your bicep muscle, which will break down the most muscle fibres for growth.

This exercise is amazing and you need to do it all the time to grow big ass killer arms. You can do both Bicep Curls and Hammer curls, because they both hit different parts of your arm. Actually, you should do both!

So Scott Herman is a body building bad ass and he put out this amazing video that really explains how to do a hammer curl and a bicep curl. He’s amazing and knows his shit.

Below is a video where he explains how to curl a dumbbell, whether you’re doing a hammer curl or bicep curl, and shows you how to do it with proper form for the most growth.

2. Reverse Curl

A reverse curl is what it sounds like, it’s a bicep curl that you do by twisting your wrist around the other way. It’s very similar to a regular bicep curl, however, how you hold the barbell is different. You will basically flip your hands so they will face down, and pull the barbell up that way.

Reverse curls work on other parts of your arms, more specifically, it really helps bring out the peak of your arm. Your wrist and forearms will also get a really nice burl.

Here’s a video of Scott again. I don’t have a man crush on him or anything, he’s just dope at teaching this stuff.

3. Barbell curls

Barbell curls are probably my favourite way to grow killer biceps. To be honest, this exercise is probably the best way to grow big arms the fastest. I mentioned above that hammer curls and bicep curls are two exercises that are “staple”, but to be honest, barbell curls probably fits that description better.

This is because barbell curls are more like a bench press for your arm. And you probably know that the bench press is king for growing big ass pecs.

Barbell curls are just amazing, and I attribute this exercise to giving me the most growth in my biceps.

To learn how to do a bicep curl properly, check out this video below by howcast:

4. Concentration Curls

A concentration curl is an exercise that you probably see the most in random movies that show people in a gym working on their arms. It’s when you sit down and put a dumbbell in one hand. You do one hand at a time, and it gives you a strict range of motion. This exercise is great at isolating one arm and focusing all your energy and power into your main bicep muscle.

Below is an excellent video that demonstrates concentration curls. Note that he does this exercise standing up. I don’t like to stand up when I do this exercise. I like to sit on a bench, and I’ll lean over to perform the exercise. he shows how to do concentration curls by standing up and leaning over.

5. High cable curls

High cable curls is one of my favourite exercises to burn the crap out of my arm. I don’t do this exercise every day, however I love doing it maybe once every week or two, because it’s one of my favourite ways to shock my muscle into something new, which helps keeps my biceps guessing and growing.

High cable curls is a bit of a scarier exercise for newbies, but watching a video about it should help you understand how it works and get you comfortable trying it at the gym. Also, this exercise takes up a lot of space so sometimes newbies are intimidated about trying it out. It’s your gym too! Try this killer arm exercise the next time you hit the gym.

Anyhow, here’s Scott again with a video demonstration of high cable curls!

Bonus video:

Here’s a dope ass video from Rob Riches. He’s got amazing arms as you’ll see. He goes over his top 5 bicep exercises for killer arms fast. Some of the things he included are in my list too. If anything, the video will give you more ideas on how to build killer arms. Also, he does high cable curls in his video, and you can see how amazing his peak is in his arms. Check out the video below:

What’s your favourite bicep exercise? Hit me up in the comments below!


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