If you want to drop a lot if weight fast, like 40 pounds in just a short period of time like 2 months, you’ll need a diet plan that is really good for fat burning.

I first want to make the point that you can lose weight on just about any diet plan. And everyone is also different and will find different ways of eating that are suited better for them.

In terms of weight loss though, a high fat low carb diet (or a keto diet) has been shown to be very effective for weight loss.

You may have heard of a keto diet but don’t know exactly what it entails, or how it can help you lose a lot of weight.

So let me explain what it is:

What is a keto diet and why is it good for fast weight loss

The main way a keto diet differs from other more “traditional” ways of eating is that a keto diet is very high in fats. So this scares a lot of people right away because the mantra was “eating fat makes you fat so avoid fats at all costs.”. This was the mentality and it is still the mentality most people have, though it’s been changing a lot since more and more studies are showing that this is absolutely wrong.

A high fat diet does NOT cause people to gain weight. And it’s also why people that eat a keto style (high fat low carb) almost never get fat. In fact they lose fat.

MOST people are overweight because they have eaten too many carbs. The way your body treats carbs is that any excess carbohydrates will be stores as fuel for later. In other words, eating too many carbs make you gain weight.

What about fats? Fats is a different story. Let me explain.

First of all, the hormone insulin is responsible for storing energy (the food you eat). Whenever you eat, insulin is secreted into your blood and insulin will take your broken down food and store it in the right places in your body. Insulin will shuffle excess food into your fat cells (which is how you gain weight).

In the presence of insulin, your body WILL NOT BURN FAT. This is incredibly key.

To lose a lot of weight, you want to put your body in a state where insulin levels are LOW and for longer periods of time. Because when insulin is low, your body has a chance to burn fat. Another hormone, glucagon, will trigger the release of energy from cells which is what you want for fat loss.

Here’s why high fat diets work for fat loss

Fats raise insulin levels incredibly minimally. Very very little.

Carbohydrates on the other hand raise insulin levels a lot. And depending on what type of carbs you eat (refined carbs for example raise insulin levels very high and quickly), your body will spend hours storing the carby foods you just ate as energy for later. During all this time, insulin levels are elevated and your body will NOT be in a state of fat burning.

Remember, you want to be in a state of fat burning as long as possible. Insulin prevents that. And every time you eat a high carb meal, insulin is present in high amounts in your blood which prevents fat burning.

Eating a lot of fat, on the other hand, hardly elevates insulin at all. Which keeps blood insulin levels low, and helps you stay in a state of fat burning longer.

This is why a high fat low carb combination is so incredibly powerful for fat loss. It’s why a keto diet is so popular today as we have learned so much more about fats and how our bodies react to it.

Fat makes you fat is old science. It’s not true.

A lot of people have turned to a keto style of eating to lose weight and regain their health back. I am just one of the people who have adopted keto with amazing results.

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How To Lose 40 Pounds in 2 Months

First, losing 40 pounds in just 2 months is a lot of weight.

And it’s not impossible, but it may be depending on how how weight you have to lose right now. If you are very over weight, then you will find it easier to lose weight quickly.

Regardless of how much weight you need to lose, the approach to weight loss is the same.

Eat a diet high in healthy fats, low in carbs, and moderate in protein.

When you eat foods in this mix, the two main macronutrients that stimulate insulin production (carbs and proteins) are limited. Remember, when you have elevated insulin levels in your blood stream, you are in fat storing mode.

When the opposite is true (insulin levels low), you are in fat burning mode.

So the key to weight loss is actually to keep insulin levels low so your body can burn fat. And a high fat does that, because fat does not increase insulin levels very much.

This is why a high fat approach to weight loss works. It sounds counter intuitive, but we’ve been lied to for so long about how to eat right. A high carb approach doesn’t work well for most people. If it did, why are so many of us fat, tired, and can’t lose weight?

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