I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Max during my short time in Seattle.

I highly recommend Hotel Max for it’s awesome location and comfortable (and affordable too) stay.

Naturally, being a photographer, I was curious about the Hotel Max restaurant.

So one late afternoon, after an exhausting walk around the city, I decided to walk into the Hotel Max restaurant (Miller’s Guid).

Miller’s Guild Seattle Restaurant Experience

I walked in from the Hotel lobby entrance.

I was greeted immediately by a young woman. I quickly told her I was a photographer and would like to take photos of the restaurant.

She’ wasn’t so sure about it and immediately looked towards a man at the front of the restaurant, who I presumed was the manager. We walked over and she asked him if I could take photos. The manager asked why, and I explained I was a blogger, and he gave me the “ok” to snap some shots.

He also pointed out the main piece of the restaurant, the wood fireplace/oven area in the middle of the restaurant.

It was dope af.

And indeed the money shot.

I couldn’t wait to take photos of it.

But I made my way to the bar side first.

Miller’s Guild Bar

A shot of the bar at Miller's Guild Restaurant

It was fairly dark inside with most of the light coming in from the windows.

So a lot of these pictures will look under exposed, as I have no edited them to brighten them up.

I really liked the wine glasses hanging here.

Miller guild's wine glasses

It was about the late afternoon.

I think there was just 2 tables dining at this time.

I remember taking this next photo because the group of girls right beside me were staring at me wondering why I am taking photos of the roof area.

The barrels above the bar area is really cool.

Gives the restaurant that rustic feel.

You can also tell how damn bright the light is outside, many of the windows are blown out (it was 90+ fahrenheit outside).

Miller Guild Barrels

I moved on to the main piece of the restaurant after, the bar area in front of the wood oven.

Miller Guild wood oven

Easily the main centerpiece of the restaurant, the fire oven is awesome.

Here’s a wider view of Miller’s Guild main piece.

I would definitely sit at the bar area here for dinner.

Besides the fact that it’s fun to watch cooks prepare food, it’s a very pleasantly looking place to sit.

Miller Guild fire oven

A closer look at the bar area in front of the oven.

table settings at Miller's Guild

Wood for the fire.

I also like the pans sitting on the table.

makes me feel closer to the food and kitchen.

wood for the fire

Moving on from this area, I went around the restaurant snapping photos of the tables and dining areas.

More photos of the table settings at Miller's Guild

Some tables are shorter tables with shorter chairs.

Others are taller tables with taller chairs.

They are not too tall though. About waist height. Anyone should be able to sit comfortably.

Hotel Max restaurant in Seattle

As you probably have noticed already, the table settings are fairly simple but elegant.

I enjoy the non uniform plates.

I like that little touch of different that Miller’s Guild has.

Guild restaurant in Hotel Max

Right when I walked in, I could tell that this isn’t going to be a cheap place to eat.

Miller’s Guild is a restaurant that caters to diners who want a more elegant dining experience.

I think you could probably tell already just by how the restaurant looks.

It’s not a place to get cheap eats.

It’s a place to spend a couple hours with good company, drinking and eating good food, and enjoying the dining experience.

The dining experience at Miller's Guild

Here’s another photo of a longer table.

The booths by the window look like a dope place to dine too.

Miller's guild Seattle table

More tables.


Seating area by the window.

Guild bar

Bar of Miller's Guild

Guild restaurant

And a shot of the shorter 2 seater tables.

shorter tables

Water glasses by the bar

glasses of water at guild's restaurant

I really like this view of the restaurant.

It show’s off the hanging wine glasses at the Guild bar, and shows off the different seating arrangements available here.

Hotel max restaurant

Here’s a shot of the server and staff area of the restaurant.

Server area of restaurant at Miller's Guild

And another look at the table settings of the Guild restaurant.

I quite like this photo for its details.

Is that salt?

I’m actually not quite sure what it is.

Guild table settings

And I here’s one more in closer view of the wood and seating area at the front of Miller Guild’s restaurant.

Seattle's Miller's Guild

A closer look at the coffee and tea area of the restaurant.

Miller Guild Seattle staff

Another cool area of the restaurant is the bar like table right beside the window.

I love the outdoors, and short of sitting outside in the patio seating, this comes in at a close second.

bar area by window

And for my last picture, I’ll show their longer table with the coffee area in the background.

A woman was putting on her apron.

She didn’t look at me but spent like 20 seconds in my frame. I guess this is her area (and it is!)

hotel max restaurant Miller's Guild

The Dining Experience at Miller’s Guild

I didn’t actually eat here.

I just walked in to take photos of the place.

So I can’t comment on the food.

I did take a peek in a few times during various times during my stay at Hotel Max, and I never saw the restaurant more than half full.

I’m not sure if you would need a reservation.

Rookie Mistake

I must have been too tired or something but I completely forgot to grab a menu to check out prices and see what foods they offer.

And of course snap a few photos of the menu for you.

Thats too bad.

Cause of course the menu matters a lot!

I do remember peeking in one time and seeing good looking food at a table eating nearby. And wondering if I should eat here.

Miller’s Guid Restaurant Dining

Well, like I said, I didn’t get to see the menu or even eat the food.

But as far as the restaurant ambience and vibe goes, I would definitely eat here.

If you’re by yourself or with a few people, try and grab a seat by the fire oven at the front.

It does look like the Guild restaurant won’t be a cheap place to dine. The decor tells me that.

Having a look at photos of the food and restaurant on the internet, it does look like the food would be fantastic.

So I recommend giving this place a try, especially if you will be staying at Hotel Max.

Spend a couple hours of your evening here before heading out, or after coming back from a day of exploring Seattle.

Miller’s Guild Seattle Info

Check out Miller’s Guild restaurant official website here.

Yelp reviews here.

Hotel Max review here.

Have you eaten at Miller’s Guild Restaurant?

If you’ve had a dining experience here I’d love to hear about it!

Tell me what you ordered and what you liked about it. Or even disliked.

I always like hearing from others.

Leave me a comment below to share your experience.