Something we all grew up with eating a lot of with virtually any ill effects.

But now we’re all a little older, we can’t really eat all that sugar and still feel the same vibrant young selfs we were.

Why is that?

Mostly because sugar wrecks havoc on our bodies. And when we were young, we didn’t feel the full effects of it now.

Sugar and the problems it causes in our bodies like inflammation and every other disease related to inflammation is the cause of most health problems today.

If you really look at our food consumption change over the last 100 years or so, it has changed a lot in many ways. The one ingredient that has MASSIVELY changed is the amount of sugars (carbohydrates) we consume today. And we’ve also gotten incredibly sicker over this same period of time. It’s not a coincidence.

Sugar has been shown to cause many many diseases in our bodies. The evidence is not debatable. A LOT of us eat too much sugar and it’s killing us.

So what should you do?

Well, it’s pretty easy. STOP EATING SUGAR. Or dramatically reduce the amount of sugars you eat. So that’s the no sugar diet and that’ what I want to talk about today.

Want to quit sugar? Here's how to do a sugar free diet for quick fat loss and long term health

What is a sugar free diet?

A sugar free diet is a pretty loose word for “not eating sugar”. Some people take it extreme and eat NO SUGAR at all, which is not necessary for most people. This type of diet means you’ll be eating meats and fats only, with no veggies (veggies contains carbs which are sugars).

In my opinion, a healthy sugar free diet allows some sugars. Just the healthy ones that naturally occurs in vegetables. Your goal is to keep sugar as low as possible. This will likely help you lose fat faster and will also help regular your insulin levels which is likely not functioning well if you’re someone who’s reading this article.

How to perform a sugar free diet

There are bunch of ways of doing a sugar free diet. There are popular programs like the 21 day sugar detox that helps you eliminate sugars over a period of 21 days. That’s a great book to pick up for a lot of guidance.

BUT, if you don’t want to buy a book, I can help you with pointing you in the right direction and you can figure things out as you go along.

The main thing you want to do is eat low sugar foods. You also want to shift your foods to higher fat foods. Now you might be thinking that eating fat makes you fat, but that’s just 80’s and 90’s propaganda that has been proven false. It’s really the excessive sugars that make people super fat. A diet low in sugar counters fat loss.

A great low sugar diet is a diet consisting of high fat foods with moderate carbohydrates. It’s nick named lchf (low carb high fat).

For weight loss, or if you are incredibly insulin resistant or diabetic, a ketogenic diet is likely the right way of eating for you.

A ketogenic diet (keto diet for short) is a diet where you eat very small amounts of carbs (which come from veggies only), moderate amounts of protein, and a lot of fat.

A ketogenic diet converts your body from a sugar burner (carbohydrates) to a fat burner. Your body will transition from burning mainly glucose for energy to fat for energy. This is incredibly powerful because your body will be used to burning fat efficiently (whether its the fat you eat or the fat existing on your body). This is an incredible way to lose fat. Also, when you keep carbs very low (keep sugars low), your body will get the energy it needs from the fats you eat and the fat on your body. As long as you don’t over eat on fat, you should NOT gain weight. And if you eat a calorie deficit on a ketogenic diet, you will be both controlling insulin levels and consuming less energy than you need. Both of these combined will likely help you lose weight.

In any case, a ketogenic diet keeps carbohydrates LOW (sugars low) which can really help with quick fat loss. This is absolutely my recommended way of eating to lose fat. I know it may sound crazy eating a diet high in fats. But on keto, your body uses FAT for energy. So it’s important to eat fats. Remember, you are cutting out the carbs. With no carbs, your body needs another source of energy – which is fats.

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