New York is a bright, beautiful US metropolis, which many consider one of the best cities in the world. The city has something to see and something to be surprised at, there is an abundance of interesting sights and entertainment venues that are world-famous. People that admire the views of these beautiful futuristic landscapes in New York come from all over the world. And restaurants often use stunning views from their windows to attract tourists. In this article, we will look at the best restaurants from which you can enjoy the most romantic and unforgettable views.

Asiate in Mandarin Oriental

The restaurant is known for its panoramic views of Central Park, surrounded by greenery, which is located in the heart of Manhattan. It is located in the building of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the 35th floor. Also, from the windows of the restaurant, you can look at the street “Billionaires’ Row,” which is famous as the most expensive and elite street in the city. All of the guests of the restaurant have the opportunity to look at the city from the huge windows from floor to ceiling.

The owners of the institution were able to create an amazing atmosphere to get an unforgettable experience from a visit to this place. The restaurant’s interior is decorated using stylish decor, interesting textures, and original presentations. The sculptures of trees hanging from the ceiling look impressive – the branches that symbolize trees in winter. The decoration of delicate orchids gives a special beauty to each table, which reminds the visitors of the Asiate restaurant of the Asian motifs. If you are currently dating a much younger girl, then this is a great place to start your journey to New York, it will leave a long-lasting positive impression on the woman of your heart.

The cuisine here is simply amazing. You can choose the dishes of Japanese cuisine, for example, sushi, and sashimi for every taste. Visitors from Europe will appreciate the delicious dishes of Italian and French cuisines. Thanks to this, the Asiate restaurant in Mandarin Oriental is a hit for locals and visitors to New York.

The Loeb Boathouse Café

In the very center of Central Park, you can have a great rest from the bustle of the city, secluded on board a ship standing on the lake. The Loeb Boathouse Café offers a bewitching view of the perfect mirror surface of the lake. The restaurant features American cuisine. The delightful singing of birds, fluttering butterflies, the smell of all kinds of greenery and flowers create a truly laid-back atmosphere of comfort, warmth, and harmony with the outside world.


Riverpark Restaurant offers stunning views of Long Island City and the East River. Long Island is one of the largest and longest islands in the United States, and the East River is a clean and wide river that flows between Long Island City and Manhattan. Both banks of the river provide magnificent views of the city. On the terrace, you can comfortably sit on sofas and enjoy seasonal dishes of modern American cuisine from the famous chef Tom Colicchio.


When traveling around New York, do not miss the unique opportunity to visit the three-story restaurant Alma, which is located at an altitude in the open. From a bird’s eye view, a grandiose view of the Brooklyn and lower Manhattan piers appear to the human eye. Among the glass monsters of this area are the obelisks of the first-generation skyscrapers, including Woolworth Building. Restaurant Alma is the pearl of Mexican cuisine, where all the dishes are incredibly tasty and hearty. Chef Francisco Lopez is a creator of dishes with a sophisticated and at the same time memorable cuisine of this restaurant. Guests visit the restaurant year-round, as the roof deck is heated in winter, and in the summer, you can watch the sunsets from the second floor during the late dinner while admiring the panorama of Manhattan.

Rainbow Room at the Rock

Visitors of the Rainbow Room at the Rock have great views of southern Manhattan. The restaurant is located on the 65th floor of the famous high-rise building Rockefeller Plaza. The institution was reopened after a five-year reconstruction that ended in 2014. The bartenders of the restaurant are extremely hospitable, welcoming, and work very professionally. The original art deco interior attracts the eye of every visitor that comes to this place. Rainbow Room at the Rock is a kind of attraction for guests and residents of New York. Climbing to the 70th floor of the observation deck, which is located above Rockefeller Plaza, guests will find not only a free alcoholic drink but also a magical view of the city. You can see the Empire State Building with its endless visitors.