Looking to make extra income?

Want to do something online that makes money but don’t want to invest any money into it?

If that is you, then this list is for you.

It outlines the best online jobs that require no investment and you can make a ton of money from it too!

Check out the list below of jobs online that don’t require any investments (or very little). This is a small list of jobs online that make money, and it’s the best list because it shows you really the best ones only and not a list of 50 whatever jobs online that don’t even make sense half the time.

See it below:

My recommended two best online jobs without investment


The best job in the world is when you are your own boss. You wake up when you want and work when you want.

And the best online job that can make you a lot of money at the same time would be blogging.

Owning a website that makes you money every day is the dream life.

I think everyone would be into blogging and pursuing it but they don’t know how to do it and don’t know where to start.

If you’re interested in learning about how a blog makes money, and how you can make money blogging, i’ll talk about how it works really quick.

How a blog makes money

Blogs can make money several ways. Traffic comes to your blog (visitors) and they will do something that makes you money. This “something” can be clicking an advertisement or buying a product you recommend for example. These are two incredibly common ways bloggers are making money online.

Your job as a blogger is to write articles, promote them so people know it exists and will visit your blog, and when people land on your blog, you will convert them into dollars.

That’s how it works.

And when you get good at doing the above, you make a lot of money.

Blogging is the best online job in the world.

Many bloggers who work hard and dedicate themselves make money in a few months and make a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month within their first year. Many go on to quit their day jobs and blog full time. They travel the world becoming digital nomads and do all the fun stuff they want to do, and work on their blogs along the way. It’s really a job that you call your own shots.

Does blogging cost money?

Yes it does. So it’s not a job without investment completely.

But it’s an online job with “little” investment. Initially anyway.

Here’s the deal…. setting up a blog will only cost you around $20 to maybe $50.  That’s it. It’s one of the cheapest online businesses you can create. A lot of people think that starting a business will cost thousands but that’s not the case with blogging.

You could also start a FREE blog too. I don’t recommend this because you don’t have full control of your blog when you use free platforms, plus, if your goal is to really truly make money online and you are committed to it, It’s a much wiser choice to start your blog the right way.

Overall, as you become a better blogger and start making money, you’ll see the potential of it and how much money you can make. Making an extra few hundred dollars a month to a few thousand dollars a month is extremely reasonable within your first year. And after a few years, you can be making $5000 – $10000 or more each month. It’s completely doable if this is something you fully want.

As your blog grows, you will put more and more money into it to grow it. That’s the nature of growing an online business. But you’ll also likely be making money too. So that money can be reinvested into your blog. You’ll invest in tools, courses, and other similar things to get your blog to the next level. But in the beginning, don’t worry about this. The first year costs of a blog is incredibly minimal.

If you want to learn more about making money with a blog, click here for a full tutorial.

Social media influencing

Social media influencing is one of the most well kept secret of making money online that isn’t really a secret at all.

But if you ask a regular person on the street about making money on social media, they’ll have no idea how that works or even if that is a thing.

But let me tell you, making money on social media is totally a thing, and it’s incredibly profitable.

There are a few really popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter…. but NONE of them are as good as Instagram to make money online with (my opinion of course!)

Instagram is incredibly amazing because you can make money several ways with it and you don’t need a large audience to begin raking in the profits.

How does it work making money with Instagram?

With Instagram, it’s all about growing your following that are interested in the content you promote.

For example, you could be a solo female travel Instagrammer. And you will post photos of you and your travels. People interested in you and that type of content will follow you. The more people follow you and the more they engage with you by commenting and liking your photos, the more influence you have.

It’s all about Influence!

With influence, when you post a photo of you with a make up product, or you in a restaurant, or you on this tour in Italy, your following will see you and be “influenced” to also check out this thing that you’re doing.

It’s the same as Kendall Jenner posting a photo of her using a brand of lipstick. The next day, Sephora will be completely sold out of it. That’s what’s called INFLUENCE. And ALL of us can influence (not just celebs).

How do you get paid on Instagram?

As an influencer, you can be paid a few hundred to even a thousand dollars or more for posting a photo of a brands product or service.

The amount of money you can command depends on your influence and how engaged your audience is.

Influencing is just ONE way to make money on Instagram. You can also make money promoting affiliate products or selling your own stuff. Again, it all comes down to building a following that like you and want to hear from you.

Maybe the best thing about Instagram is that you don’t need a huge following in order to start making money. At about 5000 followers, if they are engaged, you can work with brands like a watch company and you can begin getting free products and making money in exchange for posting a photo with their product.

Instagram is the bombs and it’s TOTALLY FREE.

Instagram is the best online job without investment as far as social media goes.

As with most things, you will likely want to spend some money down the road to help you succeed faster on Instagram. But to get started, it’s completely free.

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How to make money online without paying anything

The above two online job ideas are more on the “start a business” online side of things. It requires you to hustle and work hard. And that’s completely expected when the potential to make $100,000+ every year is the result.

However, there are other types of ways to make money online without paying any money at all that are incredibly easy.

Check this out:

Online paid surveys are the best way to make extra income online that is incredibly easy to do.

All you need to do is join survey websites and then fill out surveys.

These surveys get your opinion on a lot of different things. They are offered by companies who want to learn from people so they can make better products. And all you do is fill them out and then get paid in cash or rewards.

Survey companies are one of the most popular ways to make money online because it’s just dead simple to do and everyone can do it.

How much money do you get paid for doing surveys?

You can get paid a few dollars to over ten dollars for just one survey.

Making an extra $5 to over $10 an hour can happen with paid survey websites.

You are typically paid really quickly too depending on the survey site.

If you want to see the high quality paid survey sites that pay well for surveys, click here for the list.