If you’re in a pinch for money and wondering how to get free money, then this post is for you!

Today, I’m going to share with you 8 great websites to get free money right now.

These websites will typically pay you anywhere from $3 to $75+.

It’s a really awesome way to make extra money on the side. And it’s simple to do too! You give your opinion on important topics, and you get rewarded with cash for it. Check out the websites below!

8 Best Paid Survey Websites To Make Money With

Tip: Sign up for as many of these high quality free money websites as you can. This way, you’ll have a larger quantity of websites to get free money from. It just gives you more options – and we all love it when we have more choices, right :).

1. Harris Polls Online

How you earn money: Harris Polls pays you reward points after completing surveys that are redeemable for popular places people like to spend money, like Amazon.com, iTunes, and Starbucks.

The amount of dollar rewards you’ll earn will vary depending on the surveys you complete.

Why Harris Polls? Harris Polls is one of the oldest market research companies in the world. They focus on American lives by helping brands and companies create better products with your opinion.

A few example of industries that you may give your opinion to are government and corporations. You will also immediately get a survey to complete and begin earning rewards once you sign up.

Sign up for Harris Polls here

2. Vindale Research

How you earn money: Vindale is a survey for cash website. It is a reputable and popular website that has already paid out $5 million+ to its global online market research community. You don’t earn points or rewards here. It’s straight cash for filling out surveys. They have other things you can do to get cash as well (it’s not solely a survey website). I highly recommend them.

Bonus: Get a $2 sign up bonus just for signing up.

Sign up for Vindale Research here

3. E-Poll Research

How you earn money: E-Poll is an online forum where you join and express your opinions on daily life topics to earn reward points that can be cashed for gift cards – or transferred to your Paypal account. Gift cards will be from very popular retailers like Best Buy, Starbucks, Walmart, Amazon.com, iTunes, or you can take the money as cash and transfer the funds to your Paypal account.

To start, you’ll need to sign up and become a member. It’s very quick (takes maybe 15 seconds).

Sign up for E-Poll here

4. Global Test Market

How you earn money: Global Test Market is an incredible opportunity to take hundreds of surveys a year to make a great side income. You’ll voice your opinion on a lot of daily life topics like shopping, restaurants, cars, current events, consumer products, and more. Their members earned over 32 million dollars in 2014. So clearly, they’re popular and people trust using them. This is a “earn rewards and redeem for cash and rewards” website. Rewards can be applied to gift cards for retailers like Macy’s, Amazon.com gift cards, or be transferred to your Paypal account as cash.

Signing up for Global Test Market is simple and quick. You can get started in about a minute.

Sign up for Global Test Market here

5. Cash Surveys

How you earn money: Cash surveys has a few different ways to get money. The most popular way is to take surveys for cash. They pay from $2 to $75 per survey taken. The more time required to take a survey the more they will pay out. You can also participate in focus groups and get paid up to $120 an hour. Focus groups are a group of people who voice their opinions on a certain topic or subject. You can also receive products in the mail to test them and get to keep them too.

To start getting cash with cash surveys, you’ll need to sign up and complete your profile (takes a minute or two). Then you can begin!

Sign up for Cash Surveys here

6. Toluna

How you earn money: Toluna is very much like the other get free money options I’ve listed on this page. They’re a take surveys and test products company that will pay you in gifts, cash, and free products for your time. It’s a great place and community to get started with the “earn cash/rewards from home” people.

Sign up for Toluna here

7. Inbox Dollars

How you earn money: Inbox Dollars pays offers their members a little more options to get cash than most of the other options here. They pay you to do things like read emails, take online surveys, go shopping, and play games. It’s a nice variety of things to do which is great.

Bonus: Get $5 bonus just for signing up.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars here

8. Panda Research

How you earn money: Panda research is a consumer research company that will pay you up to $50 per survey completed. You can also earn money reading emails, which pays out up to $25 per payout request. A couple examples of surveys you can complete for cash is an auto insurance survey (earn $1.20), or a asthma survey (earn $12). Panda research is a really nice and easy way to get free money now.

Bonus: Get $3 just for signing up

Sign up for Panda Research here

I hope you enjoyed this list of online websites to get free money. Though technically, it’s not “free” in the sense that these websites won’t just give you money for nothing, it’s a great way to get side cash with something that’s pretty fun – expressing your opinion.

Again, I recommend signing up for a few of these websites (at least) so you can have a wide range of options to earn cash and rewards. The more options you have the merrier – since you don’t always get exactly what you want when you want with these websites. For example, you can’t just bang out survey after survey on just one website, because they may not have enough for you!

Disclosure: I may receive compensation if you sign up with some of the links above!

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