Pinning ain’t easy.

Or maybe it is.

Regardless, pinning is a lot easier when you have really nice background pictures to use.

Thing is, where do you get good Pinterest backgrounds for free?

Well, here are 5 really great websites that have amazing images you can download and use for Pinterest for free.

1// Pixabay

Pixabay is my go to place online for free images.

They are the biggest, if not the biggest free place online to find images. I can usually find whatever I need with them.

The pictures Pixabay has ranges from simple generic boring photos to very nice and creative ones you’d find in commercial publications.

This is the first place you should check for images.

2// Unsplash

Unsplash is the best place online to get images that are extremely creative and beautiful.

Real photographers and experienced photographers submit their images for people to use. These images are extremely good.

The images here aren’t really of things like a table, car, or person typically.

They’re more like a scenic mountain, or a sky view of the ocean, etc.

They make some of the best Pinterest background images.

I love this place. You can also sign up for their email list and get the images sent to your inbox weekly.

A lot of these images are Pinterest iphone ready or desktop ready.

Here are 5 amazing websites to get free images for your Pinterest Backgrounds

3// MyStock

These photos here are more random and there is no organization here.

So you’ll have to scroll and browse through them to find the right Pinterest photo for you.

This website is great because it has more regular looking type photos that also look good. It’s mostly not that artsy and beautiful landscape type photos.

The photos here are free for use for personal and commercial uses.

4// New Old Stock

This is a great place to get old school photos from public archives.

I love them because they have vintage photos for that vintage look of course.

5// Public Domain Archive

Public domain is great because they have a variety of photos to use, which are added weekly.

Their photos can be used for personal and commercial use. Their photos are much like Unplash in that they are beautifully done and are more on the elegant and photographic type.

You won’t really find pictures of a coffee cup or chair here.

Beautiful for Pinterest backgrounds.

Where you don’t want to get Pinterest background images

Google images is the last place you want to find images for Pinterest.

Many of the images found on there are not free. They belong to other people and using it on your blog or website, or posting it to your social media could get you sued.

You don’t want that of course.

So stick with websites that have creative commons 0 which gives you the ability to use images for personal or commercial use.

Though you probably wont get in trouble for using a random image found online, you COULD if you were caught. It’s very expensive if you get sued.

How to create a great Pinterest image to Pin

A great Pinterest image is eye catching and has some text on it that encourages the reader to click on it.

You want them to click so they can see your blog and read whatever it is you’re talking about.

This is how you’ll grab attention and make money in the end.

You can grab whatever photo you want really, and blur the background a little, and have the text at the forefront in dark bold colors.

That’s a very common way to capture people’s attention with a great Pinterest image.

Here’s an example of a Pinterest image I made below:

Want a lot of ideas on how to save money? Here's more than 100 for you! Check it out.

The background picture was blurred a little. And then the rectangle white square was added on top and then faded.

The background picture was a alcoholic strawberry drink I bought in Dresden. You can take pictures of just about anything and use it as a background. Strawberries have nothing to do with saving money, but the red color of them makes the image pop.

I also use Canva as the tool to create most of my Pinterest images.

It’s a free tool that does a lot.

Another nice tool to use is PicMonkey. They actually give you more customization and more control over being creative with your Pinterest photos, but their tool and website is much more difficult to use and a little bit annoying, so I just use Canva.

I’d have a look through Pinterest to find the style of image you like. Then take the elements from them and create your own image. You can pretty much do it all with Canva which is really nice.

Good luck! And do let me know how it goes.

Any questions or comments?

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