There are 3 main places I would stay during a visit to Edmonton.

They are:

  1. West Edmonton
  2. Downtown/Jasper Ave area
  3. Whyte Ave

They are the best locations to stay in Edmonton because they have good public transportation and there are many things to do there.

I’ll tell you a little bit about each neighborhood and who I recommend should stay there.

West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall is a great place to stay because you have the mall in the same building as your hotel.

WEM has a few of Edmonton’s biggest tourist attractions, including a Waterpark, Indoor amusement park, and tons of shopping and places to eat. And a movie theater!

There’s only one Hotel in the mall. It’s called Fantasyland Hotel, and it’s a great place to stay.

I’ve stayed there once and it was very comfortable and fun. They have theme rooms as well which are amazing as well.

If you’re looking for an accommodation that’s a little cheaper, just outside of the mall is a place called West Edmonton Mall Inn.

You’ll have to walk outside to get to the mall, and it isn’t as nice as Fantasyland Hotel, but it’s only a few minutes away and cheaper.

Other than these two locations located at the mall, the other west end hotel I would stay at is the Marriott at River Cree casino. You have gambling and entertainment here, and you’re about a 10 minute car ride away from West Edmonton Mall.

Being right at the mall is great. It’s Canada’s biggest mall. There’s tons to do and see here. And you have a main bus terminal at the mall. It’s a great place to stay for individuals and especially families.

Downtown / Jasper Ave

The downtown & Jasper Ave area is the center of Edmonton.

There are tons of things to do in this area and many points of interests. Churchill Square, City Hall, Chinatown, Rogers Place, City Center Mall, and Jasper Ave itself is all here.

It’s a good place to stay no matter who you are. The location is awesome because you are so central. You are close to a lot of shops and places to eat. And on Jasper Ave, you have many places to party and have drinks at night.

I would choose a hotel closer to where Rogers Place and Churchill Square is. It’s closer to downtown and where more stuff is happening. Anywhere around 109St and Jasper and up towards 115St.

Overall, most business people will stay in downtown Edmonton, as well as individuals and families too. It’s a great place for anyone really.

Here are a few downtown hotels I would stay at:

Chateau Lacombe – Right beside the River Valley in downtown. There is a revolving rooftop restaurant at the top that you must eat at if you stay here.

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald (if you’re a baller) – If you want the most luxurious place to stay in Edmonton, the Fairmont is where you want to stay. This hotel overlooks the North Saskatchewan River and is located right beside a major bus stop. It’s a glorious looking hotel and the grounds around the building are also beautiful.

Hyatt Place Edmonton – The Hyatt is a beautiful glorious glass building. It’s located on the Northern end of Jasper ave. This side of Jasper ave is nicer because it’s a little bit away from the hustle and bustle of the downtown core but not that far away. Also, the area itself is prettier.

Sutton Place Edmonton – The location of Sutton Place can’t be beat. It’s dead center in downtown. You’re close to Rogers Place, City Center Mall, Churchill Square, and the Museum.

A list of the best areas to stay in Edmonton, and great hotel recommendations for visitors.

Whyte Avenue

Whyte Avenue is the best place in Edmonton to go out at night (Jasper Ave coming in in second place).

Whyte Ave is a historical area that has been preserved that way. You won’t find any tall buildings here.

The only real reason why you’d want to stay in and around Whyte is for the lifestyle it brings. You’d stay here for night life, cute boutique shops, and great places to dine, as well as coffee shops.

Edmontonians love Whyte. They go there to grab drinks and dance and party at night. If nightlife is your thing, you will want to stay on Whyte Ave.

But even if nightlife isn’t your thing, Whyte would still be a good place to stay. It’s a little more on the hipster side and different than other parts of Edmonton. You’ll see student and hipsters mixed in with people in business suits walking around. It’s a great area with a more laid back vibe compared to downtown.

There are a couple great hotels on Whyte. They are:

Varscona Hotel – The best hotel on Whyte, Varscona Hotel is located pretty much right in the center. It’s a smaller hotel in an older building but everything inside looks great and up to date.

Metterra on Whyte – Another hotel that’s centrally located on Whyte is Metterra. It’s kind of a funny hotel because it’s glorious on the inside (luxury feel) but on the outside you may not expect that because Whyte Ave buildings are older.

These two hotels on Whyte are where I would stay. The nice thing about staying on Whyte is that you’ll probably find prices cheaper here compared to downtown or Fantasyland Hotel in West Edmonton Mall.

There also isn’t a lot of hotel options on Whyte so it does make choosing a place easier. There are busses that will take you to University of Alberta (close by). From there it’s one bus ride away to West Edmonton Mall or downtown. Overall, the location is pretty good.

Other places to stay in Edmonton

There are hotels and motels all over Edmonton. If you have a car it makes it a lot easier to stay in places like the South Side or North Side of Edmonton.

But I still would recommend staying either in West Edmonton Mall, Downtown, or Whyte. These areas are the most “happening” areas of Edmonton. The only way I’d stay elsewhere is if I found a smoking good deal there.

You can see hotel prices all around Edmonton here.