Europe is an incredibly diverse continent, full of exciting cities and traditional towns and drifting off to the West of the mainland, you’ll find the United Kingdom, a small collection of islands made of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Each country has their own traditions and intricacies that make for a wonderful break and even though the area is small compared to their expansive European neighbours, there’s something new and different to find wherever you land. Here we explore just a few of the most popular English destinations, from bustling cities to rolling countrysides. Whether you fancy a short weekend break or a longer holiday, these places should definitely appear on your ‘must visit’ list.


The capital of England and rapidly becoming one of the most diverse cities in Europe, London is a melting pot of culture. You could eat out for three meals a day, every day for a year and still find an interesting new combination of tastes that you’ve not sampled before. In London you’ll find all the popular tourist sites and locations, from the historic to the unique, the city has something for everyone, young or old, night-owl or day-lark.


Considered by many as the most beautiful location in England, the Cotswolds is a picturesque Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty where you’ll find quaint teashops and striking stone homes that have stood the test of time for centuries. A popular location for caravan holidays, many Brits choose to spend their own vacation time in the Cotswolds and it’s easy to see why. Explore the market towns, listen to the local legends and myths and find some gorgeous natural inspiration for your own static caravan makeover ideas, an investment that will see you return year after year.


Recognised for its importance as the home to Cambridge University, Cambridge is more than just a centre of educational brilliance. Here you’ll discover unique and classical architecture, take a peaceful trip down the pretty river, experience the hustle and bustle of the traditional market and visit one of the intriguing and engaging museums that invite you back in time. With excellent travel links to any part of the UK, Cambridge makes a great base of operations to start your holiday exploration from.


While London is a built-up modern marvel, Devon is the complete opposite, with wide-open spaces, rolling plains and some of the most favourite coastlines in the UK. You can spend days roaming the area on foot, stopping for breaks in pretty pub gardens and traditional tea rooms or try your hand at surfing along the golden coastline. The farmers and artisan markets are a true treat in Devon, so make sure to stock up on your favourite cheeses, meats and baked goods before you leave!


One of the flattest areas in the UK, Norfolk is the perfect place for a cycling adventure and is an area that looks almost untouched compared to the rapidly developing cities that surround it. In Norfolk, you can find national parks, stately homes, local shops, castles and a glimpse of the medieval life that was. If you love hand-crafted and locally made goods, Norfolk is the place to fill your shopping bags and a great place to pick up pretty souvenirs of your time in England.


An area of England famed for its remaining Roman architecture, here you can visit the Roman baths and try a warming soak for yourself. Once you’ve warmed your bones in the soothing pools, make sure to visit the open-air shopping centre for your holiday gifts and explore the galleries and museums. Bath is a small city but rich in things to do and places to see, perfect for a short break or a romantic couple’s weekend.

England has much more to offer than just these few locations we’ve mentioned and that’s before you’ve crossed the borders into Scotland and Wales which offer their own unique, interesting and stunningly beautiful places to visit. When planning your holiday this year, make sure a journey to the UK is on your list.