Finding the most popular Pinterest boards isn’t overly tricky.

There are two main ways to find popular Pinterest boards.

One way is to browse popular people in your niche, and the other way is to use a website called PinGroupie. I’ll share how to use them below as well as include a couple other ways to find popular boards to follow or join.

There are some lists of popular boards on the internet, but they’re pretty old and outdated. Social media changes so fast, followers change and new people spring out and get popular.

Using the methods below, you’ll be able to find who’s popular on Pinterest right now.

1// Browsing popular people in your niche

Whatever niche you belong to, find the major influencers in it. It’s fairly easy to identify them. What you want to do is type in some keywords related to your niche in the search bar. A ton of pins will come up. The pins near the top are the popular pins that closely match your entry. Many of these pins will be from popular people in your niche.

Click over to their profile and check out their boards. Some of these people will have huge followings, which means they will have very popular boards people are following. You can also check out their group boards. It’s likely that these big time Pinterest users are popular because they are a part of really successful group boards. So they are likely a part of massive group boards with huge followings.

Finding popular group boards with big followings to join will help you succeed on Pinterest tremendously. My favorite way to find these group boards is to find influencers in my niche and apply to join the group boards they are a part of. After all, if they are a part of them, they must be successful.

You can find popular group boards in all niches really easily by using the method above. For example, if you are looking for popular fitness boards, type in something like “butt exercises”. You’ll get a myriad if pins related to that, and you will discover massive Pinterest accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers.

2// Use PinGroupie

PinGroupie shows the most popular group boards

If you didn’t know, there is a website called PinGroupie that displays group boards on Pinterest based off of many factors, including number of followers.

PinGroupie is a good place to find group boards to join to promote your blog or business. They only show group boards and not personal boards. However, a lot of people who own massive group boards will also have a huge following themselves. So you can also discover personal boards and Pinterest users with massive followings using Pin Groupie as well.

3// Use Top Pinterest Users

Top Pinterest Users is a website that shows you who the top Pinterest users are based on number of followers. It’s really straight forward as that. If you’re looking for users with the biggest following, you’ll want to check out this website. You can also filter popular Pinterest users by category but it doesn’t seem to be working because when I tried it, it shows me accounts of people with like 6 followers.

How Pinterest works is that if a person has a huge following, they will basically also have popular boards with huge followings too. People on Pinterest can follow a user, which follows all of their boards, or they can follow a specific board only. But as I said, users with large amount of followers tend to have big popular boards too, so when you find a user like this, you can count on finding popular boards.

I have 3 tricks I use to find high quality Pinterest Group Boards to apply and get accepted to. Learn my secret here.

4// Finding popular pins

If you’re looking for popular pins on Pinterest, then using Pinterest’s curated list of popular pins is a great way to find them. This list contains popular pins from all sorts of niches. It’s a great way to see what is working in terms of images on Pinterest if you are looking to grow your business on Pinterest. If you want to see first hand what images are working on Pinterest, this is a great place to look.

Popular pins doesn’t always mean the creator of the pin is popular. It’s possible that they are very unpopular actually. But a lot of people who have viral pins tend to have decent Pinterest accounts with a decent following. So if you’re looking for boards and users to follow that are popular, finding viral pins like above is one way to do that.

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