Pinterest is the easiest social media platform to get traffic to your blog.

I almost always recommend new bloggers to start with social media as their first social network to build an audience and get traffic from.

Compared to all social media networks, Pinterest is the easiest platform to get traffic that makes you money.

You may have heard of bloggers making money in their first few weeks or months blogging. And some of them make hundreds of dollars early on too. It’s almost always because of Pinterest traffic. It’s just so easy to get, compared to Google traffic and other social media networks.

I want to show you how to promote your blog on Pinterest today. I’ll show you sevn proven strategies I use that make me 100+ dollars per day just from Pinterest traffic alone.

7 Proven Ways To Promote Your Blog On Pinterest

1// Create a profile worthy of following

Your Pinterest profile is a list of all your boards. It’s important to make your profile look amazing. People look at your board and will decide if they want to follow you or not. Also, when you request to join group boards, group board admins will also look at your profile to get a glimpse at who you are and if you are someone worth adding. Group boards are essential to succeeding on Pinterest. I’ll get into this more later.

2// Create pin-worthy images

The pins you create are very important because they are what will entice people to re-pin it and/or click through to check out your blog. It’s surprisingly easy to create pins with Canva, a free tool I use to make my Pinterest pins. What I recommend is to browse Pinterest to find pins you find attractive. Then use it as a template to create your own pins. I create a “secret” board where I pin images for inspiration.

Here’s some pointers on creating great Pinterest pins:

1. Size your images vertically// Make your images 1000×1500 pixels. Long vertical images look better and get more re-pins, and many group boards only accept pins that are vertical

2. Big bold text// You want your text to POP. Bolded text and larger text is the best way to accomplish this. It will stand out more from the myriad of other pins that show up on people’s feed

3. State a benefit// Entice people to click your images by promising a benefit. Otherwise, why would they want to check out your pin! For example, I will write “How to promote your blog on Pinterest” when I create a pin for this blog post. It’s simple and to the point, and will hopefully do well

4. Keep it simple// I have a lot of success with simple pins that clearly state a promise to the reader or a benefit. I don’t get too fancy with fonts or colors, or make my images extremely pretty. I like this because it’s much easier to create simple pins, so it saves me time, as well as it works really good too because Pinterest users can clearly understand what they will get if they click through

3// Join group boards

The success of promoting your blog through Pinterest rests on your ability to join awesome group boards. Group boards are boards that more than 1 person pin to. Often times, group boards can have 50+ pinners. You want to join group boards because you get access to other peoples followers. For example, a group board may have 75,000 followers. When you pin to that group board, you are putting your pin in front of 75,000 other people. When you are a part of many group boards, you can have hundreds of thousands of people to put your pin in front of. This is how many people get traffic from Pinterest fast, and how people make money from Pinterest so quickly.

This also means that your own Pinterest following doesn’t really matter when you are a part of big group boards. You do want to build your own following because it’s “social proof”. When you request to get added to group boards, it helps if you have a decent following, because it says you’re someone worth following.

Tips for joining group boards:

1. Your personal profile needs to be great// This is a requirement. Nobody wants to add you to their group board if you don’t look like you know what you’re doing. They will 100% judge you by looking at your profile. If your pins are ugly, if you pins are very off topic, if your board is disorganized, and if it doesn’t look like you are regularly pinning good content, you likely will not succeed in being accepted to good group boards

2. Find Pinterest users in your niche and check their group boards to find boards to join// The best way to find group boards to join is to check out profiles of people in your niche. They will be a part of group boards. Go through their group boards and apply to them. There is also a website called which is a curated list of Pinterest group boards but it’s updated only every 6 months and it’s hard to tell if the group board is actually good. I recommend checking out group boards of popular people in your niche. If they are a part of a group board, chances are it’s a good group board to be a part of

3. Email them to join// Group boards will have instructions on how to get added to them in the group board description. I recommend emailing the board owner (they almost always have a website) regardless of how they state how to get added to a board. I have had more success this way. Sometimes they ask you to send a message through Pinterest or comment on a recent pin. I find these messages get lost more often then it should. So I always email and this has worked better for me

4. Follow up// You’re not going to get accepted for a lot of group boards. Make sure you follow up when you don’t receive a response. I like to wait 2 weeks. If the group board is a great group board, I will follow up several times to hopefully get accepted. It only takes a handful of great group boards to get some decent Pinterest traffic. They are worth pursuing more heavily

Going viral on Pinterest is actually easier than you think. You want to do a few things right to give your blog a chance to go viral. Learn how here.

4// Join Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind Tribes are group boards within Tailwind. Tailwind is a scheduler that automates pinning to group boards. Basically, when you have a few dozen group boards along with your own boards, it’s really really time consuming to pin manually. Tailwind schedules pins for you.

Basically, if you are going to take Pinterest seriously, you need a Pinterest scheduler. That’s not negotiable.

But anyhow, with Tailwind, they have their own group boards within it. And they are called Tailwind Tribes. These are group boards created by Tailwind users that you can join. And they work the same way as regular group boards. You want to join these tribes because they are yet another way to put your pin in front of more people which will drive more traffic to your blog

To join Tailwind tribes, you need to get an invite. Each tribe has an invite link to join. There are some blog posts that have curated lists of these Tailwind Tribe invite links. Here they are below:

Tribes to join

More tribes to join

Even more tribes to join

5// Pin often

How do drive traffic to your blog with Pinterest? You pin a lot. The more your pins are out there the more likely it is it will be seen. People can re-pin it, save it, and if you’re lucky, Pinterest users with big followings will re-pin it to their tens of thousands of followers. This will drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog, and if this happens enough, your pin will go viral. You can get hundreds of thousands of visitors from Pinterest alone to a single blog post. And the great thing about Pinterest is that this traffic can be sustained for weeks, months, and even longer.

My best pins continue to give me hundreds of visitors per day, even a year later after initially pinning it. It’s really amazing just how great Pinterest is.

But you don’t have time to pin manually every day. You must have a Pinterest scheduler. I use Tailwind. The other popular one is Board Booster. I’ve heard great things about both. I’ve never tried Board Booster but I want to one day so I can write a comparison blog post about it. But Tailwind is awesome and they’ve never given me a reason to leave them.

6// Create multiple images for each blog post

You want to create 3-5 images for each blog post you write. Ideally you do. Some pins will flat out fail. For whatever reason, it doesn’t grab attention. Creating variations of your pin will give it a proper chance to succeed. I recommend finding several pins you like and “copying” them. Not exactly of course, but use them as inspiration for your own pins.

I use Canva to create most of my images. It’s a free tool that does a lot. If you get serious with it, it’s worth upgrading for additional features to save you time. But the free tool itself gives you a lot. I get images from free stock photo places as well as my own images since I’m a photographer as well.

Some of the ugliest pins I’ve ever made have gone viral and drive enormous amounts of traffic to my blog. You just never know what people want to re-pin. Make sure the variations you make are as different. You can change the color, text, background image, etc.

7// Promoting your blog on Pinterest successfully requires patience and persistence

You will get some traffic when you do the above. You could end up with a lot of traffic, but this is less likely in the beginning. Though Pinterest is an amazing place to get fast traffic with little work, it’s still a crowded place with a ton of other bloggers pinning like crazy.

Whether you get success immediately or not, you want to be consistent and pin regularly. It can take time for a blog post to get viral like traffic. For example, I wrote a blog post about things to do in Seattle. I KNOW this is a pin that could get a lot of traffic (from personal experience). So far, it hasn’t given the amount of traffic it could truly get. But I am continually re-pinning it because it will hopefully eventually get popular and start driving hundreds of visitors to my blog for weeks or months to come.

Also, the more you pin, the more your pins are “out there”, giving it a chance to pick up steam and go viral. It honestly just depends on big Pinterest users pinning it to their following. And then their following pinning it. And so on and so forth. The more your pins are on Pinterest, the more likely it is someone big will re-pin it.

Have any questions?

Do you have any questions about promoting your blog on Pinterest? Hit me up in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!