On my last day of exploring Seattle I was making my way back to my hotel (Hotel Max) and realized I didn’t see the Gum Wall yet.

My feet were dead but I HAD to visit Seattle’s famous Gum Wall.

It was one of those few things I needed to check off my Seattle things to do.

I wandered over to Pike Place because I knew it was in there somewhere.

I actually couldn’t find the Gum Wall.

I had to Google Maps it.

And I actually ended up doing a circle around the Gum Wall before I finally found it.

Where is the Gum Wall in Seattle?

It’s not clear at all where it is.

If you didn’t know it existed, you would only see it if you accidentally ran into it.

The official address of the Gum Wall in Seattle is:

1428 Post Alley, Seattle, WA 98101

Gum Wall Seattle location

Just to give you a better idea of where it is instead of an address, which still got me lost when I Maps’d it, the Gum Wall is located on the left side of the ever famous fish market (where they throw the fish) and the bronze pig.

There is a section of the road where vehicles can drive down on the left side. Walk down it, and the Gum Wall is right there on your left.

The Gum Wall experience

I made my way down to the Gum Wall at around 6pm or so.

Most of the places at Pike Place market were closing or closed already.

I was surprised at how busy the Gum Wall was, considering Pike Place was emptying out.

It made me wonder how busy the Wall would be during peak hours.

I’m not sure if you’d ever get a wide angle shot of without random people walking into your photos.

visitors at Seattle's Gum Wall

A lot of people were taking selfies on the Gum Wall.

Everyone had their phone out.

Everyone is taking photos of themselves or their friends/lovers.

You can tell it’s truly a tourist destination.

The Gum Wall in Seattle is a fun & free thing to do! I recommend visiting it. Here's 27 incredible photos to get you excited!

Gum wall

They alley itself isn’t very big.

But it’s hard to figure out what to photograph.

There’s just a lot of gum everywhere.

Make sure you bring gum

Seattle Gum Wall

I didn’t have any gum on me.

I completely forgot about the Gum Wall and was unprepared.

Rookie mistake.

When you visit the Gum Wall, make sure you contribute.

I was really sad I could not contribute, especially since my hotel has a free gum ball machine in the lobby (I had 2 gum balls every time I entered the lobby lol).

The alley is fairly dark on one side

There’s a nice contrast in the Gum Wall alley.

It’s half dark and half light.

You can see the light light up half the alley.

It’s better for photos when you stand in the light.

The image below shows the blown out light.

I got really lucky in Seattle. The weather was all sunshine.

The alley in the Gum Wall is dark and light

Stepping back to take a photo from where the alley starts, I composed a dark alley shot.

the dark alley

I love it.

It makes this alley mysterious.

You can also see the “Post Alley” sign in the back ground (the Gum Wall is located in Post Alley).

Here’s another moody dark shot of Post Alley.

Post Alley gum wall

It’s not actually that dark when you are there FYI.

Photos of gum on the walls

I took probably close to 100 photos at the Gum Wall.

Here’s a few I picked out for you.

I love this macro shot of the gun.

Makes me cringe in joy.


Macro shot of the Gum on the Gum Wall in Seattle

Love this one too.

Nothing is safe from the gum!

And someone decided to put eyes on the wall.

Amazing person.

5 star choice.

eye balls on gum wall

And here’s a dude taking a photo of the gum wall eyes.

And a girl poses in front of the Gum Wall.

She didn’t have any gum.

Just pretending to put some on.

Actually, most people didn’t seem to have gum.

Everyone was pretending to put gum on the wall.

Girl poses in front of the Gum Wall

Unfortunately, not all the gum survived the wall.

Here is a photo of the fallen soldiers.

It’s pretty nasty actually because you can tell a ton of people stepped on the gum lol.

floor of the gum wall

Here’s a close up shot of the gum on a pipe.

The gum up close

A wider shot of the gum.

I actually had to wait like 2 minutes to get a clear shot of the wall.

I love the decoration on the gas meters.

No gum here.

Should maybe have included this earlier, but this is the posters put up in the area where you walk down into Post Alley.

I thought it was cool.

Wall of gum close up.

More wall of gum

I like this photo a lot.

I think that’s what everyone kinda does here.

Just stare at the gum wall for awhile…. thinking should I be disgusted or not.

Either way, it’s very intriguing!

bubble gum wall

I really like the photo below a well.

I love how the gum is falling off the pipe.

I’m gonna guess it’s a hot water pipe perhaps.

The gum is falling off the wall

A second shot of the bubble gum dripping.

bubble gum wall dripping

And for my last picture, and also my favorite photo I took, here is a couple in front of the gum wall taking selfies.

I love this photo the most because I was actually able to compose this photo properly.

A ton of people walked into my shot when I tried to get this shot.

But I managed to get lucky and capture it.

I love the hand pointing out in front of them and them not looking into the camera.

It tells the story that the are taking selfies but aren’t exactly taking a selfie right then. Perhaps they were reviewing it or were in the middle of taking selfies or having a laugh about something.

I was just really happy that I could get a shot like this because of how busy the Gum Wall is.

my favorite gum wall photo I took

I recommend visiting the Gum Wall!

100% do it.

You will visit Pike Place for sure.

And the Gum wall is right beside it.

It’s basically part of Pike Place.

It’s a free thing to do and it’s cool.

Take a few selfies for Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, and be on your way.

10 mins ish is good enough here.

Or if you’re like me and you want to get good photos, maybe 30 mins or more haha.

Have you been to the Gum Wall?

If you’ve been to the Gum Wall, let me know about it in the comment section below.

What was your experience like?

I’m always curious as to how others experience things.

And let me know what other cool things you did in Seattle!

I crossed most things off my checklist.

But I’m sure I missed out on some great things too.