Visiting Seattle without seeing the Space Needle is like going to Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower.

The Space Needle is truly Seattle’s Eiffel Tower, and it should be in your top 3 things to do in Seattle.

I recently had the luxury of spending an entire evening exploring the Space Needle and the grounds near it, and I want to share my experience of it with you, and hopefully answer all the questions you have.

The Space Needle in Seattle

Space Needle Photos

You’ll see over 20 pictures of the Space Needle in this blog post!


But first things first, let’s talk about Space Needle prices.

Space Needle tickets & prices

Ticket prices of Space Needle

There are many packages you can purchase that include going up the Space Needle. They offer a discount if you want to combine a few popular things to do in Seattle along with your admission up the Space Needle.

The Chihuly Garden and Grass is a very popular touristy thing to do in Seattle, and I’ve heard wonderful things about it. It’s a great combo I recommend going for (if glass sculptures interest you).

But if you only want to experience the Space Needle, you can of course just purchase a ticket for that.

That’s what we did.

Price of Admission Space Needle

Space Needle admission discount

If you want to go up the Space Needle during off-peak ours, you save a large amount of money (1/3 of the price).

Off peak hours would be Open – 10am, and 10pm to close.

I went up the Space Needle at night and saved $10.

Space Needle ticket price at night

There’s a box office at the base of the Space Needle.

You can stand in line to purchase your tickets from a person. I’d do that if you have questions or cash only. There was always a fairly long line up at the box office though.

However, it’s really really easy to use the self serve machines on the main grounds to buy tickets for the Space Needle, and any other types of combo passes that include admission to the Space Needle.

Prices of Space Needle

Seattle City Pass

The Seattle City Pass will save you A LOT of money if you want to see the following attractions:

It’s a pass that gives you admission to the follow 5 attractions in Seattle:

  1. Seattle Aquarium
  2. Space Needle
  3. Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour
  4. Museum of Pop Culture or Woodland Park Zoo
  5. Chihuly Garden and Glass or Pacific Science Center

you pay:

  • $79 instead of $144 (adults)
  • $59 instead of $96 (child 4-12)

So again, if 3 or more of the things above are on your list of things to do in Seattle, you’ll save money by purchasing a City Pass.

If you visit all 5 attractions in the pass, you’ll save about 50%. Pretty dope. Your pass is valid for 9 days.

Where to get more information about a City Pass?

You can buy your Seattle City Pass online here.

Also, the City Pass gives you two admissions up the Space Needle, one during the day and one at night (have to use it in the same day), so you can see Seattle’s skyline in day or night.

Admission and ticket prices for space needle

Space Needle Hours

The Space Needle is open from 8am – 12pm.

Again, visiting the Space Needle in the first two hours and last two hours will save you $10 off one adult ticket.

If you have a party of people that’s a lot of money saved.

So I recommend planning your visit around the discount if it makes sense.

What does it costs to see the space needle

Space Needle Restaurant

We didn’t dine at the Space Needle restaurant, but I’m sure it would be one hell of a fun experience.

The Space Needle restaurant is called SkyCity.

They serve food during all hours (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

There’s no dress code and you’ll need reservations in order to dine at SkyCity.

You can get more information about Space Needle’s restaurant and make reservations here.

The restaurant at the Space Needle

Space Needle restaurant menu

You can find SkyCity’s menu here.

The price of their food will be more than your typical restaurant. That’s not really surprising since you really are paying for the atmosphere and experience along with your food.

The space needle restaurant SkyCity

How tall is the Space Needle?

The Space Needle height is 520 feet. It says on my ticket :).

Before you enter the waiting area to go up the Space Needle, there are many screens that give you Space Needle facts. I loved looking at them.

One of my favorite Space Needle facts is below:

facts about the Space Needle are spread out everywhere

Seattle Space Needle parking

The best place that we found to park near the Space Needle is the public parking lot beside the Space Needle and Museum of Modern Pop.

The address of the parking lot is: 516 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109

It was cheaper than parking near our hotel but it wasn’t cheap either (not that we were expecting it to be). Sorry I can’t remember how much it costs.

I would definitely park here.

It’s just really really close. Unless you find something good that isn’t too far away, I think this is your best bet.

The Space Needle is Seattle's Eiffel Tower. Experience it in 47 photos here.

Seattle Space Needle parking

Valet parking at the Space Needle

Right in front of the Space Needle is valet parking.

I’m gonna say it’s probably really expensive.

Theres a nice water fountain in the middle.

And right beside the valet parking area is the Komo4 building. This is the building Christian Grey landed his helicopter on when filming the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

I learned this fun fact from the elevator lady who shared it with all of us :).

You can choose valet parking at the Space Needle

Where is the Space Needle?

The address of the Space Needle is: 400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109

Directions to the Space Needle

I would just use Google Maps on your smartphone to get to the Space Needle. Enter the Space Needle address above to get there, or put in “Seattle Center” in your phone. Both will get you right to the Space Needle.

Where to stay near the Space Needle

Seattle airport to the Space Needle

Getting to the Space Needle from the airport is pretty easy.

If you are renting a car from the airport, Enterprise and Budget are my top choices.

Driving to the Space Needle is pretty straight forward too.

Here are the directions to the Space Needle from the Seattle’s airport:

Getting to the Space Needle from the airport in Seattle

Can click the image above to get directions on Google Maps.

Public transportation to the Space Needle

I recommend taking the monorail to the Space Needle.

You can do it for the fun of riding a monorail if you’ve never rode one before.

But actually it’s incredibly quick and efficient. And it takes you RIGHT to the Seattle Center.

So when you get off the Seattle Center Monorail station, you’re right where you need to be.

Tickets are cheap ($2.50).

You can catch the monorail from many different places. I’m going to guess that most of you will be staying in the downtown area or neighborhoods close to it. So taking the monorail from downtown is really quick and easy.

You can look at Seattle monorail routes and get more info about it here.

A night view of the Space Needle in Seattle

Things to do near the Space Needle?

The Space Needle is located right beside the Seattle Center.

Along with the Seattle Center, the Museum of Modern Pop and Chihuly Glass and Garden is right there too (along with other attractions).

There are festivals happening all spring/summer/fall in the Seattle Center area.

Basically, there is a lot of things to do near the Space Needle.

I recommend going up the Space Needle of course, and then spending a few hours (at least) to check out the grounds near the Space Needle.

The grounds near the Space Needle

My Space Needle experience

We got to the Space Needle in the evening and wanted to go up right away.

But all the times within the next couple hours or so were booked up.

So we decided to go up the Space Needle later at night. We were interested to see what the view from the Space Needle observation deck would look like at night, plus it gave us an opportunity to explore the grounds in and around the Seattle Center.

For you, you can either buy your Space Needle tickets earlier in the day and come back later to go up, or hope to get lucky. But honestly, there’s so much cool stuff to do near the Space Needle it’s hardly a hassle in my opinion.

View from Space Needle observation deck at night

There was a festival going on in the Seattle Center grounds.

I spent a good amount of time there and took a bunch of photos of everything.

Space Needle store

Of course there is a store at the Space Needle!

It’s fairly big and is at the base of the Space Needle.

They call it the Space Base.

Space Center

Space Base space needle store

They have every souvenir imaginable with Space Needle branding all over it.

Going up the Space Needle

When it get’s close to your time to go up, you head up the stairs and check out all the cool Space Needle facts.

Someone will check your bags and purses if you have one.

And then someone will check your ticket.

Ticket to go up the Space Needle

There are several elevators that will take you to the top.

You have to wait in line until they let you up.

Space Needle Line

Nobody likes waiting in line!

You may end up filling up different elevators on your way up, but it’s no big deal if you get separated from your friends or family. You’ll all get up there.

The ride to the top of the Space Needle

Elevators take you up to the top

The elevator to the top is pretty quick. Takes about a minute.

It’s pretty awkward going up, nobody seems to want to talk.

There is always a Space Needle representative in the elevator with you. And they break the silence by telling you random facts and stuff.

My favorite shot of the Space Needle

At the top, there is two sections.

An inner and outer section. You’re always inside though as there are no outside portions.

You have to go through doors to get to the outer portion where you get the views of the city.

360 degree view of Seattle at night

So I’ll just post some photos I took from the top of the observation deck.

I didn’t have a tripod and hand held these shots, so they aren’t the clearest and sharpest images.

Night view of Seattle

pretty dope night views hey!

I think it would be just as cool to see Seattle from the top of the Space Needle during the day.

The Space Needle isn’t the tallest building in Seattle though. The most touristy and coolest building, but not the best!

If you want to get a view of Seattle from the tallest building in the city, go check out the Columbia Tower. It’s the 4th tallest building on the West Coast. They have an observation deck for visitors.

best hotels in the Space Needle area

How long can you spend at the top?

Your ticket is good for 30 minutes at the top.

30 minutes is good enough in my opinion.

But they don’t check your ticket or make you go down or anything.

Literally, you could spend hours up there if you wanted to.

But I think most people are good with 30 minutes and they line up to get ready to go down when their 30 minutes is up.

You can tell it’s getting close to 30 minutes when the line to get down gets pretty long.

Space Needle lit up

It was grad time and we had A LOT of graduates there all dressed up.

That’s a pretty wicked way to celebrate grad night!

Students graduating celebrate at the Space Needle

What else is there to do at the top of the Space Needle?

Not a lot actually.

Looking out into Seattle is the main attraction, and there isn’t much else to do.

There is a place to get something to eat and you can check out the photo wall where people sent in photos of themselves at the Space Needle.

People and photos at the Space Needle

Pictures of the Space Needle

You get a free picture of yourself at the Space Needle

When you enter the Space Needle someone will take your photo and you get this photo for free.

YES, you actually get this photo for free!

At the top, go to one of the computers and scan in your Space Needle ticket. Once the computer verifies it is you, you can select different backgrounds for your Space Needle photo.

It’s actually really cool. And fun.

And then you enter your email and the photo will be mailed to you.

Millions of visitors to the Space Needle

Do I recommend the Space Needle?

Yes, definitely.

I think the Space Needle is one of those things you have to do no matter what.

But I found it really cool and I think most people do as well.

And this is coming from a guy who’s seen a lot of cool things over the 30 or so countries I’ve been to.

Hotels near the Space Needle

The Space Needle area is a decent place to stay in Seattle.

The main attractions at the Seattle Center are great, and it’s about a 8 minute drive to the downtown area where there is more stuff going on, or of course a quick monorail ride will get you to downtown as well.

The Space Needle was about a 20 minute walk from my hotel (Hotel Max), which is located in the Belltown area right beside downtown. An amazing hotel and location by the way I recommend checking it out.

Here are a few hotels I would stay at near the Space Needle:

Hyatt House Seattle

The Mediterranean Inn

Staypineapple at the Maxwell Hotel

I feel like you need more photos of the Space Needle…

Okay, well that’s the end of my Space Needle review and guide.

ticket prices to the space needle

Have any comments or questions?

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Do you have an experience you want to share with me about the Space Needle?

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