Looking for real practical self employment ideas that can actually make a lot of money and worth investing your time into?

Bombarded with big lists of ideas to make money on your own but they are all just bleh without much detail at all about how it’s really done?

Well this blog post is for your.

Here I will outline the top 5 online job opportunities to work for yourself, that can make you over $10,000 every single month.

If quitting your job and working for yourself full time is something that makes you all giddy inside, then you need to read about these top 5 online business opportunities that are proven to work.

See below!

Create a money making blog

The best way to make money for yourself is to do it online with your own website.

There are way more self employment opportunities online than you could imagine. Most of them revolve around owning your own website and using it to make money.

And perhaps the best reason why you should start thinking about starting an online business based around your own website is because the cost to start this type of business is very minimal (less than $100). Though you will likely put money into your business as time goes along, it’s NOTHING like the costs of owning your own store, paying rent, buying merchandise, paying salaries, and many other overhead costs.

If you are new to being self employed on the internet, let me run down how a website or blog can make you over $10,000 every single month.

A website (or blog) is really just an online “store” that makes money. You don’t need to carry or sell and products. In fact, most websites aren’t this type. Most websites are mostly content only, providing info about a subject matter.

Most regular people like you and me turn to the internet to create our own self employment glory.

With your own website, you will be responsible for 3 main things:

  1. creating content
  2. promoting that content
  3. making money from that content

That’s it.

And that’s a lot of work too.

But doing those 3 things are making successful bloggers six figures a year.

Let me show you an example of how a website makes money:

You could start a travel blog. And on your travel blog, you can write articles like your experience Greek Island hopping, or give tips for flying overseas more comfortably. After writing these articles, you want to promote them to people who are interested in it. And people who see your content and are interested in it will visit your blog to read your article. In your article, you can do a number of things to make money, and one incredibly popular way to do that with a travel blog is to refer people to travel booking websites, where if a reader books a hotel, you could make $10-$20 for example.

It then really becomes a game of creating great content that people want to read, and then getting as much traffic as you can to your blog posts.

The more traffic you get, the more money you will make. It’s the same thing with a store in a mall. The more traffic it gets, the more likely someone will buy something. And the more money the store makes.

A blog is all you need to make a living online.

You will likely combine some of the other things on this list along with your blog, because most people don’t just do ONE thing. But know that having your own website is the best way to make a killing online.

If you want to learn more about how making money online works, you can read this tutorial I made.

Make money with Instagram

Everyone is on social media, but very few people understand what is happening behind the scenes.

Anybody who has a following on social media, on any platform (like Instagram or Facebook), is likely making WAY MORE MONEY than you ever though.

For example, people on Instagram are posting photos of a brands product and making several hundred to over one thousand dollars per photo post.

That’s incredible.

That’s a lot of money.

And that’s how lucrative social media is. And it’s 100% something you should also get in on if you are looking for a good self employment idea worth working towards.

You should approach the idea of being self employed on Instagram as a job. Treating it like a business rather than just a hobby or something you do whenever you feel like will get you way better results.

With that said, I want to share a little bit about how you make money on Instagram

Instagram is really about building a following.

You want your account to be about something. For example, you could create an Instagram account around traveling hiking/outdoor life. You’ll be posting photos of you hiking around, doing stuff outdoors, visiting national parks, showing off the gear you use, etc.

People who are also interested in this type of content will follow you and begin engaging with you, by leaving comments, watching your stories, and liking your photos.

You are what’s called an “INFLUENCER”.

And the more people who follow you and engage with you, the more influence you have. And the more money you will have.

Because when the North Face, for example, contacts you and wants you to show off their latest season’s clothing, you can command more money if you have a bigger following. And you usually get free swag too.

There are other ways to make money on Instagram, but helping companies and brands build their brand awareness and helping them market themselves by featuring them to your audience is a powerful way to make a living on Instagram.

Most people don’t think of Instagram as a self employment job. But it truly can be. And while most people don’t have a clue what’s really going on, A LOT of people do as well, and many people are just living the life on Instagram, making a ton of cash, traveling, and getting that freedom they’ve always wanted.

Of all the social media platforms, I feel Instagram has the best potential to make a lot of money today, and into the future. You only need like 5000 engaged following to start working with brands, making money, featuring their products, etc.

Run a photography business from your laptop

Of all the cool hobbies and skills you could learn, photography has got to be one of the best ones, if not the best one.

It’s incredible how useful this skill is. You can make money in so many ways with photography. And it’s a skill that all sorts of regular people and businesses need. It’s 100% worth doing or incorporating into your self employment arsenal if you are at all interested in it.

Why photography as a self employment idea?

If you like photography, there’s no contest in my opinion. You really will want to get deep into this hobby, get as good as you can as fast as you can, and begin making money quickly.

A few ways you can make money with photography:

  • create your own photography courses
  • take product photos for local businesses
  • sell your photos on stock websites
  • create great photos for your Instagram profile
  • do wedding photography and/or photo sessions

All of the above have the potential to pay you HUNDREDS of dollars for just one gig.

And best of all, you can do all sorts of photography to make money. You can do mostly weddings and also sell your photos to stock websites where you get paid a royalty every time someone downloads your photo.

Photography is perhaps the best side skill to have to combine with just about every side business idea, because literally everything these days needs photos. You can take these photos yourself if you have the skills to do so.

Photography is also a skill that will never go away or die down. So it’s something you can absolutely learn now and use forever.

It’s a saturated market, but at the same time, there are a lot of bad photographers out there too saturating the market. Become one of those great photographers and you will stand the heck out, get a ton of business, and make a ton of money while you’re at it.

OMG found these self employment ideas that make over $10,000+ a month. Totally useful self employment job opportunities you can start from home. I love the list of business ideas from home here they are practical and are proven to work. Check it out.

Create online courses that sizzle and sells

The ideal way to make money online is to create a product/service and then sell it. That’s when the big dollars really roll in.

Guess what? having your own website that you use to promote your own products is an incredibly lucrative business idea from home.

For example, you could create a website about photography, where you can promote your work to attract clients and jobs, and also sell courses on your website too. Again, it always comes down to having your own website and then using it the correct way to make money from.

You can also use a learning platform to create courses.

For example, Skillshare and Udemy are two popular online learning platforms where instructors create courses for students. When people enrol in your class, you make some money. And of course, the more popular and good your course is, the more money you will make because you will attract more students.

If you are at all interested in teaching, and you have a strong knowledge about subject matter people want to learn about, teaching is an incredible way to make money with your knowledge. Whether you do it with your own website or use a teaching platform like Skillshare, you can make good money creating courses.

When you begin your online journey of making money, it probably won’t be by creating courses, rather you will likely be promoting other peoples courses for money, and making a commission. But at the end of the day, the big dollars can really start rolling in when you create your own course, promote it effectively, and take in ALL the profits yourself. We’re talking maybe making $100,000+ a month now, which is a total possibility when you have enough influence.

Create a popular Youtube channel that makes money

You know those annoying ads that pop up at the start of every video, and sometimes multiple times throughout a video? Well those ads is what keeps Youtubers creating content for you.

You see, every time those ads are clicked, the Youtuber makes a little bit of money. It could be just a few cents, or it could be over a dollar.

And Youtubers who are great at creating content people want to watch and who routinely attract let’s say half a million views per video or more are making a killing on Youtube.

People click on ads. It’s just as simple as that. The more video views you get, the more money you will make. It is completely a numbers game.

What’s nice about Youtube is that you can also make money with affiliate marketing. In the description section, you can leave affiliate links for people to click and buy things that make you money.

And guess what? You can also funnel people who watch your Youtube videos to your blog, where you can do something like capture their email or promote an affiliate product, and you can also funnel them to your Instagram page, which you will also use to make money from.

You see, there are endless self employment opportunities online. And you can do all of these right from home. The common theme around them is basing it around you or a topic, and using some sort of platform, like a blog, Instagram, Youtube, etc, to attract people and then turn them into dollars.

There are so many business ideas now a days but really, do you need a list of 50 self employment job ideas from home? No. You really don’t. You need that ONE or TWO that are proven to work and then you work your butt off making it work for you.

That’s how you make money online and quit your job.

That’s how a real work for your self job works.

That’s a wrap

Do you have any online self employment ideas you want to share? Are you thinking of picking up a self employment job and want to share your thoughts? Let me know about that in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.