During my walk back from Chinatown to my hotel (Hotel Max), I stumbled onto Storyville coffee shop on 1st ave.

I was in desperate need of caffeine and had passed by a few other coffee shops along the way.

There was something about this coffee shop that made me want to enter.

I liked the place immediately when I walked in.

The color was a nice auburny red/brown and I could feel this shop was a little different than every other I’ve been to.

It felt branded and inviting.

It’s like you really like it right away or don’t.


Storyville in Pike Place

I stood there for a bit looking at the menu on the side.

I already had a menu in my hand. I got this menu right at the front of the door. I thought it was a nice touch having your menu at the door for your customers to grab before they even enter your coffee shop.

That’s different.

Storyville menu at the door

The menu at the door

It was a hot as hell of a day. 90 degrees fahrenheit.

I normally get something warm, but no chance today.

I ordered a cold brew coffee.

I was thinking tea, but then again, I really needed the caffeine.

The lady who took my order was really nice.

I waited a little bit and then went off to the side to grab some stuff to take photos with.

I loved how everything was so branded.

Storyville coffee brand company

I then looked for a nice place to sit.

It wasn’t very busy and I could sit almost anywhere.

I looked for a seat with the best lighting.

That happened to be right near the window, as it usually is. So that’s where I sat.

Arranging some of the props I grabbed and my cold brew coffee in hand, I took this photo below

Storyville cold brew coffee with the menu in the background

I liked it a lot.

I recommend grabbing a bunch of stuff related to the brand of your coffee or whatever it is you are trying to take a photo of if you wanna take good branded shots.

It really helps that Storyville had a ton of things I could include in my shot that is branded.

I took a second shot below:

Storyville on 1st ave Seattle

I spent the next little while sipping my cold brew coffee while giving my feet a much needed break. The weather was so good in Seattle I was walking about 6 hours a day minimum.

A look outside the window

A view outside onto 1st avenue Seattle by the window

Storyville is very cute and branded. The table by the window is a fantastic place to sit. It’s where I sat.

I looked down to the floor and the carpet was really nice too. The branding of this place is on point.

Storyville Cafe

A bunch of people came and went during my short time here.

A lady was reading a book behind me.

She was the only one who seemed to stay for a more extended period of time.

I like this little shop a lot. I feel like it’s a good meeting place to meet up and have a quick chat with a friend. Or a place you’d want to visit for 15-20 mins or so.

I don’t really see it as a coffee shop that you’d want to spend hours in.

Not because it’s a bad place. It’s far from that. It’s an amazing place. But just how the seating is set up and how the vibe of it was, I felt like it was more of a come and go type place rather than a stay for a long time with your laptop type of place.

Storyville founder

I grabbed a few shots on the way to the restroom and back.

This place is just so cute.

Barista's making coffee at Storybille

I love the Storyville Coffee branding right here

Storyville company branding

And those pastries look delicious. I was actually really hungry but I was on my way to Pike Place Chowder as well before I hit my hotel room for a break.

So I decided not to eat any pastries which I love and need to cut back on.

Storyville decor

The wall had this collection of pictures hanging.

It’s simple.

And adds a nice touch to give the place the inviting character it has.

When I look at brands, I’m always interested in how they show themselves off.

I love that they brand almost everything in their coffee shops.

I mean, when you’re in a Storyville Cafe, you know it’s Storyville.

Even their coffee grinders have their branded badge on it.

I don’t see many coffee shops brand as well as Storyville does.

Branded coffee grinders

I only hit up a few coffee shops in Seattle.

Storyville Seattle is the coffee shop I remember the most.

I had a great cup of cold brew coffee and enjoyed the ambience and vibe inside.

Then a bunch of loud middle aged soccer fans came in (The Sounders just finished their game) and the mood kinda went awry.

But I was finishing up anyway so I enjoyed my time already.

Storyville Seattle Locations

I went to the Storyville location on 1st and Madison. I was walking back from Pioneer Square (the origin of Seattle) after hitting up the Underground Tour (which I recommend).

There are several Storyville Seattle locations, and you can find them all here.

I’d say the best location to hit up while you’re in Seattle Storyville Pike Place because you will 100% visit Pike Place when you visit Seattle. And you’ll be close to a Storyville. But the one I went to on 1st and Madison isn’t too far from Pike Place either.

1st ave Seattle is a great avenue to walk down as well. It’s just off Seattle’s waterfront too, and there are lot of other cool shops and restaurants along the way.

If you happen to be looking for a very nice hotel in Seattle, The Alexis Hotel is right above Storyville Coffee shop. The location can’t be beat and you have an amazing coffee shop right below you to start your day off at.

It’s mint!

Storyville Seattle coffee shop

Storyville Menu

Storyville’s menu is bumpin. They server a range of food and drinks for mornings or late afternoons.

The menu consists of breakfast foods like sandwiches and oatmeal, lunch stuff like salads and soups, and they also serve beers and ciders.

And of course the usual coffee, teas, and baked goods that every coffee shop needs to have.

Everything is made in house every day. That’s what the menu says anyways :P.

Overall, I was really really impressed with Storyville.

Easily my favorite Coffee shop I went to in Seattle.

I had just spent 3 days in Portland and hit up around 10 coffee shops there, and they have some of the best coffee roasters in the region. Storyville stacks up well against them!

Storyville Company

You can learn about the company Storyville by reading their “story” here.

They are new to me since I’m from Canada.

But they have the branding down well and I can see them getting big if they want to.

Have you had coffee at Storyville?

If you’ve experienced coffee at Storyville, let me hear about it!

I’m really curious to see what your experience was like.

Let me know about it in the comment section below.

And if you want any questions hit me up in the comments below. I always love hearing from you!